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Celebrating with PRIDE during Covid-19

COVID-19 has presented us with unique challenges, changing how we’re able to connect with our community and honor traditions. We asked members of our PRIDE Employee Resource Group (ERG) their favorite memories of past celebrations and ways they are keeping PRIDE alive this year.

Hopefully, this finds you in good spirits and you can celebrate with us.  Check out the simple yet authentic and important ways we are making sure Pride Month continues.

Words from Chris

“Celebrating who I am has never and will never stop during this unprecedented time. I still continue to support the LGBTQIA+ by donating and purchasing from local LGBT businesses as well as giving back to my community. I believe every little bit helps to ensure that businesses who could be struggling are still able to produce their products for those who are interested.

Though we cannot celebrate in-person due to COVID-19, one of my favorite moments, a few years ago, at the Pride parade was when a massive rainstorm threatened to stop the celebration. Though it rained hard, the parade was still on and that symbolized much more than just fun and floats. It meant that through even questionable times the need to show solidarity and support for the community will always be needed. The turnout for the parade was still impactful, people with or without umbrellas waving and cheering. Walking in that parade with a company that supports people like me, for who we are and not hiding that, let me know that I have made the right choice in an employer. Being a part of the PRIDE ERG allowed me to be a part of something that has shaped my belief in the company and the city. The ERG was able to bring together employees who may never normally interact and showcase their solidarity for a common goal… equality.”

Words from Kelsi

“For Pride this year, my friends and I are celebrating with a socially distanced barbecue, and volunteering with a local company who brings Pride flags to people’s houses to increase visibility and the sense of community to your neighbors who may otherwise feel without an ally.

One of my favorite memories from Pride was the first time my husband and I took my step kids to the parade and festival. My daughter is bisexual, and has always felt a bit out of place at school, where it doesn’t seem like there are a lot of people who support her or can identify with what she is going through. Since we were walking with Discover, her first real view of how widespread and powerful the support can be was on the parade route, and you could see her face light up as we walked the half mile that was packed with people celebrating her and people just like her. It made me proud to work for a company that shared in this moment with her as her ally and friend. “

Words from Brian

“While we are saddened that many in person pride events are cancelled, including a pride parade in Philadelphia, we understand the necessity to help flatten the curve. PRIDE-Delaware just finished a LGBTQ+ virtual scavenger hunt to raise awareness of important and influential LGBTQ+ people, places, milestones, and events to kick off Pride month. We were able to have our leadership on site to raise the Pride flag on June 1, 2020. We will be sharing pictures from previous Pride parades and events for the 2020 virtual pride parade in Philadelphia.

Personally, my favorite moment when celebrating Pride is when we make the first turn into the crowded streets on our float in Philadelphia. As a multiple year leader of PRIDE-Delaware for Discover, seeing all of the people in the crowd being so excited to see us makes me ecstatic. Seeing the employees throwing out giveaways, dancing to the music, and popping confetti cannons makes it truly feel like a celebration. While we can’t do that this year, I’m still celebrating Pride at home and have put up the Pride flag proudly in my front yard, and am committing myself to watch at least one LGBTQ+ documentary or series per week. “

Discover has choosen to celebrate and we hope you can celebrate with us.

Learn more about Discover’s ERGs and their individual missions: https://jobs.discover.com/culture-benefits/#toggle-id-11

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Discover News COVID19 Update

Discover News

COVID-19 Update for Recruitment, Onboarding and Training Efforts

Last Updated: 6/12/2020

A message from the Discover CEO, Roger Hochschild

From March 12th to all Discover employees

Challenging times have always brought out the best in Discover – and these are without a doubt challenging times. I want to talk to you about the steps we are taking as the coronavirus impact expands – to protect our employees and all who work in our sites, to support our customers, and to make sure that Discover continues to thrive.

First – for our employees. We have, and will continue to take steps to reduce the risk of infection, using the latest information from the CDC and regional health officials. We have eliminated all non-essential travel, canceled certain events, and increased the frequency of cleaning in all of our locations, among other precautions. Air circulation has been set to maximize the flow of fresh air from outside into our centers. We have established a strict protocol to deal with suspected cases of exposure to the coronavirus including quarantine and medical attention. We are ready to take further steps within each location based on changes in the rate of community transmission in those geographies. And should it be required, we have a broad set of benefits to manage the health and any related financial impacts of affected employees.

For our customers, the most important support is the ability to talk to one of our great representatives. That’s why we are ramping up our work-from-home capabilities for agents as fast as we can, and activating our business continuity plans across every function. And for those customers who experience financial hardship, we have expanded our payment plans and the ability to skip a payment – much as we have done when other natural disasters have struck.

Finally, Discover has the financial resources to not only make it through this challenge but to continue providing a brighter future – which is needed now more than ever. My commitment to you is to put the people of Discover first, and continue to keep you updated as conditions change.

Your top priority should be the health and safety of you and your family. Let’s make sure we take care of each other by showing compassion and supporting one another, with a special thanks to the hardworking Facilities and Security staff who are working day and night to ensure our safety. Let’s also stay focused on the valuable work we do and services we provide to the millions of customers and their families who depend on us. We will succeed together, as Discover always has, and I have never been prouder to be a part of this team.

– Roger Hochschild – CEO, Discover

How Discover Mobilized an Army of 8,000 U.S. Call Center Agents to Work from Home in a Matter of Days.

By Tom Eavenson, Vice President of Infrastructure Services at Discover and Steve Mendelson, Vice President of Customer Service and Engagement Strategy and Operations at Discover

As the coronavirus started to spread across the globe in early 2020, its arrival in the U.S. and effect on the workforce was inevitable. In the interest of safety, and with all of its customer service operations in the U.S., Discover quickly devised a plan to move nearly all of its call center employees from their close-quartered cubicles to the relative comfort and protection of their homes and other remote locations.

In less than 14 days, 95 percent of our call center agents were off-site and continuing to serve customers.

Cross functional teams labored 24/7 to create work-from-home kits with monitors, keyboards and cables. Some drove around town searching for power strips and bubble wrap when supplies ran low. Others organized a drive-thru process to allow agents to more easily transfer the equipment to their cars. One-by-one, as many as 1,900 agents per day were equipped and ready to work off-site in four different states.

What’s more, we accomplished this while coping with the impact of a 5.7 magnitude earthquake that hit our Utah call center, the largest of the four.

How did Discover move so quickly?

Having the right technology in place — and incredibly committed teams –made the difference. We have never seen anything like the work orchestrated to mobilize so many thousands of people. We’ve simply never done anything at this scale.

Evolving Technology Before COVID-19

Agents typically come into one of our call centers in Arizona, Delaware, Ohio and Utah to serve our customers around the clock.

Over the past few years, Discover has experimented with a way for agents to work off-site. We equip them with virtual desktops and thin clients, or lightweight computers, that establish a remote and secure connection to our servers.

Deploying this highly secure technology started as a way for military spouses to continue to work with us as they moved from place to place. Over time, we found this model to be effective. Eventually, we grew it to about 20 percent of our agent workforce. The technical model was working so well that we decided to deploy that same technical solution in our locations and were preparing for the roll out when COVID-19 illnesses started to mount.

This modern platform adds significant benefits:

  • Virtual desktops and thin clients are easier to maintain and secure.
  • They are simple to administer.
  • We can seamlessly push out software updates and roll them back on the rare occasion when needed.

We had already built out the environment to support this new model and had been testing and tuning it for months when the coronavirus struck.

On March 13, we started the day with a plan that would ramp up our work-at-home capability gradually over the coming weeks. By mid-morning, Discover’s executive leadership authorized us to accelerate our plans dramatically as news of the coronavirus spread evolved.

Within hours of the decision, employees — from information technology to human resources — already were working on the task. They equipped 300 agents with virtual desktops and thin clients by the end of the first day.

To help more colleagues get out the door, our field teams imaged the thin clients. As makeshift assembly lines formed to move equipment out at each center, network teams behind the scenes added more capacity to Discover’s VPN (virtual private network) and back-end servers that power all of the virtual machines.

Across the call centers, business technology staff set up more than 1,900 thin clients each day. By March 20, one week later, more than 70 percent of all agents were working from home. We pulled everyone we could who had the right skills and stopped other work. In a tireless effort working 24/7, our teams collapsed what would have been a month’s worth of work into a week.

Even an Earthquake Did Not Stop Us

In the midst of relocating employees, a 5.7-magnitude earthquake rocked Utah, where Discover has its largest call center, as well as a mail processing center. Ceiling tiles crashed. Chairs and tables tumbled. Elevators stopped working.

Both facilities were evacuated and one building was shut down for the better part of a day. But we were lucky. Our employees and their families were safe.

When our building reopened more than 12 hours after the quake, the elevators were still out of service. So our field teams formed a human chain from the upper floors down the stairwell to the ground level to move equipment to the doors and into the arms of agents waiting to head home.

Customer Service Never Stopped

By March 25, more than 95 percent of call center agents were working from home. Throughout the move, the majority of customer calls have been getting to agents within two minutes except for March 18, when the earthquake struck and wait times averaged six minutes. Wait times toward the end of March and into April averaged about 74 seconds.

Employees at Discover are using the same tools as they did when they worked on site, such as Webex, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Yammer, and we continue to use the same security measures and actively monitor for threats.

We didn’t relax any of our controls in terms of getting folks home. We just changed where the work was being done.

The incredible accomplishment of those who came together to make this work across Discover, including numerous teams working in the background, can’t be overstated. It’s amazing to see how this all came together.

FAQs for Candidates, Applicants and New Hires

How will I interview for the role I’ve applied for?

Interviews are still being conducted, via WebEx or Skype, so there is no need for you, our hiring managers or recruiters to be onsite. For interviews already scheduled, our teams are working to communicate the change in format to hiring leaders and candidates as soon as possible.

Is Discover providing Site Visits?

Since interviews are being conducted via WebEx or Skype, this means that all site tours for agent roles have stopped at this time. Site tour highlights on our work environment and culture can be shared during the video interview process. We encourage you to ask your recruiter specific questions about our onsite amenities and environment.

How will I be notified about the safety precautions Discover is taking?

We are proactively communicating with all applicants about measures we are taking as a company to ensure everyone’s safety, including updates to this page with the most current information relevant to our response to the virus COVID-19. We want to reassure you that all interviews continue to be conducted via phone or video until further notice.

For applicants who have accepted offers but have not yet started with Discover, we will provide further details around logistics prior to your first day.

At this time, we are onboarding all employees virtually. As we look ahead and states begin to re-open, we have plans in place to provide employees with choices and flexibility. New employees should feel confident they will be provided support and flexibility to make the choice on where to work that best fits their situation and comfort level, including an option to work from home through the end of 2020. We are monitoring the situation closely and continue to take precautions to ensure the safety of our employees.

How has your New Hire Onboarding changed?

For new hires starting in Riverwoods:

Currently, you will be provided information to come to campus to pick up your work ID badge and your laptop. Your hiring manager will be in touch to discuss virtual onboarding remotely following your badging and laptop distribution. We will continue to explore other options for laptop and badging so please check back for additional information.

For new hires in our Field Locations:

New hire onboarding and training is now virtual for our Lake Park, UT, Phoenix, AZ, New Albany, OH and New Castle, DE locations. New employees will receive information to come into the office on their first day to pick up equipment and participate in a New Employee Orientation.  Starting Day 2, all new employees will start their virtual training program and onboarding from their homes.

While at the office on Day 1, we are implementing social distancing measures. Training staff will be onsite for new hires support for the first day.

As a summer intern or a full-time hire after I graduate from college, are there changes to my program or start date?

Keeping the safety and well-bring of our employees and new hires top of mind, we have decided to shift our summer internship program to a virtual experience. We’re confident that we will still deliver an outstanding employment experience. We will leverage various technology platforms and engagement tools to ensure connectivity and networking.

For all Campus full time new hires, we have consolidated start dates across the programs to provide for a more consistent virtual onboarding and training experience. We will contact all new hires directly with pre-employment and onboarding details approximately two months before their start dates.

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Twin, Music Lover, and Customer Service Coach and EVO Team Leader

Name: James C.
Job Title: Evolution (EVO) Team Leader, US Cards – Marketing & CSE

A supportive atmosphere.

I was hired as an external Team Leader. When I came into interview, I visited the Phoenix office and saw firsthand that the employees found value in what they did.  In addition to watching employee work with purpose,  I noticed all levels of leadership walking the floors and engaging with their teams.  This stood out to me compared to the company I previously worked for! Knowing that the environment was about support, inclusion, celebrating diversity, and continuous improvement meant that this is the place I would be proud to work at.

Building a reputation.

My team is a consolidated team of Coaches.  The coaches are assigned to a group of agents in our Customer Service area based on performance metrics. I have led several projects that saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs while focusing on improving employee and customer experience. My focus on the development of our coaches helps me gain the reputation of someone that can produce eager, professional and effective future talent at Discover.

 Amazing growth.

I have been able to complete my LEAN Green Belt certification and the LEAP program, where I received a business certification in organizational leadership. I also have had opportunities to participate in company-wide initiatives such as the design sessions of the new Discover Behaviors, which describes a common way for all of us to work, regardless of role or level.  Currently, I am also pursuing a BA in Organizational Management through the Discover College Commitment program. I continue to expect amazing professional growth throughout the rest of my career here at Discover!

Getting recognized.

I have won the Excellence Award for my contributions both to the culture and the business the last three years consecutively.  I have also been a recipient of the Pinnacle of Excellence Award in 2018. But, the most important thing to me is when an employee that I have managed realizes their full potential and become a peer of mine through their hard work, determination, and guidance. It is indeed the best part of my job as a leader to hear from people that are thankful for having worked with me in the past.

Leading in multiple ways.

The culture at Discover is the reason why we are different from other employers. We view our people as the competitive advantage.  It is no wonder Discover is an industry leader from an employee engagement perspective and products and services one as well.

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Discovering Possibilities

Name: Nidhi K.
Job Title: Senior Manager, Software Engineering, Business Technology

Getting started

While pursuing my MBA at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, the career department was assisting me in my job search, and Discover came up as the top company to work for based on my criteria. Long story short, I ended up interviewing and very quickly accepting a position at Discover.

Continuing on

In my current role as Senior Manager I manage a number of teams in Business Technology (BT) in the Mobile app area. Discover’s Mobile app has won many industry awards, and has an increasing user base. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to download and check out the latest features the app offers.

Prior to this I was managing several teams in Card BT in areas of eWallets (mobile wallets such as Apple Pay) and eCommerce (alliances between Discover and companies such as PayPal).

Journey forward

Discover provides many career opportunities and supports long term career growth. Since joining Discover more than 6 years ago, I took on roles with increasing responsibility, through which I am able to discover my personal strengths and expand my skills. I’m fortunate that my colleagues across the organization recognize my work, and trust me with responsibilities that are both immensely challenging and rewarding. I constantly focus on exploring ways I can contribute to the company’s success, and discovering possibilities for the organization’s and my continued growth.

Employees first

Discover’s culture is diverse, collaborative and innovative. The company is creating an inclusive work environment by investing in Employee Resource Groups, Volunteer activities and various initiatives that promote diversity. In addition, the company offers several employee benefits, such as tuition reimbursement, generous PTO, flexible work arrangements, and talent development programs. All of these attributes make Discover a truly unique workplace, and I’m not surprised that Discover consistently ranks as one of the best companies to work for!

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Soccer Fan, Gear Head, and Principal Pricing Specialist

Name: Saketh J.
Job Title: Principal Pricing Specialist, Discover Personal Loans

Being a part of the next big thing.

I wanted to be a part Discover’s journey in using Advanced Analytics to grow in the financial industry space. I came to Discover in August of 2016 as a Senior Associate and was able to grow to my current position in the span of three years. Now I’m responsible for determining the APR to maximize profit for the personal loans product.

Credit it where it’s due.

It’s always nice to have your work recognized. I’ve had projects that I’ve worked on which were valued by the executive vice president.  This shows that you get noticed if you do good work. It also shows that the teams at Discover are open to new/creative ideas and will make sure your voice is heard.

It’s all the little things.

I love working at Discover for many reasons both in and outside the office. The great opportunities, challenging work, diversity, great location, generous paid time off and good immigration support make it an amazing workplace.

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The Right Balance at Discover

Name: Annu S.
Job Title: Principal Software Developer, Business Technology

Search for the right balance

Before I joined Discover, I worked for multiple Fortune 500 organizations, juggling heavy workload and arduous day to day routine on a regular basis. When we welcomed a child in our family, I started to look for an organization with better work-life balance that would provide support during the delicate process of raising a family while being a productive professional. After doing some research, I found that Discover, with its flexible work hours, abundant vacation allocation and supportive people base, was and continues to be, one of the best companies to work for. That’s when I decided that Discover was the place for me.

Technical and professional development

Discover provides the flexibility and support needed for individuals to progress in their career paths in a way that is mutually fulfilling to both the individual and the organization. I have had myriad roles throughout my career at Discover. Early on, I was a developer for Discover Card and Discover Bank, working on projects like Apple and Android pay utilizing the latest Cloud development and Agile methodologies. I got exposure to implementing Lean and Agile principles throughout bank as part of my role as a DMS (Discover Management System) Change agent. Most recently, I am working as a Technical Product Owner for Deposits to modernize our platforms to the latest cloud and best technologies, delivering new capabilities and securing our systems from security risks.

 Opportunities to promote collaboration

Discover is a unique organization, not only in the way that it facilitates individual growth but also in the opportunities it provides for teams to collaborate with each other. I have not witnessed another organization with as much focus on appreciating the hard work of its people, be it through numerous systems like Bravo or be it the annual President’s award ceremony that celebrates our accomplishments every year. There are numerous employee resource groups and forums that engage and support employees on a day-to-day basis taking one’s connection with Discover beyond that of an employer, to that of a family. And I am grateful, every day, for being a part of this huge, happy family!

Being different by giving back

One of the key values that each and every person at Discover regards highly in their everyday work is “Doing the right thing”. This is manifested in the products we develop, in the solutions we prioritize keeping our customers interest at heart and, particularly, in the way we volunteer. Every year, thousands of employees come together through various volunteer programs to make a difference to local schools and communities. The sense of joy and accomplishment of participating in a communal event as this is incomparable to anything you could do individually. Last year, I worked alongside hundreds of coworkers to reshape the look and feel of an entire school with a day’s worth of volunteering. This is just one of the ways in which Discover exhibits its core values, not only for its own people, but also for our surrounding community.

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Texas Transplant, Math Wiz, and Data Science Analyst

Name: Maddie W.
Job Title: Data Science Analyst in Portfolio Analytics and Credit Strategy

From intern to analyst to recruiter.

I started as an intern in the summer of 2018 and then was offered an analyst position after I completed my last year of graduate school. After packing up my (very limited) winter gear, I moved to Riverwoods from Texas and started my new position in July 2019 on the Prime Credit Line Increase (CLI) team.  On the CLI team, I perform analytics to develop strategies for proactively increasing customer’s credit lines. Because of my experience as an intern, I was also invited to travel with Discover’s campus recruiting team to different universities and conferences to speak with students and potential job candidates. I have had so much fun helping Discover with their recruiting events because not only do I get to meet different people from around Discover but I also get to speak with so many great students and candidates from all over the world! I love hearing what they are passionate about and informing them how Discover’s internships/full-time positions can help them reach their goals; hopefully, encouraging them to apply. My hope is to get new and upcoming talent into our various analytics programs across Discover.

Management that cares.

All the training opportunities that Discover provides for their employees are incredible—everyone here is so supportive and helpful! The training makes it easy to learn new skills to become the best professional that I can be. The dedicated management here helps you with your professional goals as well as helping you to meet your personal goals. I am always able to ask questions or voice my opinions.

Commitment to communities and customers.

The best experience that I have had so far at Discover is the volunteering event where we went to a park and we worked on beautifying and improving the area for the community. I love how much Discover cares about the community through a strong belief in volunteerism. Also, I like how much Discover cares about its customers and that we can balance the ability to have a strong and profitable company while maintaining a positive customer service environment.

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Retired Naval Officer, Soccer Enthusiast, and Product Manager

Name: Anthony R.
Job Title: Product Manager, Network Services, Infrastructure Services, BT

Wanting to grow and lead.

My team is responsible for delivering reliable, robust and emerging network services to our consumers and customers. We have matured the network to meet rapidly changing business requirements through numerous optimization and automation efforts. We’re extremely proud of our contributions in this regard.

Taking every opportunity.

Discover makes every effort to grow the knowledge and the professional careers of its employees. I came to Discover for the opportunities, both to grow and to lead, and I’ve had every training opportunity necessary for myself and my team to be successful.  I’ve attended technical training, seminars and tech-talk meet-ups all highly supported here at Discover. Through our joint success, I’ve been given increased opportunity and responsibility, which I’m really excited about.

Giving others an opportunity.

One of the opportunities I had was to be part of our diversity & inclusion efforts. For two years running I am a part of the Network Service Product Family where we focus on recruiting Hispanic/Latino tech talent. I believe that a more diverse organization leads to a greater understanding of an ever-changing customer demographic. As a Latino myself, I feel that it’s important to participate and help create these opportunities for men and women that are under-represented in technology and leadership.

A rewarding place to work.

Discover is the third corporate enterprise that I’ve been employed with, and I can truly say that it is far and away the most rewarding of them. The culture is challenging, hard-working and rewarding. Discover really encourages change and new ways of thinking. We’re all encouraged to bring forth ideas, big and small. We’re also given a safe environment to be constructive when a situation calls for it.

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Senior Manager in Services Management Finds a Way to Help the Frontline

“After seeing all the PPE shortages in the news, I decided to put my 3D printer back to use.” – Chris H.

My wife has a small business where she bakes and decorates cookies for birthday parties, graduations, and other small events.  She always bought cookie cutters on Amazon, Etsy, etc.  A few years ago, I bought a 3D printer to print her cookie cutters at a fraction of the cost, ultimately helping her fulfill her cookie orders. But since COVID-19, just about every party and event has come to a halt and my 3D printer was sitting idle. Watching the news during this national pandemic, we quickly learned that there became shortages in all the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

After seeing all the PPE shortages in the news, I decided to put my 3D printer back to use.  In early March, I began printing reusable surgical and N95 masks that could supplement the shortage.  These specific masks took 3 – 6 hours each to print based on its size, so I churned out 5 or 6 masks a day and gave them away to healthcare workers.

Quickly, requests for 3D printed face shields poured in.  After some research, I realized I could print the face shields pretty easily using a NIH approved design and a piece of transparency from an office supply store.  This would take my printer about 3 hours, allowing me to produce 5 to 7 shields per day, along with some other small PPE items.

Word continued to travel and many local front line workers found out about my operation via a Facebook PPE group.  The demand for my face shields surged!  Various area hospitals ended up asking for bulk orders totaling over 60 face shields.  With my printer only able to do a handful per day, I decided it was time to buy a second 3D printer to help me catch up.

While waiting for my second 3D printer to arrive, the NIH approved another 3D printable face shield that only took my printer 45 minutes to produce.  This was a huge time saver!

When my second 3D printer arrived, using the new face shield design, I’m able to turn out 8 face shields every 3 hours.  I’m finally catching up on my face shield backlog.

I’m not stopping until I can’t find any takers. 

This need cannot be fulfilled alone.  Along the way, another Discover peer, Chris Hardman, started the journey of PPE 3D printing.  The two of us are constantly sharing texts on new 3D designs, what we’re making, and ideas on how do to more.  You too could join this experience, get yourself a solid 3D printer and check out the NIH approved COVID-19 designs here: https://3dprint.nih.gov/collections/covid-19-response

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Grow and Move


Name: Kirsten D.
Job Title: MBA Marketing Leadership Program Management

To Michigan and back

When looking for internships during my first year of the MBA program at University of Michigan, I found, at the time, Program. I was looking for a marketing internship at a very customer-focused company and from the description of the role and company, Discover looked to be like a really good fit. The interviews were tough, but I also got a great feeling from my interviewers that Discover was a great place to work. After landing the internship, I spent my summer in Consumer Insights, a department that focuses on market and consumer research, and absolutely loved the role, the company and the opportunities.

Growth & mobility

Since the Marketing Internship Program, I’ve become part of the  MBA Leadership Program, I have seen multiple sides of the business and have gained a variety of different skills and knowledge that have been incredibly helpful in my professional development. I really feel like Discover is different from other companies in that there are options for moving around the company and pivoting your role and/or career.

Assessing risk every day

My department partners to help manage risk in a variety of ways. Specifically, my team works with project on their new initiative, whether that’s an entirely new product or a modification to a current product, to assess the risks involved and help think through the plan to mitigate those risks. We provide guidance to our business partners to help ensure that they have the right connections and tools, and are thinking through the right things to make sure that their initiative is successful.

Empowered employees

Discover is a great place to work with a lot of different opportunities to stretch and challenge yourself. It’s also a place that really values its employees. I’ve always felt like I had a voice to share my thoughts and solutions and that I have always been empowered to work through problems on my own or when needed, raise my hand to ask for help.