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Shine Brighter U

Shining bright is our thing. Now, it can be yours, too

Shine Brighter U is the name of our education benefit (available to U.S. employees), and it’s here to help you succeed. We want you to be the best version of you, and feel inspired to grow. We’re proud to invest in your future and help you further your education in the way that suits you best. Shine Brighter U includes all your ‘back to school’ options, including the College Start program.

There’s so much to be gained by becoming a Shine Brighter U student, on both a personal and professional level. For example, did you know that colleagues who are enrolled in an education program are twice as likely to be promoted? Take a look at the range of programs available–paid for and subsidized by us. For more information, visit our education partner site

The Discover College Commitment: Only U.S. employees classified as a full-time, flex part-time, or regular part-time employee ("Employee") are eligible for this benefit for select associate and  bachelor's degrees, which covers tuition and required supplies, books and fees after grants have been applied. Discover will pre-pay tuition directly to the university. Expenditures on qualified fees, books and supplies will be reimbursed. In addition, to be eligible, employee must be in active status, in good standing with the company, and maintain a 2.0 grade point average or higher as described in Discover's Education Assistance Program Handbook. Employees must utilize the company process to apply for this benefit and complete all required company forms, university application(s) and a Free Application for Federal Aid ("FAFSA"). Employees terminated from the Company are required to refund all covered tuition, fees, and reimbursements received within 24 months prior to the Employee's last day of employment.

Shine Brighter U

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Education Assistance

Why enroll in Shine Brighter U? Check out the stats.


more likely to be promoted among enrolled students

$23.1 M+

saved in tuition costs since 2018


Discover colleagues enrolled in an education program since 2018


increased retention rate among enrolled students


It’s never too late to learn. Shine Brighter U will meet you where you are.

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Mentorship Programs

Mentoring means there’s always someone on hand

As part of our 70-20-10 model–70% experience, 20% exposure and 10% formal learning–you can have your very own mentor to give you expert guidance. If you’re from an under-represented community, mentors may also be available through our Employee Resource and Affinity Groups.

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Tech Academy

Tech knowledge on demand? Yes please.

The Discover Technology Academy (DTA) eXperience allows our technologists to learn, share knowledge and upskill. This is important–as a digital bank, everything we do relies on IT. Whether it’s our products, our payment processing for partners, or our internal work, it all depends on our systems. 

By adding your knowledge to ours–whether it covers Cloudbase Engineering, Software Development or Database Engineering, we can harness our collective brainpower to work smarter and more innovatively.

As a tech professional, you can tap into our team’s expertise in areas such as Agile Methodology, Cloud, Automation, DevOps, OpenShift, Data Engineering and Software Engineering. You can also upload your own knowledge on your particular product or area. By participating, you’ll join a remarkable community that’s driving innovation through collaboration and interactivity. Everything is editable, contributable and part of an inner and open-source structure that aims to help engineers and developers get their jobs done faster and better together.

DTA eXperience represents a chance to keep pace with changes in the technology landscape. It’s also there to help you to build your skills, products and career with an eye to the future. In short, it’s an ever-growing ecosystem of resources and expertise. And you’ll have full access as a member of our team.