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Our Digital Transformation Journey

We’ve started, but we’re nowhere near done yet

In a business powered by IT, digital transformation is a constant. There’s always a way to work smarter and exciting new tech to incorporate. With The Runway: Mission 80,000 FT, we’re increasing our capacity for transformation, so continuous improvement happens on a whole different level: instead of flying at 40,000 feet, we’re flying at 80,000.

We’re achieving this step change by simplifying the development process and making our teams product-focused instead of project-focused. We’re also decreasing dependencies and reducing manual work. What was once seen as innovation, is now just business as usual. By flying higher, we can stay ahead of the competition.

How does it work? Through a new model with five areas of focus: Highly Skilled Engineering Workforce, Extreme Automation, One Agile Way of Working, Reliability and Technology Optimization, and Discipline and Employee Experience.

At our core, we're a digital bank and a digital payments company, and we're constantly evolving our digital capabilities to be the industry leader.

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Discover Technology Experience

Build your craft

We're excited to introduce DTE—the Discover Technology Experience. DTE enables developers and engineers to expand their expertise and grow their careers through knowledge sharing and collaboration. 

We give our engineers a space to build their craft, share their knowledge with the world, and learn from others.

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