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From “Just a Job” to a Career and a Home

Name: Stephanie W.
Job Title: Field Liaison, Workforce Management

So much more than “just a job”

I originally started at Discover as a part time employee, only two days a week. I wanted to make a little extra money for when I had my daughter. Originally, it was just about the paycheck. 21 years later, I’ve had unbelievable opportunities and have grown an incredible amount. I’ve moved up through several organizations, got my bachelor’s degree, and now my two daughters work here. All because I took that first part time role.

Rapid growth

It didn’t take long as a part time employee before I realized that I wanted to go through full Customer Service training. As a Customer Service Agent, I honestly really enjoyed talking to customers. From there, I was quickly promoted to mentor, then coach, and after three attempts, to Team Leader. Once I became a Team Leader, I had wonderful mentors who pushed me to get “uncomfortable” and really challenge myself. I eventually moved to the workforce management team and haven’t stopped learning since. I’ve taken pieces from every position I’ve had and carried them into my next role. I’m still looking forward to leveraging my utility belt of knowledge on future opportunities.

Paid tuition

I give 100% in everything I do. While on this team, I’ve started and completed my Bachelor’s degree. I targeted my classes to cover workforce management topics so that I could quickly implement new skills in real time. I’m now on several projects that utilize my management, leadership and workforce management skills.

One team

I genuinely care, not only about my job, but about Discover. I care about my team, the agents and the customers. Every decision I make is in an effort to make a difference for someone else. That includes making adjustments to schedules that will allow for better customer experiences, working with management to ensure agents are able to take Paid Time Off (PTO), and identifying ways I can jump in to help others on my team. I have a strong belief that we are one team working towards the same goal. We may have different responsibilities, but we’re all here to get a job done.

Lifelong friendships

Unsurprisingly, I’ve created some amazing lifelong friendships here. I look forward to seeing the people I work with and truly consider many of them family. Many people love working from home, and I’m really grateful for it considering current world conditions. But… man, I miss my work family. I look forward to seeing everyone again face-to-face. Six feet apart, of course.

It’s personal

There have been so many things that make me proud to be at Discover, but I’m particularly proud of how our business handled COVID-19. We were able to quickly transition our agents to working from home. And for me, this was personal. In the middle of transitioning to remote work, our Utah employees experienced an earthquake. My youngest daughter works at Discover and was working in the building at the time. Her safety (and the other onsite employees’) safety was the number one priority.

My older daughter’s job at another company was impacted by COVID-19. She was hired on at Discover for seasonal help. With three us working at Discover, we’ve joked about putting a Discover sign on our house. I feel so lucky that I know my girls are working for a company that genuinely cares about them. I’m confident in the decisions the company has made in the last several months, and I’m so very proud of my Discover family.

Never missing out

As you can tell, my family is my number one. I’ve stayed here over the years, in part, because Discover has always allowed me to make them a priority. We’re really into baseball. My son and husband both play in competitive leagues (and I’m their biggest fan). Although I don’t have an athletic bone in my body, my daughters and I love to watch them play. I use my PTO to spend time with them and ensure that I don’t miss out on important events (like the next big game).

I also really enjoy camping and being outdoors. I love the sound of nature and the disconnect it bring from technology. I absolutely love our PTO policy for giving me and my family the chance to live out our passions. I also have a strong work ethic and can sometimes get engulfed on projects. My managers consistently remind me that the work will be there tomorrow.

Taking the stress out of seeking help

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a resource I’ve used more than I ever thought I would. One part of the program allows you to target specific counselors, depending on what you’re experiencing. I’ve used it for myself and for two of my children. It’s been great not to worry about the financial aspect of mental health. I firmly believe that there shouldn’t be any reason why someone couldn’t seek help if they needed to.

A place for every life stage

There is so much opportunity for growth and promotion here. Discover offers a position for wherever you are in life.


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Hiker. Fitness Dancer. Director of Behavior Modeling.

Name: Xing F.
Job Title: Director of Behavior Modeling, Card Operations Decision Management

Trusting a friend

I joined Discover because of my friends. A few of them worked here and always spoke highly of the company culture. They referred me to an analyst role, which I interviewed for and ended up getting! Prior to joining my current team in decision management, I held various roles across multiple business functions. I worked in fraud prevention strategy and analytics, authorization strategy and recovery strategy.

Implementing data-driven solutions

In my current role as the Director of Behavior Modeling, my team partners with the collection value stream to identify business opportunities and provide machine learning solutions. We engage business technology teams to implement data-driven recommendations. The models we deliver are used to enhance the collection strategy and reduce charge-off loss.

Ambitious goals

Our Decision Management team provides a great platform built on transparency, efficiency and collaboration. We set ambitious goals, take responsibility and always look for new opportunities.

Why I stay

I’ve been at Discover for close to 13 years now. In part, I’ve stayed because of the culture of inclusion and the great talent around me. My team and my peers inspire me to get better every day. Outside of the office, I love traveling, hiking and my weekly dance fitness classes! Because of our generous paid time off policy, I’m actually able to enjoy my passions. There’s also an on-site gym that helps me achieve my health goals. If you’re thinking of applying, I say, go for it!

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Globe Trotter. Energizer. Partner Implementation Lead.

Name: Hilda L.
Job Title: Partner Implementation Lead

Implementing new network alliances

I’m a Partner Implementation Lead on our Global Alliance Support team. We work on the implementation of our new network alliances, specifically in the Americas Region. These network alliances increase our global acceptance and bring volume to our Discover global network through the issuance of Global Network Cards by their banking members.

Global launches

During my 13 years at Discover Payment Services, I’ve had the opportunity to work across so many different teams and initiatives. With Discover being a global company, I support our global clients in order to grow our international volume. I get to regularly talk to clients in other countries and have supported project launches across the US, Paraguay, Argentina and Portugal.

Bring the energy

At Discover, you always need to be ready to bring energy. Bringing positive energy helps uncover the best solution for the client, enhance a current process and collaborate across teams!

Time to grow

I’ve been fortunate to work in teams where we’re encouraged (and given the time) to learn the systems and processes prior to starting client work. Having that space to grow has made a huge difference in my development. Overall, my managers provide sound advice and are always open to helping me develop myself.

Chatting with a Vice President

I knew I’d picked the right place to work after I met one of our Vice Presidents in the hallway. We only talked briefly, but she was an inspiration to me. It matters to me that our leaders are friendly and open to talking casually with their employees. I know that I can always ask a question and that my opinion counts.

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Inspired Adapter. Disability Co-Chair. Cybersecurity Lead.

Name: Chaitanya M.
Job Title: Cybersecurity Lead, Data Security Management Program

Choosing Discover

I first interviewed and toured the Riverwoods, Illinois campus at Discover nearly 15 years ago. From seeing the organizational culture and growth opportunities, to meeting the people— I realized that Discover was where I would excel in my career. Now that I’ve worked here for over a decade, I know we do a great job with advancing technology and maintaining a competitive advantage. From cybersecurity to data analytics to adopting lean practices, we’re one of the best places to work.

Staying ahead of the competition

I’m currently a Cybersecurity lead in our Data Security Management program. Our team focuses on data loss prevention of data-at-rest and data-in-motion assets. Cybersecurity is a dynamically evolving field and presents plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. With cutting-edge technology tools at our disposal, we deliver innovative, customer-friendly products and services that help us stay ahead of the competition.

Challenging the status quo

Working at Discover motivates me to do well, be a better person and embrace change. When I’m unable to challenge the status quo or bring in a fresh perspective, I find myself working in a vacuum and it can get frustrating. Our tech teams lead by example and empower us to change and adapt. Often in meetings I now challenge the status quo. I’ve learned that it’s important to speak up and advocate for yourself, while being respectful of others’ perspectives. Adapting to change takes patience and resilience.

Going the extra mile

I feel at home at Discover because of how caring, compassionate and respectful everyone is. Several years ago, I had a family medical emergency, and I needed to step away from work. I was concerned about how I would complete all my responsibilities. My colleagues and leaders stepped in to help during this difficult times and provided all the support I needed. We have great people here who are willing to go the extra mile to help.

Creating a space for advocacy

I’m the co-founder and co-chair of the disability employee resource group at Discover, and I’m also an accessibility advocate. I identify as an individual with a hearing disability and have faced unique first-hand challenges throughout my life. These life experiences have taught me how to persevere in the face of obstacles, both personally and professionally. Starting a disability-focused employee resource group was about advocating for myself and about creating a space for advocacy at Discover.

Prioritizing closed captioning

My reason for proposing and creating a disability employee resource group was to increase representation and awareness of employees with disabilities. As an individual with hearing loss, having effective and equal access is critical to my career development and progression. The most important mission has been to bring disability inclusion and accessibility to the forefront of our business, especially closed captioning. Closed captioning is a universal design solution that benefits not just people with hearing loss, but also those with invisible disabilities and language challenges.

Adapting for more inclusivity

Founding the employee resource group has been one of my proudest achievements here. It’s taught me how to be a leader in my own right, approach things differently, respect diverse ideas and embrace change with confidence. When initially forming the group, we had to broaden the scope to include not only individuals with disabilities, but parents, family members and siblings of people with disabilities. Through this group, we drive change to continuously make Discover an inclusive workplace for people with disabilities.

Inspired to do better

I’m proud to have founded our disability employee resource group because it was a journey of advocating for myself, getting my voice heard and making the group a reality. Holistically, I’m incredibly inspired by our employee resource group leaders. All of us have such powerful stories around our roads to success, diversity and inclusion, etc. Being a part of this community of leaders inspires me to want to do better.

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Certified Money Mover. Senior Manager of Operations.

Name: Angela A.
Job Title: Senior Manager Operations, Business Enterprise Solutions

Making exceptions

I work on the Business Enterprise Solutions team. One of my main areas of responsibility is customer exception processing. For example, let’s say a customer made a payment over a week ago, but they can’t see their payment posted to their account. My team researches and processes these types of transactions. So, I don’t work directly with our customers; however, I do support the customer resolution cycle. If the transactions have started weeks ago in the customer journey, I must first alleviate the customer’s frustration. In this way my work is integral to the customer experience.

Money moves

In addition to the processing work, my team also serves as consultants for monetary movement. Monetary movement means any money that moves i.e. through wire transfers, wires, checks, etc. We handle monetary movement primarily because we all have the right skillset, specialized knowledge and certifications to support it in addition to our regular roles.

Getting certified

On top of my career movement, I’ve earned the Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) certification and am currently studying for the National Check Professional (NCP) certification with Discover. I also earned my Master’s degree through Discover’s educational assistance program. These certifications have transformed how the enterprise manages specific monetary processing and changes. They ensure compliance with regulations, while providing benefit to customers.

Competitive edge

The certifications aren’t mandatory; however, they provide Discover with a competitive edge in the industry to have experts in specific payments. This means we have expertise about regulations, financial institution warranties and obligations, and we have insight into innovative payment solutions. These certifications are extremely impactful to my career and to Discover. In collaboration with my team (who also earned AAP certifications), we have been able to provide extensive consultation and transform the business. A very recent example— our expertise helped shape new processes for pandemic programs (economic impact payment or stimulus) and mitigating risk. We ensured Discover remained compliant with specific governing rules.

Eliminating inefficiency

We’re always working together to improve the customer experience by eliminating inefficiencies. We create more streamlined processes to resolve processing scenarios much quicker. We’ve had many successes with shortening the customer journey. In some instances, we’ve eliminated processing from 20 days to just 3 days!

Curiosity fueling growth

I’ve always been curious and asked questions with the intent to learn and enhance processes. Because of this, I’ve grown within the organization through lateral career shifts and promotions. This internal movement has provided me with valuable business knowledge.

The journey to Discover

I often share the story of how I got hired at Discover. When I applied, I already had four job offers on the table. On paper, all of the other offers were objectively better. However, there was something about the warm welcome, smiles, and authenticity of the people at Discover that made me ultimately accept the offer. I haven’t looked back after 12 years.

Leaders who listen and act

I’ve worked at Discover for 12 years, and it is always the people that bring me back every single day. People outside the company are always surprised at the autonomy and openness of our leaders. They’re surprised to hear that when we propose ideas and solutions, our leaders listen and act. My advice to job seekers? Apply! It’s a no brainer. In my experience, Discover offers a unique culture and mindset that’s unmatched.

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Psych Major. Philosopher. Senior Change Agent.

Name: Jason S.
Job Title: Senior Discover Management System Improvement Coach

Relentless improvement

I’m a Senior Discover Management System Improvement Coach. What that title really means is that I’m an internal business consultant. I coach executives and their teams on business agility and problem solving so we relentlessly improve and deliver value that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Surprising roots

When I tell people I work at Discover, it surprises them that I didn’t start out with a background in Finance. I graduated from the University of Chicago with dual degrees in Psychology and Philosophy. It’s an even greater shock when I explain how I’ve put those degrees to use. My psychology classes had a focus on research and statistics. Those skills allowed me to apply my education towards analyzing trends in consumer behavior and designing operations strategies. My philosophy classes included ethics and logic, which helped me tremendously in leading the consumer complaints program and designing various technical solutions to help agents better service customers.

Pursuing broad interests

My parents always said that I was born with broad interests. In my 13 years with the company, I’ve enjoyed career opportunities in 9 different positions across 2 different locations. My interests have led me into operations, strategy, application design, project management, program management, analytics and agile transformation. I think it’s easy to love your career when you’re given so many opportunities.

From day 1

I knew on my first day that I made the right decision to work at Discover. Being here and working with so many bright individuals motivated me to go back and earn my MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. If it weren’t for the culture at Discover, I may have never been able to explore so many professional sides of myself. Our culture supports learning and exposing people to new and engaging challenges to help career growth.

Bring your noisemakers

I always look forward to the Pinnacle of Excellence event. This annual event is how we recognize the absolute top performers across all of our call centers. They’re all flown to headquarters outside of Chicago, IL to celebrate their hard work. In the welcome ceremony, headquarters employees fill all levels of our rotunda. We greet the winners with music, announcing each person’s name on loud speakers and with noisemakers. This event is near and dear to my heart. Although I haven’t worked in the call center for many years, it’s great to see people who I’ve managed in the past or coached recognized for such a great achievement.

Let curiosity lead the way

I once managed a large enterprise project that was very complex and started with seven different teams. There are so many diverse functions at Discover, which makes it easy to lose sight of how all of the teams are interconnected. On this project I allowed my curiosity about all the various teams’ processes lead the way. This curiosity helped me uncover some critical requirements that would have otherwise been missed. Ultimately the questions I asked also led the core team to ask additional questions too. In the end, we modified the scope of the project, completed it on time, and the end result was better than where we would have landed without our curiosity.

Focus on developing leaders

Our employment experience is different because we have a greater focus on leadership skills at all levels. I participated in the management development program early in my career at Discover. I’ve been a mentor in a number of different employee resource groups such as Young Professionals Organization at Discover (YPOD) and Black Organizational Leadership at Discover (BOLD). The supportive environment we have here is one of the reasons I’ve been able to establish great relationships that allow me to leverage my leadership skills and help develop others.



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Learning to Manage: Day in the Life of a Team Leader

Name: David S.
Job Title: Team Leader, Personal Loans

Different every day

I’m a Team Leader within Personal Loans. Every day looks slightly different, but ultimately I develop and support a team of agents that help customers achieve a brighter financial future, through personal loans. This job has been more fulfilling than any past experience.

Team traditions

My favorite part of the job is the people! I love my team. We work hard (in comfy clothes) and play harder together. I’ve been to numerous team off-sites like axe throwing, picnics, etc. We have team traditions that keep everyone engaged in our work. One of my favorite traditions is Fun Friday, where we do something fun together as a team. We’ll watch a movie, play online party games or corn hole. My other favorite team tradition would be the potlucks. Now my cooking is not the best, but we truly have some amateur chefs within Discover.

First time people manager

I never wanted to be a “manager,” but I am incredibly happy that I took a chance. I love seeing the people on my team be awarded and recognized for their hard work. In my time here, I’ve had three people get promoted on my team. My number one goal as a leader is to take care of my people, so it’s fulfilling to help others accomplish their goals.

Who you know

Bring personality to Discover. I was always told that business is all about who you know. When I first started, I made it my business to get to know everyone I possibly could. While meeting everyone, I realized that I could truly be myself at work. I was comfortable with my environment because others were comfortable with being themselves. That’s when I feel in love with the culture. No matter where you come from, there’s a place for you.

Taking action to learn

Discover has taught me more about financial freedom and literacy than any other method I’ve previously tried, and I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business (so that’s saying something). We’re more effective because we take action to push learning. For me specifically, Discover gave me the opportunity to go through the Operations Internship Program while I was still in school. This program gave me a full crash course on the business. I had a true hands on experience working with mentors and partners. I was fully immersed in all the processes and strategies that go on behind the scenes.

Beyond just saying

Coming into the internship program, my outlook was “great I get to make coffee for my boss.” But that was never the case once. Not only was I equipped with all of the resources to grow as a professional, but I was able to present my project to senior management and began networking with a highly talented audience. Discover doesn’t just say we take care of our people, we do it! Since then, I’ve participated in numerous focus groups, development classes (like delivering difficult news), knowledge expos and events that continue to push my growth.

Impacting business as an intern

When I went through the Operations Internship Program, my project was designed around the call-flow and how we could improve the process efficiency for our customers. The project that I presented was implemented to the floor and still being used today. That was my first experience with Discover and when I saw our leaders take the time to listen to an outside opinion and actually implement it, I knew Discover was a leading company for innovation. That is just one example of the numerous projects going on daily that will help Discover innovate and grow as a whole.

You get what you put in

I’m a strong believer that you get out what you put in. I believe that the leadership here have put in an amazing culture to achieve success. I love our vision and direction because regardless of our growth, environmental change or competitive pressure, we continue to be leaders in customer satisfaction. One of my favorite sayings is that the “C” in Discover stands for Change. We are constantly changing, adapting and creating new processes.

Snack boxes

When COVID-19 first started, the company transitioned to working from home.  My bosses sent us a personalized snack box to enjoy. This was the best surprise I could have received. Though the box was gone in minutes, the true beauty was in the little thing Discover did to brighten our day. It’s the little things, which as a whole, equate to such a fun place to work.

Telling the truth

I went back to my alma mater, Northern Arizona University, for a career fair last year. I saw so many of my friends at the fair, and they all stopped by the Discover table to say, “tell me the truth: how is it there?” With laughter, my answer every time was “I love it.” Every day I wake up excited for work. I’ve never been part of something so rewarding before. Each day I have the chance to make a difference, and knowing that is an added bonus.

Finding a glitch

As a team leader, I take supervisor calls. One particular night, we had an upset customer on the line. After talking to other departments and researching the account, I noticed that there was a glitch in the system. I escalated this situation to our incident team and was able to get this applicant a loan. They called back a few months later in tears, overjoyed with my diligence in order to get them approved. Having a customer call back and thank you for doing your job is one of the most rewarding feelings because it was something they appreciated past the call.

Call center stereotypes

I currently work in the call center, which scares a lot of people. I hear it all the time, “I don’t want to take calls all day.” But no matter what role you have at Discover, the rewards outweigh the risk. The opportunities are endless, and we’ve built a strong foundation to help you learn, develop and promote into whatever you want. I could go on all day.

Imagining the future

I’ve already learned so much in the short amount of time with the company that I cannot imagine where I will be at the end of Discover journey. You can’t put everything on paper, but from my personal experience I recommend this job to everyone!



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Bringing Perspective and Honesty to Training Infrastructure

Name: Nicholas J.
Job Title: Associate Training Specialist, Training Infrastructure

Training newbies

In my role as an Associate Training Specialist, I train several of the new hire classes in our Consumer Lending Banking Operations departments. I show new employees what Discover has to offer and introduce them to our culture. I enjoy being able to work on multiple projects as it always keeps things exciting and fresh. It’s a very challenging and rewarding position.

Finding my niche

When I first joined Discover, I applied my skills in presenting and facilitating to lead calibrations and huddles. I eventually found my way to Training and Development where I now get the chance to impact new hires every day.

Speaking my truth

The biggest reason I’ve been able to succeed over the years at Discover has been the open-ness that my peers and leadership have had with me. When I’m able to have an open dialogue and express my mind without it being “filtered,” I ultimately get to speak my truth. In my experience, other employers didn’t put much focus on their culture, which in turn led to a lack of transparency and feeling like I couldn’t speak honestly.

Asking for change

I knew I made the right decision in coming to Discover when I was encouraged, and outright asked, to help create change. Having my opinions be heard and acknowledged made the world of difference. I now keep that lesson in mind and tell my new hires to do the same.

Growing into leadership

I really never get tired of learning here. Over the last six years, Discover has molded me into becoming a better leader through the various self-development classes. The classes make it easy to take in information and apply it on the spot. Being able to apply those teaching in real-world situations has made all the difference. I’m really proud of the growth that I’ve achieved here. I look forward to many years of self-discovery while expanding my knowledge in different departments.

Bringing my unique-ness

Discover is a great place to work because of all the different types of individuals that work here. By being uniquely myself, I bring my own perspective and challenge the status quo. This drives change and makes Discover an even better place to work.

Friends for life

My business acumen has increased over the years and I have a lot of my peers and leaders to thank for that. I really look forward to interacting with all the wonderful people that work here. I’ve met some of my best friends at Discover— it’s an added bonus that I get to work with them every day.

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Day in the Life: Product Manager

Name: Priya K.
Job Title: Product Manager, Value Stream Engineering

17 years of engineering

I’m a Practice Lead and Product Manager on the Value Stream team. We align the delivery of infrastructure product capabilities based on priorities. I’ve been here for 17 years and have worked on many different teams and technologies, including application development and infrastructure.

Focus on continuous improvement

We use many new technologies and products— cloud, containers, platforms and a wide variety of tools. There’s a focus on continuous improvement opportunities in the way we build and operate. Our focus is on extreme automation and self-service for our customers as well as internal consumers of our products.

Staying for the culture

I’ve been at Discover for a long time. It wouldn’t have been possible without the open culture where we trust, support and help each other. We learn a lot from our leaders and colleagues every day as part of our job. It’s great to work in a collaborative environment as a team towards a common goal, encouraging and recognizing each other. The work friendships gives me a sense of belonging and positivity. We care for each other and our extended Discover family members. For anyone new, I’d say bring “collaboration” to Discover! I strongly believe in the phrase “we can’t do it alone.”

Continuous learning

Discover is a continuous learning organization. We truly care about our employees and invest in development. My favorite learning opportunities are the lunch and learns, trainings, volunteer activities, conferences, meetups, employee resource groups, and of course the College Commitment program. Through this program, we financially assist employees with bachelor’s and master’s degrees. I’ve never heard of any other companies that motivate their employees to do so many activities outside their regular job roles.

Leaders who trust and take risks

I work for great leaders who trust my decisions and let me take risks. They’ve positively challenged me and believed in my ability to achieve my full potential, which sometimes I wasn’t even aware of. Our leadership is engaged with our teams. Every week our leaders and engineers across departments meet to sync up and have open discussions. No one is afraid to express their views. Here, leaders build leaders.

Endless opportunity

The environment is very welcoming and transparent. There are endless opportunities and flexibility. When you work at Discover you are not just limited to your job role, you can learn and do much so more than that.

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Bringing Joy to Information Security

Name: Margarita Z.
Job Title: Information Security Associate

Expert problem solver

My current role under Third Party Information Security means I get to be a superhero. My team and I handle a variety of programs on the governance side for Discover, such as the Corporate Data Release program. However, my personal role is a bit more on the project management side. I get to work with our Discover Management System coaches to help implement solutions and enhancements to our workflow by hosting problem-solving sessions.

Holding a personal promise

When I was interviewing with my manager, he asked me what I had to offer to the team. I responded by saying “My bubbly personality!” I followed up by explaining that I take pride and joy in everything I do. I would never apply for a position where I didn’t feel that I could be myself. Prior to Discover, I worked at an art gallery for two years and I hated every minute of it. I remember sitting in my car every day and feeling my heart beating out of my chest because I didn’t want to go into work. I promised myself that I would never take a role like that again. I vowed that my next job would be something where I felt genuine excitement and joy about both the work and my coworkers. I am proud to say that Discover not only allows me to embrace myself and all my “bubbliness,” but also encourages it in every shape. I’m proud to work at Discover.

Commitment to learning

From the first day I joined, everyone encouraged me to have a conversation with my manger about professional development. Not only did they offer to help me get my certifications, but my manager at the time personally reached out to the education program here at Discover to help me get started on completing my college degree. I never could have expected this much dedication.

Transparency during the difficult times

Throughout COVID-19, our leadership has been vocal and transparent with employees about the company’s standing and its response to the virus. As someone who deals with anxiety around COVID-19, I found this to be extremely comforting and thoughtful.

Proud accomplishment

After working at Discover for five months, I realized that one issue that kept coming up involved extremely long email chains going back-and-forth about the same topic from various individuals. When I pointed this out to my manager, I suggested that we set up a planning board.  I began formatting information, combing through all our emails and files on the subject and set everything up accordingly. My goals was to make the planning board a one-stop service center for any and all questions and updates related to this project. Before we knew it, the long email chains stopped and everyone got a ton of time back on their calendars.

Thinking of joining?

Do it! Discover is an amazing company to work for, whether you’re a recent college graduate or a working parent. Discover offers a ton of flexibility, learning opportunities and overall a very nurturing environment for anyone willing to learn and grow.