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Grow and Move


Name: Kirsten D.
Job Title: MBA Marketing Leadership Program Management

To Michigan and back

When looking for internships during my first year of the MBA program at University of Michigan, I found, at the time, Program. I was looking for a marketing internship at a very customer-focused company and from the description of the role and company, Discover looked to be like a really good fit. The interviews were tough, but I also got a great feeling from my interviewers that Discover was a great place to work. After landing the internship, I spent my summer in Consumer Insights, a department that focuses on market and consumer research, and absolutely loved the role, the company and the opportunities.

Growth & mobility

Since the Marketing Internship Program, I’ve become part of the  MBA Leadership Program, I have seen multiple sides of the business and have gained a variety of different skills and knowledge that have been incredibly helpful in my professional development. I really feel like Discover is different from other companies in that there are options for moving around the company and pivoting your role and/or career.

Assessing risk every day

My department partners to help manage risk in a variety of ways. Specifically, my team works with project on their new initiative, whether that’s an entirely new product or a modification to a current product, to assess the risks involved and help think through the plan to mitigate those risks. We provide guidance to our business partners to help ensure that they have the right connections and tools, and are thinking through the right things to make sure that their initiative is successful.

Empowered employees

Discover is a great place to work with a lot of different opportunities to stretch and challenge yourself. It’s also a place that really values its employees. I’ve always felt like I had a voice to share my thoughts and solutions and that I have always been empowered to work through problems on my own or when needed, raise my hand to ask for help.

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Student Ambassador. Dog Lover. Human Resources Intern.

Name: Kelly T.
Job Title: Cristo Rey Internship, Human Resources

The high school I attend, Cristo Rey St. Martin High School, offers all of its students the opportunity to participate in a Corporate Work Study program. Through the program, every student gets placed at a partner corporation to work as an intern at that company. Based on my testing, I was lucky enough to be placed at Discover, where I get to work one day a week and one Friday a month. The money we earn from our internships goes toward our high school tuition.

Keeping it fresh in Human Resources.

Because Human Resources is such a large department at Discover, every day is different—but I like that because it keeps things fresh. I often support HR’s immigration team, helping deliver important information to employees who Discover sponsor to work here. This information can be time sensitive and may impact their work status in the United States.

Some days I work just on immigration matters, other days I get to help with marketing initiatives for the Discover recruiting team, and other days I’m focused on our annual intern project for the Corporate Work Study program.

Preparing for the future.

Discover has helped me expand my knowledge and understanding of the corporate world beyond high school. Through my experience at Discover, I’ve been able to greatly improve my communication, networking skills, presentation skills and, most importantly, it’s taught me how to problem solve. I feel more prepared for college and other career opportunities I may have in the future. Discover treats me like an adult and offers me experience to overcome real life challenges that I will undoubtedly face later on.

What sets Discover apart for you?

The Human Resources department is all about people. The diversity each of us brings by just being ourselves is what makes the culture so special. Discover doesn’t exclude me just because I’m in high school, the people I work with let me bring ideas to the table and help me execute on what I feel is important in a project or a task.

Volunteerism is also one of the core values at Discover that I appreciate most and was able to experience by volunteering with Discover. At a volunteer event, I helped build bikes for foster kids. It was an amazing and fun experience that allowed me to meet new people from different departments. It was also fun because while we were building the bikes, we got to listen to music.

I think it’s really fun here, and I love the people. Discover tries everything, different ways of doing things and innovating. I like how open-minded Discover is and how it accepts people with different religions and backgrounds. It really is a great place to work.

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Grow Your Career with an Internship at Discover

Employees and interns working together at Discover's downtown 606 office.

Grow your career with an internship at Discover

Discover’s internship programs just scored amongst the highest in Vault’s 2018 Best Financial Internships. We help students accelerate their career after graduation with real-world, corporate experiences and the added perks of working for a top financial services firm; such as, frequent opportunities to network with senior leaders and the chance to receive pre-graduation career advice from their managers and other industry experts. Discover interns also get to build a professional network of their peers by spending time with other bright students from across the country through a variety of intern events and outings.

This summer, Discover hosted more than 140 interns across our company. Their contributions help bring two of Discover’s core values to life – Innovation and Collaboration. We want our undergraduate and graduate interns to walk away from Discover feeling rewarded in their experience. That’s why we ensure they dive head first into a set of unique and challenging projects designed specifically to bring true value to our business and our customers.

Students – What more do you need to consider starting your career with Discover? We’ll be recruiting at the following campuses this fall, so don’t forget to stop by and drop off your resume!

Where We’ll Be Recruiting This Fall!

Date School Event
9/4 Indiana University Kelley BAP Accounting/Finance Career Fair
9/5 Notre Dame University 2018 Fall Career Expo
9/6 Indiana University SICE (School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering) Fall Career Fair
9/7 Indiana University Kelley Consulting, IS, Supply Chain Career Fair
9/10 Purdue University Computer Science Career Fair
9/11 Indiana University American Marketing Association Networking Roundtable
9/11 Illinois State University InstaCareer
9/12 Indiana University Kelley Marketing, Management Career Fair
9/12 Northeastern Illinois University Computer Science & College of Business Management Job Fair
9/12 DePaul University Meet the Firms 2018
9/13 Purdue University Computer & Information Technology (CIT) Career Fair
9/13 University of Wisconsin-Madison ECS Engineering Career Connection
9/14 Illinois State University Accounting Career Fair
9/18 University of Illinois – Chicago Engineering & Computer Science Career Fair
9/19 Illinois State University Information Technology Internship Fair
9/20 University of Wisconsin-Madison Fall Career & Internship Fair
9/21 Atlanta University Consortium Fall Internship & Career Fair
9/26 University of Maryland, Baltimore County Fall Career & Internship Fair
9/27 Michigan State University Fall Career Fair Days
9/27 Arizona State University Math and Statistics Career Fair
10/2 Illinois State University Fall Career & Internship Fair
10/3 DePaul University Fall Job & Internship Fair
10/17 Northern Illinois University College of Engineering and Engineering Technology Job & Internship Fair
10/25 University of Maryland, Baltimore County Diversity Recruitment Event
11/7 DePaul University Technology Job and Internship Fair