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How Two Veterans Amplify the Power of Adaptability and Advocacy

As we celebrate Military Awareness Month, two members of our Honoring Military & Veterans (HMV) ERG (Employee Resource Group) share how military values translate to work at Discover, how they advocate for veterans, and more.

Name: Wesley
Pronouns: she/her
Location: Riverwoods, IL
Title: Sr. Principal Model Governance

Forging connections and staying dedicated
The core values for the Air Force align closely with the Discover Behaviors. The Air Force values are Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do; and the Discover Behaviors are We Play to Win, We Succeed Together, and We Get Better Every Day. Their continuity has helped me settle into the company nicely, because I know what to expect and how to engage with colleagues.

My role in the military was in Systems Control in a tactical environment, which involved setting up a communications center from the ground up, securing internet access to communicate with remote locations, and creating networks. The responsibilities of my current role are closely related, as I review the risks and issues with models and AI, then review the documentation and update policies/standards/procedures. I protect adversaries from gaining access to our systems and data.

Being part of the HMV ERG reminds me of my military learnings and accomplishments and how they continue to support my growth and development. HMV has also enabled me to grow my network of military members and supporters in the organization both in the US and the UK. I’ve really enjoyed attending recruitment conferences with fellow HMV members and sharing how military skills translate to jobs at Discover and growing the HMV family. It extends our service commitment to one another and embodies the Discover Behavior, We Succeed Together.

Name: Sergio
Pronouns: he/him
Location: Chatham, Chicago, IL
Title: Enterprise Security Operations Specialist

Being an advocate and walking the walk
Through my service in the Marines, I acquired four valuable skills I find particularly beneficial to me at Discover: Leadership, Adaptability, Accountability, and Attention to detail. These skills have helped me in my career, in cultivating strong relationships, and navigating challenging situations.

Sergio, a man wearing glasses and a suit

Being a member of HMV and having the honor of being a regional lead has enhanced my #LifeAtDiscover by giving me a voice to advocate for Veterans both inside and outside of the organization. I collaborate with fellow Veterans at Discover through projects and ERG events and serve as a volunteer to an array of Veteran organizations across the country, by supporting events and fundraising efforts.

I was extremely inspired when HMV participated in a packing event at our Phoenix office for active military troops stationed overseas. We prepared nearly 600 care packages with beef jerky, nuts, granola bars, popcorn, cookies, and many other items for military troops. I vividly remember the joy I felt whenever I received a care package during my deployments.

Being able to work for a company that not only talks about giving back to the community, but actually does give back, (and on top of that—lets you be part of it) is awesome. When I tell my friends and family about the different community activities we have, the looks on their faces gives me a sense of pride—and reminds me why I love my job at Discover.



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