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Starting with our employees, we create a supportive and inclusive environment where all can thrive. We are guided by our principles that are focused on transparency, getting things done the right way, and building expertise through problem-solving and experimentation. You’ll be part of a community focused on supporting our customers and each other, while achieving beneficial balance at work.

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Meet Jessica

Lead Auditor, Internal Audit

What’s a typical day for you? Every day, I get to ask the question, “What are we doing to mitigate risk?” I also have the chance to LEARN and be CHALLENGED. No one day is the same and I love getting to meet so many people across the organization and hear about the role they play in making Discover possible for our customers. Regardless of my level in the company, I never feel like I can’t effectively challenge management or voice my concerns. I have been in tons of meetings where I’ve been told by members of our leadership team to CHALLENGE them, rather than just agreeing outright. Read More See Jobs
Meet Rebecca

Associate Copywriter

How has Discover helped you in regards to Professional Development? My friends outside of Discover are actually jealous of the training opportunities I get here. I’ve been to some really inspiring writing and design seminars, where I connect with other creative people who share similar experiences. It’s also been tremendously helpful to work with and learn from the other writers and designers in my department. Read More See Jobs
Meet Michael O.

Project Manager, Global Marketing & Marketing Chair, PRIDE Employee Resource Group

How does your role contribute to the company’s goals? Within Global Marketing, we strive for acceptance—for merchants locally and globally to accept Discover (and our partners) as form of payment. When joining this team back in 2008, this was the challenge I was most excited about—why would anyone turn down a form of payment? Read More See Jobs
Meet Kareem Dale

Director & Senior Counsel, Legal

Tell us about a great experience you’ve had so far here. Some of my best experiences have come with my position as Co-Chair of the Law Department Diversity and Inclusion Committee. We hosted a forum with two African-American members of the Discover Board of Directors, and I interviewed them during the event. It was a great company-wide event to showcase our focus on diversity. We also hosted another company-wide event where I interviewed Lori Lightfoot, former Chair of the Police Accountability Task Force. We discussed race relations and community issues around policing. The event was very well received. I have also given several talks about my job working at the White House prior to Discover and about disability issues, in general. These experiences which are outside of my normal day-to-day job have been very rewarding. Read More See Jobs
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We’re proud to be named one of the best places to work for diversity, inclusivity and Millenials.


Computerworld Best Places to Work In IT 2018

Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality 2020

2018 Best Company for Women to Work

Modernizing Cloud-Based Platform 2020

Equal Opportunity Top 50 Employers (2019)

Achievers: 50 Most Engaged Workplaces 2019

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We have modified Recruitment, Onboarding and Training efforts in response to COVID-19.