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From Shanghai to Chicago: A Data Science Journey

Name: Mengxue S. Job Title: Data Science Manager, Enterprise Workforce Management A place to collaborate I clearly remember feeling impressed when I interviewed at the Discover Shanghai office eight years ago. I could feel the energetic and harmonious atmosphere instantly. After interviewing, I ended up taking an internship with the Personal Loan Risk Strategy team. […]

Some Things Cannot Be Planned

Name: Monica H. Job Title: Account Coordinator – US Cards – Marketing & Customer Service I never thought that I would find myself in financial services. I considered being a police officer, a member of the U.S. Air Force, even being a counselor for young adults. I believe I’ve considered these careers because I really enjoy […]

Authenticity allows for great leadership…

Name: Brittnee F. Job Title: Card Operations Team Leader My aunt worked at Discover when they started up. She relocated to Utah as Contact Strategy Consultant and tried to get me to apply for years but I was intimidated because I didn’t have a college degree. But after working 10 years in the food industry, I […]

Show up authentically: A Fearless, unwavering helper

Name: Diane R. Job Title: Card Operations, Department Manager Efficient, Effective, and Engaging is the difference I am currently a Department Manager in Credit Operation. My passion is helping people become the best version of themselves. I am able to provide leadership and inspiration for my team leaders, team coaches, analyst and mentees. It takes […]

Linking machines to learning.

Name: Suvadeep Job Title: Senior Manager, Data Science I manage analytics efforts for paid search and media channels for card acquisition. For my PhD dissertation I worked on the big bang machine in Geneva, Switzerland that led to the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle. After working at Fermilab for eight years, I decided to […]