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Champions of Compassion: Inspiring Discover Employees Making a Difference

As we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, we heard from three impact-driven members of our APAD (Asian Professionals at Discover) Employee Resource Group (ERG) who illustrate compassion, generosity, and resilience. 

Name: Vivian 
Pronouns: she/her 
Location: Columbus, OH 
Title: Sr. Manager Operations Strategy 

The power of connection and community 

Professionally, I am a driver of change and improvement, as well as a servant leader. Outside of work, I am a daughter, wife, and mother. I love my identity as a working mom—we can do so much. We should never limit ourselves based on a title, because we can ALWAYS do more.  

I am dedicated to making a difference in the world, which is why I enjoy working in the process improvement space and being part of an Employee Resource Group. I want to drive positive change not just for my team, but for my peers at Discover, too. 



An Asian woman in a white t-shirt and black backwards hat smiles inside a Ferris wheel in Hong Kong.

Being a part of the APAD ERG has been life changing for me. Working with the ERG leadership team and community members has shown me how passionate everyone is about our community and how we show up. We all want to make a difference in our communities and the DE&I space.  

Last May, I was so inspired while hosting APAD’s employee panel discussion on the topic of multi-cultural identities. It was a transformative event—we had Discover employees speak from their perspectives as a parent, child, or relationship partner. As a parent raising multi-cultural children, this was eye-opening.  

Events where people can be vulnerable and have candid discussions help raise awareness and educate members and non-members alike. They also support those in similar experiences by assuring them they’re not alone. 

I use the same approach when supporting fellow professionals. I encourage honest and open dialogue and listen intently to understand interests and goals. Then, I provide potential development classes or courses, and even connect them with fellow professionals so they can grow toward their goals. When we work together to achieve individual and shared goals, it’s a constant reminder to me why I love what I do at Discover.  

Name: Michael  
Pronouns: he/him 
Location: Lake Park, UT 
Title: Sr. Manager Operations Center 

Creating space and lifting others 

In the game of rugby, you must throw the ball backwards to move forward and closer to scoring. The ball carrier is expected to draw in as many defenders as possible before passing the ball to a teammate. The hope is the ball carrier drawing in the defenders creates a large enough gap or space, so the receiver running from behind catches the ball and moves it forward farther than the original ball carrier could have alone. I see my role as a leader and peer the same way. I have certain skills and privileges which enable me to create space for others to go farther than I could alone, or as we could as a team/organization. By being aware of my peers’ skills and creating space, we all succeed.  



When I see my people progress and transition into new roles, it is so rewarding. The job application process for a new role can be stressful, but these moments are critical points in their lives that help them achieve their goals and improve their quality of life. 

Being a part of APAD exposes me to incredible people and their cultures through art, music, dance, and food. More importantly, it has allowed me to see the struggles many AAPI people face as they acclimate to the corporate world while staying authentic to their story. Understanding how people face bias, immigration issues, and racial discrimination motivates me to become a better ally and advocate.  

Last year, during an ERG panel discussion, we recounted pivotal moments from our lives. One panelist recounted a story from early in their career when a peer noticed they weren't fully authentic in a focus group. This prompted the panelist to embrace boldness and confidence in sharing their story. It was a powerful moment for all in the room and a reminder—I must lead from the front to make space for others to take us farther. 

A favorite music lyric of mine is, “There is nothing you keep, there is only your reflection.” I hope my reflection is a ripple effect of positivity, courage, and love. If I can create a space where peers feel safe to be themselves and empowered to live authentically, I hope they will do the same for someone else.  

Name: Tammy 
Pronouns: she/her 
Location: Lake Park, UT 
Title: Lead Operations Strategy Analyst 

Community involvement and belonging 

As a member of the APAD ERG family, I’ve found a profound sense of belonging at work. Through this community, I’ve been able to share personal experiences, celebrate my culture, and offer support to fellow colleagues. One of the highlights for me are the Lunar New Year celebrations organized by APAD. These events provide me an opportunity to immerse myself in cultural practices, from donning traditional attire to enjoying dance and cuisine. Moreover, they offer a window for others to appreciate the richness of our culture and allow individuals like me to proudly showcase our culture, heritage, and traditions. 



An Asian woman wearing a white and black plaid sweater smiles in front of a rushing stream.

Not long ago, I attended the Mana Academy Scholarship Gala and received the community partner award on behalf of APAD. Through the company's support of the ERG, we donated to the AAPI community which funded the purchase of new laptops and playground equipment for the school. I’m proud to say I work for a company dedicated to making an impact in our communities. It inspires me to do more! 

My commitment to supporting my colleagues extends beyond APAD. Through frequent communication and lending a helping hand, I strive to create an environment where my peers feel valued and supported in their individual growth journey. This principle is deeply rooted in my Vietnamese American identity, which instills in me a sense of toughness, courage, and empathy. These qualities not only help me navigate challenges, but also empower me to extend a guiding hand to others. My cultural heritage is the cornerstone of my strength and passion, both in and out of the workplace. 


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