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Twin, Music Lover, and Customer Service Coach and EVO Team Leader

Name: James C.
Job Title: Evolution (EVO) Team Leader, US Cards – Marketing & CSE

A supportive atmosphere.

I was hired as an external Team Leader. When I came into interview, I visited the Phoenix office and saw firsthand that the employees found value in what they did.  In addition to watching employee work with purpose,  I noticed all levels of leadership walking the floors and engaging with their teams.  This stood out to me compared to the company I previously worked for! Knowing that the environment was about support, inclusion, celebrating diversity, and continuous improvement meant that this is the place I would be proud to work at.

Building a reputation.

My team is a consolidated team of Coaches.  The coaches are assigned to a group of agents in our Customer Service area based on performance metrics. I have led several projects that saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs while focusing on improving employee and customer experience. My focus on the development of our coaches helps me gain the reputation of someone that can produce eager, professional and effective future talent at Discover.

 Amazing growth.

I have been able to complete my LEAN Green Belt certification and the LEAP program, where I received a business certification in organizational leadership. I also have had opportunities to participate in company-wide initiatives such as the design sessions of the new Discover Behaviors, which describes a common way for all of us to work, regardless of role or level.  Currently, I am also pursuing a BA in Organizational Management through the Discover College Commitment program. I continue to expect amazing professional growth throughout the rest of my career here at Discover!

Getting recognized.

I have won the Excellence Award for my contributions both to the culture and the business the last three years consecutively.  I have also been a recipient of the Pinnacle of Excellence Award in 2018. But, the most important thing to me is when an employee that I have managed realizes their full potential and become a peer of mine through their hard work, determination, and guidance. It is indeed the best part of my job as a leader to hear from people that are thankful for having worked with me in the past.

Leading in multiple ways.

The culture at Discover is the reason why we are different from other employers. We view our people as the competitive advantage.  It is no wonder Discover is an industry leader from an employee engagement perspective and products and services one as well.

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Discovering Possibilities

Name: Nidhi K.
Job Title: Senior Manager, Software Engineering, Business Technology

Getting started

While pursuing my MBA at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, the career department was assisting me in my job search, and Discover came up as the top company to work for based on my criteria. Long story short, I ended up interviewing and very quickly accepting a position at Discover.

Continuing on

In my current role as Senior Manager I manage a number of teams in Business Technology (BT) in the Mobile app area. Discover’s Mobile app has won many industry awards, and has an increasing user base. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to download and check out the latest features the app offers.

Prior to this I was managing several teams in Card BT in areas of eWallets (mobile wallets such as Apple Pay) and eCommerce (alliances between Discover and companies such as PayPal).

Journey forward

Discover provides many career opportunities and supports long term career growth. Since joining Discover more than 6 years ago, I took on roles with increasing responsibility, through which I am able to discover my personal strengths and expand my skills. I’m fortunate that my colleagues across the organization recognize my work, and trust me with responsibilities that are both immensely challenging and rewarding. I constantly focus on exploring ways I can contribute to the company’s success, and discovering possibilities for the organization’s and my continued growth.

Employees first

Discover’s culture is diverse, collaborative and innovative. The company is creating an inclusive work environment by investing in Employee Resource Groups, Volunteer activities and various initiatives that promote diversity. In addition, the company offers several employee benefits, such as tuition reimbursement, generous PTO, flexible work arrangements, and talent development programs. All of these attributes make Discover a truly unique workplace, and I’m not surprised that Discover consistently ranks as one of the best companies to work for!

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Retired Naval Officer, Soccer Enthusiast, and Product Manager

Name: Anthony R.
Job Title: Product Manager, Network Services, Infrastructure Services, BT

Wanting to grow and lead.

My team is responsible for delivering reliable, robust and emerging network services to our consumers and customers. We have matured the network to meet rapidly changing business requirements through numerous optimization and automation efforts. We’re extremely proud of our contributions in this regard.

Taking every opportunity.

Discover makes every effort to grow the knowledge and the professional careers of its employees. I came to Discover for the opportunities, both to grow and to lead, and I’ve had every training opportunity necessary for myself and my team to be successful.  I’ve attended technical training, seminars and tech-talk meet-ups all highly supported here at Discover. Through our joint success, I’ve been given increased opportunity and responsibility, which I’m really excited about.

Giving others an opportunity.

One of the opportunities I had was to be part of our diversity & inclusion efforts. For two years running I am a part of the Network Service Product Family where we focus on recruiting Hispanic/Latino tech talent. I believe that a more diverse organization leads to a greater understanding of an ever-changing customer demographic. As a Latino myself, I feel that it’s important to participate and help create these opportunities for men and women that are under-represented in technology and leadership.

A rewarding place to work.

Discover is the third corporate enterprise that I’ve been employed with, and I can truly say that it is far and away the most rewarding of them. The culture is challenging, hard-working and rewarding. Discover really encourages change and new ways of thinking. We’re all encouraged to bring forth ideas, big and small. We’re also given a safe environment to be constructive when a situation calls for it.

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From intern to Director

Name: Kyle S.
Job Title: Director, Cloud Security, Business Technology

I’ve been with Discover since 2005—started as an intern! When I’m not thinking about how to secure the cloud, I enjoy time with my lovely wife and our dog. When left to my own device, I follow the latest trends in pop culture and tabletop gaming. I have a great love for telling narrative stories and as such enjoy rolling twenty-sided dice to slay dragons.

How did you land at Discover?

I went to school at Illinois State University for a degree in Computer Science. I was introduced to Discover through one of the school’s numerous job fairs. The Discover intern program at the time was ahead of the other companies at the fair, providing intern events, housing and friendly people. I made my decision to do whatever I could to get an internship opportunity at Discover. Anything to get my foot in the door and I’m very happy that Discover saw something in me and offered me an internship.

I’ve had many different roles throughout my career at Discover. Currently, I am a Director of Cloud Security but just before that I was the product manager and people leader of our Cloud Cybersecurity teams. I guide our cloud cybersecurity strategy, act as a cloud security consultant for the enterprise, and coach a wonderful group of engineers who build out incredible cybersecurity cloud products.

Great experiences, Great Work, Great People

I’ve had numerous great experiences throughout my career at Discover. During my internship, I learned how to network with peers and I made some life-long friends in the process. That network has continued to serve as a support system throughout my time at Discover.

One moment I’m particularly proud of is helping to organize the Robocar Rally. This event helped demonstrate the benefits of cloud computing and machine learning. What started off as an idea from a small piece of feedback, turned into a wonderful learning experience on our campus. We had folks in the upper levels of the building watching the Robocar car track on the ground floor!

While this is just one example, the most common factor to all of the great experiences I’ve had at Discover is the people. I’ve met so many fascinating folks from around the company and it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with such awesome and amazing people.

The difference is in the cloud… cyber cloud that is!

While our team’s contributions may be behind the scenes, I view our team as enablers. For example, when we recognized that security misconfigurations in the cloud could open the door for security threats, we typically tackle this issue by looking into the commercial marketplace for solutions and the products at the time were uninspiring.  So in the spirit of innovation and investing in our talent, we decided to build our own solution!

Our product accomplished a few things. It gave our enterprise developers a set of security guardrails to operate within when deploying infrastructure to the cloud – nearly frictionless cybersecurity. It skilled up our engineering team with cloud security knowledge that will be required as our cloud adoption increases. It also demonstrated the spirit of innovation that Discover promotes – as the product has been recognized by the cloud security community and our cloud providers.

Build more than tech

From a technical skill standpoint, the freedom to pursue new opportunities internally at Discover has enabled me to gain skill sets across test automation, IT operations, systems administration and infrastructure architecture to build a solid foundation for my current role in cybersecurity.

From a development standpoint, wearing different hats and working with numerous teams helped build my people leadership experience. There’s an old metaphor I say often: “I stand on the shoulders of giants.” I have had great mentors throughout my career at Discover who knew what they had to do to push me forward. Whether telling a story, creating a vision or putting together a solution to tackle a complex problem, I’ve been able to exercise my talent for those skills at every opportunity I’ve had at Discover.

Build People:  Investing in them leads to successes

I believe what makes Discover different is our investment in our people. The ability and support to look for new opportunities internally is something I have taken advantage of and not experienced in previous companies. I’ve learned from those before me that investing in our talent yields long term benefits. In retrospect, every sound and rewarding decision I’ve made was made with an eye on talent investment. It’s a common theme in our success.

How is your work and the work of your department meaningful?

Taking care of the security of our customer’s data is integral to all that we do. The talented group of folks I get to work with everyday deliver cybersecurity innovation to enable our business while being relentless in the pursuit to protect our customers and our brand.

If you want to be part of a community of builders, if you want a company that invests in you, if you want to create things that matter, if you want the freedom to express yourself in the work that you do – Discover is the place to be.

We also have great benefits and a remote work-at-home program.



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Scrum Master for Two Teams

Name: Cynthia D.
Job Title: BT Scrum Master

Aligning on values

I first joined Discover in April 2016 as a part of the Business Technology (BT) Risk and Compliance team. At the time, I was looking for a company that provides its employees with good work-life balance, has values, is going in a direction I agree with, and has amazing people. Discover marked all the boxes and today, I am the Scrum Master for two teams, the Authentication Infrastructure team and the Identity & Directory Services team.

Tools for self-discovery

Discover gives us so many great resources and opportunities to advance our career and networks—both professional and personal. From the Development Central training portal to one-on-one conversations with leadership, I feel I have the opportunity to figure out how I want to grow my career which is very important to me.

I’d like to say that I’m in a unique position—I have a business degree and experience in both technical and risk areas. This combination significantly helps me in my current role as a Scrum Master, as well as bringing a different perspective to the table. Having been an engineer for a few years, I understand the processes and can relate to team members. They also don’t need to explain technical details to me, because I was once in their shoes. On the other hand, my business degree and risk experience give me a unique perspective from my peers and I ask questions and look at situations differently. For instance, I always ask – “How can we communicate this change so our end users fully understand and don’t require follow-up questions?” This saves us time in development and ensures we deliver a quality product.

An opportunity to fall in love

This year, I transitioned from being an engineer into my current role—a Scrum Master and I absolutely love it.  This role keeps me in the technical world and allows me to help enhance current processes, shield my team from distractions and interruptions, and help them become more efficient and effective in everyday work.

Hard work pays off

I love that Discover gives us the opportunity to acknowledge the great work our peers do through various channels, including recognition points to peers and the President’s Award. The greatest award to me is the acknowledgment and appreciation for the work that we do every day. So, when I was nominated and won the President’s Award last year, it meant so much to me that my passion and efforts were not going unnoticed.

Coworkers worth celebrating

As cliché as it sounds, it’s the people who keep me here at Discover. I have gained so many friends as well as grown into the person I am today. At my wedding, I had a whole table full of my Discover friends, and though I’ve only been here for a few years, I have made lifelong friends.

In Corporate America, it’s difficult to find a company that truly cares about you as an individual. Not only is Discover one of those rare companies, but Discover also has company values and beliefs that prove it is looking out for its employees and customers.


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Support, Innovate, and Embrace

Name: Nnaemeka O.
Job Title: BT Senior Manager

Supporting the company

At Discover, my team helps enable enterprise planning capabilities across the company by bridging business and process thinking with technology. My team builds capabilities that help manage our portfolio of work as well as creating strategic reporting. With this in mind, we are constantly collaborating with stakeholders across the business who manage and deliver enterprise initiatives. Working with these individuals, coupled with the new technologies I have learned, provides me with an improved understanding of the financial services industry and the impact we can make in the lives of our customers.

Bold, innovative ideas

I love my job because I’m always meeting with creative thinkers. Discover does a great job enabling people to think creatively and bring ideas to the forefront. Innovation is core to the future strategy of our company and enabling our bold thinkers creates positive change and a collaborative environment. I appreciate having the platform to bring my ideas to the table. By contributing my perspective, it allows me to be true to myself while delivering new technology and capabilities to our organization.

A company that leads and embraces

I’ve worked at large companies, and yes, Discover is a large company; however, there is a strong sense of community and truly owning “doing right” by our customers. Discover is a leading company within the financial services industry that embraces and values diversity in its employees. We are encouraged to challenge the status quo and to contribute improvements that deliver an amazing experience for our customers.

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Mother. Coach. Senior Manager.

Name: Kayley C.
Job Title: Senior Manager, DMS

A path with pride

Prior to Discover, I worked in various collections roles. When I found myself looking for a new job, it was important to me that the company valued diversity and inclusion and supported the LGBTQ community. One of my best friends suggested that I look into Discover for a change of pace.  I did!  Discover not only supports and protects their LGBTQ employees, they encourage us to bring our whole self through the doors.  This gives me the platform to truly make a real difference! Celebrating what makes us unique and also what brings us together through our passion, drive and commitment to each other and our customers is really special.

Growth through connection

Working for Discover has led to some of the best things in my life! I have been encouraged to take chances and find work that truly inspires me! One of the things I value most is learning.   And I get to do that on a daily basis. Recently I just received my professional coaching certification which was one of the most inspiring journeys of my life.  As part of my role and development plan, I wanted to gain additional skills that strengthened my position as a coach.  The Discover Management System (DMS) leadership sponsored me to go through an ICF (International Coaches Federation) accredited program to get my professional coach certification. This was a game changer in my career.  Because I love connecting with people and learning about their life and beliefs, I’m coupling this certification with my people skills which allows me to take time and energy to bring value to employees.  I’m able to truly help them understand work/life balance and being their true selves.  This is where I find fulfillment.  As a result, I have advanced from agent to coach in the operations center to Project Manager and now Senior Manager in eight years!

Creating meaningful change

I have the privilege of having time and meaningful conversations with leadership at Discover. During one of those conversations, I got to learn more about diversity and inclusion within Discover. As a result, I was able to share my experience and how I identify as an LGBTQ individual. For me, I identify as Queer. This conversation led to the team updating Discover materials to be further inclusive by adding the ‘Q’.  That was a powerful message for me and made me (and several others) feel seen.

Always customer facing

One of the things that I pride myself in is being an advocate for the product that we provide. I am a Discover customer myself and it is important for me to use my Discover it® Card. Every time I take out my card (I have the Pride Card design!) others comment on it and I get to share that I work for the company as well! This usually leads to a fun conversation about what I think is so great about our company and why I am loyal both as an employee and customer.

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Craft Brewery Supporter. Volleyball Player. Software Developer.

Name: Nick O.
Job Title: Software Developer, Business Technology

A winding path to the right place

Near the end of my college career, I attended a technology career fair hosted by my University. I remember being flooded with nerves, hoping to land at least one interview. This is where I met Olga Zhornitsky in Human Resources, who invited me to visit Discover for Candidate’s Day. Olga showed me how unique Discover’s culture was, and how great of a company Discover is to work for. Even though I didn’t end up becoming an intern, Olga would continue to reach out to see how my classes were going. To my surprise, she would also continue to search for possible positions for me at Discover, and after graduation she brought me in to interview for my current position. Olga’s interest in me made me truly feel valued, and after my experience with her, I knew that Discover was the right place for me.

Keeping customers in mind

The work my team and I are doing, as well as the work our department is doing, is very meaningful to not only our company, but to our customers. Everything our department produces, whether directly or indirectly, is concerned with improving our customer experience. By simplifying and improving our customer service system, agents can focus on providing the best support to our customers. A good example of this was when I visited the Phoenix call center. I was able to shadow a few agents who have access to the new system. It was amazing to see how much faster an agent could resolve a customer’s issue in this system compared to the old one. For the first time, I was able to see how meaningful my work really is to Discover and our agents.

Keeping coworkers in mind

Whenever an opportunity arises, I love getting involved at Discover and meeting new people. Some examples of this include being a buddy and mentor for technology interns, participating in a panel for new employees to share experiences, helping out at career fairs and even joining a sand volleyball team. As a Discover employee, it doesn’t matter what you do or where you are located, we are one giant family that works together.

Keeping the community in mind

One of the best experiences I’ve had at Discover was when I was a leader for the Business Technology Volunteer Day. My job was to lead a group of six volunteers to accomplish one of the many tasks for fixing up a few schools in the community. It was incredible to see 600 Discover employees drastically improve the learning conditions for the students. I observed how much work Discover puts into planning these events and how passionate Discover employees are about volunteering. This is one of my favorite days of the year because of how much help we provide.

Growing with the company

Discover has helped with my professional development by providing access to training and development opportunities. I have taken several onsite technical training classes and a few professional skills classes. The technical ones were great opportunities to learn about some of the different technologies we use at Discover. These were especially beneficial when I first started because they provided me with exposure I might not have received from college. In addition, the professional skills classes offered practice for handling various work-related scenarios that I may encounter in the future. Discover offers its employees so many opportunities to grow and learn and at the same time provides a great work-life balance.

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Mother. Explorer. Software Engineering Sr. Manager.

Name: Tintu P.
Job Title: Software Engineering Sr. Manager

Always customer focused

I enjoy coming to work every day knowing that the analytics platforms our department supports are critical to the growth plans at Discover. My team builds platforms and products for data scientists and analysts to enable them to generate value for our current customers and to find ways to attract new customers. Knowing the work I am doing is helping customers have a satisfying experience journey makes it worthwhile in the end.

A professional creative culture

We have a remarkable startup culture within our Business Technology organization and that creates a really creative and collaborative environment. There are so many opportunities for learning and professional growth. I started as a lead developer and now I work as Product Owner and manager. There are a lot of opportunities to learn new technologies and adapt to the latest trends which is key within the Analytics organization.

A great place to be heard

Discover is always looking for creative and passionate people. We encourage diversity and creative differences. Our culture partnered with our company’s good vision supports collaboration. If you have an idea or passion to explore new things, it’s highly encouraged and appreciated. Discover is a great place to work. You will feel at home and see how your work makes an impact to millions of people.

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New Student. Pet Mom. Universal Team Lead.

Name: Jazmin H.
Job Title: Team Leader, Credit Operation & Decision Management

A path to stability and proficiency

I moved to Utah from California and needed a stable job quickly.  I found this job through an online job website and five years later I’m still here! My team is responsible for processing new Discover credit card applications. I’m fortunate enough to be on a team that is performing consistently.  In addition to a consistenly performaning team, I’ve also been successful in assisting three new hire classes speed to proficiency.

Opportunities with Pride

Discover allows me to be true to myself by being open to the LGBTQ community and provides unique opportunities that best fit me. Most recently, I had the incredible opportunity to go to Virginia and be included in Discover’s Pride video.

Apply ASAP

Discover really prides themselves on doing what is best for their employees. I can see that and appreciate that very much. I have gotten various opportunities to volunteer on behalf of Discover and am continuously learning and growing, both in and out of the office. . You need to apply ASAP.