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Team Coach: Manifesting Opportunity

Name: Angel G. Job Title: Team Coach, Digital Messaging Passion for coaching I’ve been with Discover for over 15 years and have worked across nearly all areas of Customer Service: sales, billing assistance, silent attrition, etc. I’ve done it all. I’m currently a Team Coach on the Digital Messaging team. My past experience in so […]

Chess Player. Yogi. Lead Data Analyst.

Name: Apoorva G. Job Title: Lead Data Analyst, Credit Operations and Decision Management Combining passions I’ve always had an inclination towards math, science and data mining. The analyst role at Discover allows me to combine all my passions (and hone them further). Although, I also like to play chess, practice yoga, cook and eat— we’ll […]

From Shanghai to Chicago: A Data Science Journey

Name: Mengxue S. Job Title: Data Science Manager, Enterprise Workforce Management A place to collaborate I clearly remember feeling impressed when I interviewed at the Discover Shanghai office eight years ago. I could feel the energetic and harmonious atmosphere instantly. After interviewing, I ended up taking an internship with the Personal Loan Risk Strategy team. […]

Some Things Cannot Be Planned

Name: Monica H. Job Title: Account Coordinator – US Cards – Marketing & Customer Service I never thought that I would find myself in financial services. I considered being a police officer, a member of the U.S. Air Force, even being a counselor for young adults. I believe I’ve considered these careers because I really enjoy […]