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“Why would I say no?”


Name: Gunwantha

Job Title: Senior Cybersecurity Analyst

While in college, I became interested in cybersecurity and ethical hacking as a career so I was talking to anyone and everyone that was hiring. I had a job offer lined up when on a whim I talked to a Discover recruiter in the computer science building about cybersecurity. The ethical hacking role didn’t work out but I ended up interviewing for a role on the Security Intelligence and Incident Response Team and Discover extended me an offer. The job required less travel and involved work that I had been studying to do. How could I say no?

How does this experience compare to other jobs you’ve had in the past?

This role is more hands-on which I really enjoy. Additionally, it is nice to have co-workers that care about my opinion. It is difficult to have a voice when you are young in the technology industry, but I have never had an issue like that at Discover. Everyone gives their time freely and respects my opinion. They even take it one step further and advocate for me.

What’s a typical day for you at the office?

Each day is broken into three major components — issues, development and meetings/emails. Every day we go over feature requests, product issues, etc., and assign them out to those who are best suited to fix or develop them. Then, usually in the early afternoon, I will try to get all my meetings and emails taken care of as well as complete any necessary online training. Finally, near the end of the day, I work on development tasks, which usually involves building new technologies or scripts for our Security Operations Center to use. Every day is a bit different and always challenging and the role has been a great fit for me.

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