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Finding Their Niche: How Three Veterans Pursued Their Passions at Discover

We spoke with three veterans recently about their careers, life, and goals— and how their military careers impacted their corporate journey, values, and more.


Name: Vince
Pronouns: he/him
Title: Senior Manager Data Management

Navigating corporate life can be challenging, exciting, and scary. For me, it was no different than navigating all the hurdles and opportunities military life brings. I take advantage of every opportunity I am afforded. I joined a few ERGs I am passionate about so I can learn about the company, meet and connect others, and share learnings with the rest of the company. In any company I’ve worked for, I value opportunities for personal growth and advancement, a positive work culture, building relationships, and overall job security. Here at Discover, I have found each of these and much more.

A piece of advice I live by is: fully commit to each day, treat people with respect, and set goals for yourself.

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Name: Martin
Pronouns: he/him
Title: Recruiter

I value REAL diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a gay Army vet, helping people stand up for themselves, and serving as the friend and example I needed as a kid, gives me purpose. I focus on being transparent, authentic, and using my voice. There are so many moments where I refused to be silenced. I am a strong supporter of marginalized groups and have participated in over 100 rallies/protests for marriage equality, LGBTQIA+ rights, reproductive rights, equality for people of color, immigrants, among other marginalized groups.

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Name: Andrew
Pronouns: he/him
Title: Manager Software Engineering

As a child who grew up in the 80s and loved being outdoors, I always wanted to pursue a career in the military. The sense of adventure and traveling was a natural pull for me. I joined and ended up serving for over 20 years, strongly committing to the six values of the British Army: courage, discipline, respect for others, integrity, loyalty, and selfless commitment.

I witnessed a lot of diverse cultures and communities at both peace and war during my service. These experiences instilled a solid sense of composure and maturity in me, and I have been able to lean on them both professionally and personally.

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