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Retired Naval Officer, Soccer Enthusiast, and Product Manager

Name: Anthony R.
Job Title: Product Manager, Network Services, Infrastructure Services, BT

Wanting to grow and lead.

My team is responsible for delivering reliable, robust and emerging network services to our consumers and customers. We have matured the network to meet rapidly changing business requirements through numerous optimization and automation efforts. We’re extremely proud of our contributions in this regard.

Taking every opportunity.

Discover makes every effort to grow the knowledge and the professional careers of its employees. I came to Discover for the opportunities, both to grow and to lead, and I’ve had every training opportunity necessary for myself and my team to be successful.  I’ve attended technical training, seminars and tech-talk meet-ups all highly supported here at Discover. Through our joint success, I’ve been given increased opportunity and responsibility, which I’m really excited about.

Giving others an opportunity.

One of the opportunities I had was to be part of our diversity & inclusion efforts. For two years running I am a part of the Network Service Product Family where we focus on recruiting Hispanic/Latino tech talent. I believe that a more diverse organization leads to a greater understanding of an ever-changing customer demographic. As a Latino myself, I feel that it’s important to participate and help create these opportunities for men and women that are under-represented in technology and leadership.

A rewarding place to work.

Discover is the third corporate enterprise that I’ve been employed with, and I can truly say that it is far and away the most rewarding of them. The culture is challenging, hard-working and rewarding. Discover really encourages change and new ways of thinking. We’re all encouraged to bring forth ideas, big and small. We’re also given a safe environment to be constructive when a situation calls for it.