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Making a Game-Changing Platform

Name: Lovel R.
Job Title: Product Manager, Enterprise Decision Platform

Leading the Enterprise Decision Platform

As a Product Manager for Enterprise Decision Platform, my primary focus is to enable business capabilities that help reduce risk exposures. We reduce risk by providing more data and by reducing cycle time when we’re implementing strategies and models.

Staying curious

I’m a very curious person, and I value progress over perfection. But, I also spend a lot of time probing and asking questions during our requirement gathering sessions. I work closely with my Architect to ensure alignment and help our team define and synthesize requirements. That means sorting “business critical needs” from “important, but not critical.” This alignment helps bring business value without compromising our platform roadmap.

Harnessing the “game changer”

One of my biggest achievements at Discover was when I helped deliver the Enterprise Decision Platform.  I’m incredibly proud and humbled that our team successfully delivered the platform. It’s considered a cornerstone for the future account and application decision-making at Discover. It was one of the most challenging initiatives I’ve worked on because it forced us to change how we do things as an organization. We had to adapt everything, from business processes to technical solutions. It challenged the status quo across multiple organization levels and areas. It’s why the team is proudly named “Game Changer.”

The power of we

As an organization, we talk a lot about the “Discover Behaviors.” They’re the behaviors we’re all aligned on as a company that direct how we get things done. You may notice that there’s always a “we” when we talk about the Discover behaviors.  We Play to Win, We Get Better Every Day, We Succeed Together, etc. I think the “we” explains what kind of company Discover is. We value inclusiveness and collaboration.

Stretch projects

I get to work on different projects that allow me to learn and be challenged at the same time. The Enterprise Decision Platform in particular brought complexity and stretched my skillset—from organizational savviness to technical knowledge. It’s nice to work on initiatives that enable me to leverage that skillsets I’ve acquired from previous roles while allowing me to learn something new.

Designing with psychology

I’ve helped build two different case management systems that our fraud and dispute agents are currently using to assist our customers.  I know that building applications seems to be common, but we design with our agents’ psyche in mind. Remember, customers are calling in due to suspicious activities or to dispute charges. They’re already upset, so I strongly believe that right colors on screen and the right placements of fields on the screen help our agents to lessen their stress, become more efficient, and give good vibes.

New approach to working

I think we’re very innovative compared to other financial companies. I also think that we’re heading in the right direction with the changes we’re making on our technical solution. I’ve experienced team huddles at previous organizations, but I have not seen other organizations practice what we do with the Discover Management System (DMS). DMS is a new way of working that organizes our processes and drives alignment. It fosters transparency and alignment. Our communication runs from top to bottom and bottom to top of the organization. It’s amazing! I’m excited to bring more business capabilities that help our strategy.



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Lead Marketing Programs: Empower, Amplify, Be Bold

Name: Taylor S.
Job Title: Lead Marketing Programs, Customer Experience Marketing

Cross-functional initiatives

I work in Global Marketing on the Customer Experience Marketing team. I aid in building stronger cross-functional department initiatives and help drive innovation through intentional team programming. I’m excited about configuring ways to actively contribute to the success of employees, customers and community.

Power of your voice

Bring your voice to Discover. In these times, it’s important for employees to feel empowered and inspired to use their voice to impact change, innovation and success. It is equally important for Discover to amplify our voices and provide us the tools and resources to grow. These past few weeks, I’ve seen how the power of my voice, paired with the willingness of our leadership, has ignited change in our company. My work at Discover is worth it when I show up to work boldly and help lead initiatives that push my culture forward. I look forward to launching our new campaign that was created to bring advocacy and awareness to the equity, equality and advancement of all Discover employees.

Driving equity and equality

I’m most proud of my role as the BOLD (Black Organizational Leadership at Discover) programming chairperson. I create initiatives that help drive equity and equality for me and my peers. Black employees have the opportunity to be honest and vulnerable about their experiences here.

Investing in my potential

Every achievement and new opportunity I’ve received here at Discover was due to management and leadership investing in my potential and recognizing my value. I think employers often miss the mark when it comes to seeing employees as individuals and not just team deliverables. When you get to know a person’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, you are more aligned with their journey to success.

Sparking the light in others

Discover empowered me to go beyond my role and work cross-functionally on initiatives I believe in. In a sense, Discover has given me the opportunity to shine my light so bright that it’s allowed me to spark the light in others.

Be bold

It’s an exciting time to join Discover because we all have the opportunity to impact change. Doesn’t matter what level or department, every employee here can create meaningful work. Everyone should believe in the opportunity to add value and new perspective to the company. Be willing to challenge the norms, innovate the process and push the company forward. Be bold!

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Map Lover. History Buff. International Payments Strategy Director.

Name: Andrew R.
Job Title: International Payments Strategy Director, Global Products & Pricing

Fresh challenge

I came to Discover in search of a fresh challenge. I was looking for an opportunity to shape a new role, but stay within my general career scope. I’ve worked at a number of top credit card and banking companies and spent time in the consulting, mobile financial services and fintech industries. It’s been a bit of a journey to get here!

Discover behaviours

I believe Discover stands apart from anywhere else I’ve worked in the past because of the ethics and family-like culture. Internally we refer to this as the “Discover Behaviours.” They’re the guiding principles that align employees to our mission by setting ambitious goals and succeeding together.

Doing the work I love

My team is responsible for regional product support to our Discover partners. Our team also supports core product and cardholder services product management and development. We focus on solutions that matter to our partners and drive incremental value for both them and us. Discover allows me to do the work I love and invest in my team’s development.

Fresh perspective

I’m only a year and a half into my role, but I’d like to think that I’ve brought a different perspective. I try to make things happen for the benefit of the Discover partner as well as the business. As a team, we constantly challenge ourselves to be more proactive and generate real value.

Chicago love

I love to travel and see new places. One of the major benefits of working at Discover for me personally was the opportunity to travel. Coincidentally I have family in Chicago, which is where Discover’s headquarters are located. When I’m traveling to Chicago on business, I also get the opportunity to see my extended family more often.

Connecting globally

Our leadership recognises the importance of connecting people in a highly collaborative manner. So, each year we invest in bringing our colleagues from around the world together for a week of inspirational presentations and networking opportunities. The meetup is a significant investment, but it pays huge dividends by encouraging effective project participation across the physical miles. Ultimately through this annual event, we bring superior solutions to our partners.

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Day in the Life: Head of EMEA Product Management Office

Name: Yue Z.
Job Title: Head of EMEA Product Management Office, Global Acceptance

Furthering my career

I joined Discover because it seemed like there was great potential to further my career development here. As a company, I value that Discover provides an inclusive environment and focuses on employee growth.

Leading from the creation

I joined Discover just over a year ago. I now lead our regional product management office (PMO) in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). I actually helped form the PMO function in our region and now lead the team of three. My team is responsible for business strategy planning, finance budgeting, sales support, and leading and executing regional and global projects to improve business efficiency.

Energized team

My team has become the go-to team from sales support to invoice process. I’ve already met so many supportive leaders and energized colleagues during my time here. We honestly work really well together as team to achieve our ultimate business goals. It’s a truly remarkable journey.

Staying proactive

I’m always proactively looking for opportunities to improve the card member experience. I seek out process improvements that will drive efficiency and provide end-to-end support to our teams across all markets. I try to share best practices with my counterparts in other regions to ensure global alignment. That’s how we all get things done the right way. It might be cliché because it’s a core value at Discover, but it’s actually true!

Thinking of joining?

If you wish to work in a supportive, collaborative environment, where the leadership team is focused on employee growth, then welcome to Discover.


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Principal Quality Engineer: Restoring Order from Chaos

Name: Samantha D.
Job Title: Principal Quality Engineer, Business Technology

Serendipitous meeting

Serendipity brought me here! I worked for a tech company for many years and just as I was approached about a role with Discover, the tech company closed. I took the role at Discover because I was inspired by the team working on greenfield (built from the beginning, without constraints) projects with cutting edge technologies.

Order from chaos

My team is responsible for measuring and improving the quality of all phases throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). We ensure our software standards and processes are being followed. I strive to improve efficiencies, find and resolve bottlenecks, automate and simplify processes. I restore order from chaos.

I’m the driver for a simplified defect process and management of cross agile release train (ART) defects. I’ve planned and overseen the execution of testing improvements that reduce defect seepage to enable faster delivery. I’m also one of the President Award winners this year! The Discover President Award recognize employees who have achieved great business results while living the Discover values.

Value the learning curve

I’m able to be my true self at Discover because of our commitment to vulnerability. At Discover it’s okay to hold your hand up if you don’t know something. There are plenty of people and resources to help with every learning curve. I’ve been with Discover for only two years, but I’ve learnt so many new technologies and all about how the finance industry works. I was amazed to learn how much happens on the network when you tap a card! Values like this —growth, learning, vulnerability— build everything we do and steer our progress.

Balancing work and life with great people

Discover has a great culture and work ethic, and most of all, fantastic people. The people here are truly unmatched. Work is such a big part of our lives, so being able to work with so many amazing and intelligent people is a real privilege.

Whilst it’s important to be the best we can in our work, it’s also important to be the best we can in our family lives. I have two children and we all like running (although I can’t keep up with them anymore). I also love camping and being by the sea. Loving these different aspects of my life are all possible because of my career here and the ability to balance priorities.

Thinking about a role?

Joining Discover would be the best career decision you could make. There are so many opportunities for creativity and growth, especially if you’re interested in the latest tech stacks.

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Artist. Runner. Enterprise Payments Platform Intern.

Name: Meghana B.
Job Title: Intern, Enterprise Payments Platform


I’m an intern on the Enterprise Payments Platform team. We’re responsible for helping create a dashboard that tracks the progress of releases. I came to Discover because I was looking to be a part of a people-oriented company. I now work on a team of like-minded people who all have the same end goal. This sounds minor, but it’s a huge benefit to efficiently getting things done.

Lead with learning

I contribute to my team’s business goals by being open-minded and thinking outside the box. I consistently ask questions to learn and explore more areas of our technology. As an intern I’ve also produced business-focused code.

Insight into more

I grew professionally at Discover when I was able to get insight into different business technology roles here. Learning more about the larger department allowed me to explore potential interests and hone in on future opportunities that I might be interested in pursuing.

Inclusive looks like…

The culture here is what sets Discover apart. It’s friendly, welcoming and inclusive. We have all the support and training we need to do our best. Outside of work, I love drawing, running and badminton. I feel comfortable expressing my whole self here. It’s a really positive place to work.


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Vocalist. Data Fan. Senior Modeler.

Name: Jiawei C.
Job Title: Senior Modeler, Credit Operations and Decision Management

Senior modeler

I’m a senior modeler on the Card Acquisition Risk Modeling team. We’re responsible for developing and maintaining machine learning and statistical models in the credit card area. Our works assists credit card underwriting, pricing and line assignment decision making.

I’m the main contributor on the two major modeling projects this year. I played the leading role on model development planning, timeline delivery and customizing modeling processes to consider business requirements.

Passion for data

I was drawn to Discover based on the fact that Discover is a matured financial company that leverages data to drive business. That’s very attractive to me because I’m passionate about data analysis and believe deeply in the value that data provides.

Connecting school and work

I’ve worked on developing acquisition models at Discover for three years now. During this wonderful journey, I’ve been able to connect what I learnt in school with the business knowledge I’ve acquired. I’ve also had the opportunity to do research on practical problems, which pushes me to learn more about advanced data analytics. It’s been a pleasant and challenging journey.

Machine learning modeling

Discover always encourages us to be innovative, which gives me a lot of confidence in applying new ideas to practical problems. For example, once when I was working on interpreting machine learning models with my team, we used our practical experience and research to generate four new methods. The research we did provided a solid theory for the machine learning models to be leveraged in a financial industry. It showcased how we could provide risk prediction power and link the risk profile to the future risk behavior. Once we had the four methods to test, we came up with a metric to select out the best method.

Inspired by advanced data analytics

I’m inspired by the spirit of pursuing advanced data analytics here. It’s incredible to get to work with so many talented data analysts. If you’re considering an opportunity here, get ready for challenges and tons of opportunity. Company-wide we’re always encouraged to do the right thing. I remember to take responsibility in the work I do.

My authentic self

People might not expect this about me, but I was once a vocalist in a band.



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Head of International Cardholder Services: Developing a New Roadmap

Name: Jennifer P.
Job Title: Head of International Cardholder Services, Payments

Adding extra value

My team at Discover is responsible for developing and managing all of our partner’s extra value-add services and benefits. Our partners leverage those services and benefits to enhance their card propositions. Think: airport lounge programmes, diner’s club international travel app and more.

Launching to new global markets

Not only are we making our existing products more efficient, but we’re also developing new concepts to engage today’s consumers. This approach allows us to collaborate with our global issuing and network partners to refresh existing card propositions and launch new products in markets around the world.

The road to Discover

I’ve always really enjoyed working in product management in the payments industry. When a former colleague approached me about the role at Discover, the opportunity seemed like a perfect fit. The role combined my love of product management and payments and incorporated my learnings from other loyalty businesses.

Fresh perspective

Though I’m new, I’ve brought fresh ideas to our product development and practices and challenged some existing thinking on our development roadmaps. I’m already inspired by the level of support and empowerment for growing the team and the business.

Holistic support

I find the business in general is very attuned to supporting employees holistically. Balancing work-life, especially with a young family throughout COVID-19, has been a real relief. I’m very impressed with the breadth and opportunity for further training and education at Discover. The internal training center has a wide variety of online and ‘live’ training options. Commitment to volunteer time and donations is also a real positive— I love to see the business giving back to our communities. And as a whole, the company feels quite diverse in terms of gender, age, and ethnicity. I’m really pleased to see a good mix of men and women within senior leadership.

Embodying teamwork

The Discover team really embodies teamwork, collaboration and recognition. I love the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality. I see the level of respect colleagues have for each other every day. It’s inspiring to work with such genuinely smart, hard-working and kind people.

My authentic self

I originally planned to relocate from the US to the UK for a five year period. It’s now been twenty years in the UK and still counting. I’m a huge foodie— I love to check out the latest restaurants and food trends. I’m also always keen to discover and explore new destinations.

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Senior Implementation Engineer: Identifying Gaps and Automating Processes

Name: Dwain V.
Job Title: Senior Implementation Engineer, Technical Production Support

Started with a catchy job ad

I came to Discover because of a job description. The advertisement for the role spoke volumes to me. In doing further research on Discover, I read various reviews online and felt like the culture aligned well with my values.

All about the standards

My team is responsible for the change management, on-boarding and release deployment processes and procedures. We ensure that the implemented processes and procedures fully meet the expectations of the larger enterprise standards. This means aligning to change management standards, Information Technology Management Policy (ITMP) regulators and the broader payment cards industry.

Automating, automating, automating

I’ve been at Discover under a year, but I’ve already helped automate many of our (previously) manual tasks. Many of our tasks are now done through a platform called Service Now. I’ve automated the process to now perform a stop, start or restart of a service and gotten it down to under five minutes.

Freedom to explore

I use my experience to identify gaps in our processes. My perspective allows my team to find solutions to those gaps. It’s been wonderful having the freedom and range to explore those challenges.

Actually living our values

Discover lives by their core values— actually. I know every company has their own set of values, but at Discover the core values are actually adhered to. You can see this in the colleagues who are always willing to help. Discover feels like a family the moment you walk through the door on your first day.

My authentic self?

Outside the office I love fitness, biking (road and mountain), travelling, basketball and beach volleyball.

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Toddler Wrangler. Defect Hunter. Senior Quality Engineer.

Name: Sneha P.
Job Title: Senior Quality Engineer, Enterprise Payments Platform

World of possibilities

I wasn’t really looking for a job change when my friend forwarded me the Senior Quality Engineer role here. But when she did, my interest was instantly piqued. I was amazed by the world of possibilities. I was excited to use all the latest tools and technologies to deliver solutions. I wanted to know more about all the potential career paths that Discover offered. More than anything though, I was intrigued by the company culture and values. Being in the information technology (IT) sector for over eleven years, I believe in strong ethics driving excellence. I felt that Discover valued these same areas too. And now here I am.

Meeting requirements

My team performs system integration tests for different initiatives within the enterprise payments platform settlements release train. We make sure that all the business requirements are met before the developed solutions go to higher environments, and eventually, into production.

Quality is king

Quality needs to be controlled in every stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). A small oversight in product testing at the integration level can lead to a major issue at the production level. So, I have to understand the business requirements correctly and ensure the solution is as expected. I need to make sure our test scenarios are efficient, hence enabling solutions to be more robust and defect-free when they’re in production.

Every day is a learning day

Every day is a learning day at Discover. It feels great to learn new things and contribute to real-time initiatives at same time. I’ve not only learnt the latest tools and technologies, but I’ve also experienced continuous change and process improvements.

Adding value every day

I’m a very enthusiastic and positive person. I come with strong technical documentation skills that have helped other teams understand the work we deliver. I enjoy a collaborative approach and encourage the same within my team.

Zero micro-management

There’s literally zero micro-management. Being a mum of two means that I need lots of flexibility. I have never felt let down here. Discover trusts their employees. I think it comes from the company culture— people respect and trust each other. Managers always stay in touch and are approachable, actually listen to what I have to share, and (added bonus) don’t make us do time sheets! All in all, the trust is clear and it makes working here wonderful.

Running with toddlers

My eyes popped out when I saw the benefits Discover offers. Even with COVID-19, the company is still providing the means for childcare, which is amazing. I also love the ability to work summer hours. I have two toddlers running around at home, so I really appreciate the flex scheduling and childcare coverage. Though I hardly have time for hobbies anymore with my little ones, I might just have enough time to catch up on some sports or for some light reading.

Never step away

If you want to know what happens when you swipe your card at a shop to when your transaction is approved, Discover is the place for you. If you’re enthusiastic and a quick learner, then you’ll never want to step away. As your career progresses here, you’ll never feel stagnant. We’re a learning hub.