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“Being part of something bigger than yourself”

Name: Jessica
Job Title: Lead Auditor, Internal Audit

As an auditor, I serve as the 3rd line of defense to make sure that Discover has controls in place to mitigate risk for both our customers and the organization. Internal Audit is the voice of reason for the organization. We are passionate about the success of Discover products, processes, and controls. Although we are independent, we are very much a part of the team.

What’s a typical day for you?

Every day, I get to ask the question, “What are were doing to mitigate risk?” I also have the chance to LEARN and be CHALLENGED. No one day is the same and I love getting to meet so many people across the organization and hear about the role they play in making Discover possible for our customers.

Regardless of my level in the company, I never feel like I can’t effectively challenge management or voice my concerns. I have been in tons of meetings where I’ve been told by members of our leadership team to CHALLENGE them, rather than just agreeing outright.

What’s it like working in Internal Audit?

Discover makes you feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself. We are more than just our products. I honestly can’t believe I have been with the company for three years. The best part about working here is that I never wake-up dreading going to work. It’s truly an amazing feeling when you can be happy at work even during the stressful times. I always know I will be working with a team of dedicated people to solve problems.

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The people make Discover different

Name: Dana
Job Title: Lead Technical Training Program Manager in Business Technology

I have always enjoyed meeting new people and helping others and it’s been very rewarding to use those skills in my current role. I started my career as a part-time employee while continuing my education through Discover’s tuition reimbursement program. I feel incredibly fortunate that I have been able to grow and expand my skills and work experience through my 17 years at Discover.

What’s a typical day for you?

My day begins by ensuring that our technical training classes are off to a great start. This includes coordinating with instructors and helping students connect into the virtual training environment. Once classes are up and running, I focus on progressing a number of projects and tackling my “to-do list”. This can mean researching training opportunities for next generation technologies, following up on vendors or contracts, updating our training schedule with new classes, or consulting with managers and employees to discuss upcoming training needs. I also work with teams across Business Technology to offer fun and less formal training such as Lunch ‘n Learns – there are always interesting and relevant technical training events in the works.

What are the benefits of working at Discover?

In addition to development opportunities, Discover provides great benefits including the flexibility to work from our headquarters location, our downtown office or from a home office, depending on job responsibilities. On days I work from home, I’m able to skip the daily commute and still have the ability to collaborate with my team through our ‘working smarter’ toolset.
Overall, the people make Discover different. At Discover, we feel like family and we are always willing to roll up our sleeves and help one another. I am inspired by the dedication and enthusiasm of everyone at Discover and I truly care about the people I work with. At the end of the day, it’s very fulfilling to work at a company that supports and respects the contributions of its employees.

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Reaching personal and professional goals

Name: Torre

Job Title: Associate, Field Hiring & Talent

What motivates you at work?

I love the energy at the Discover offices. Helping our external customers build a brighter financial future is a rewarding feeling, and it’s even more rewarding that I get to influence my team to build the skills to accomplish this goal.

What makes Discover different?

I think our understanding in treating employees like people and demonstrating flexibility with work life issues differentiates Discover. We also have a management team that is approachable and promotes an open door policy. As leaders, we show we care and support our employees. Discover employees aren’t just trained, our focus is on ongoing development. We spend a great deal of time showing our employees all the different roads of success they can travel with advancement and promotion opportunities.

Who at work makes you look forward to Mondays?

My account managers motivate me to come into work every day, especially after the weekend. I have the opportunity to help employees learn how Discover can help them reach their personal and professional goals. Whether they are going to school or looking to buy a new car, it’s very exciting to hear that working for such an amazing company is helping them achieve their dreams. Because we educate our employees about finances, they are able to apply what they learn to make better financial decisions in their own lives. It’s a really great thing to see.

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It’s very rewarding to see the results of your hard work in action

Name: Nicholas
Job Title: Senior Data Engineer, Business Technology

How have you made a difference at Discover?

I joined the Business Technology team at Discover in the summer of 2017 when Amazon Web Services (AWS) was very new. Our Business Technology goals are focused on using the next generation of automation and analytical tools, while my individual goals are focused on making this platform more user-friendly and accessible based on my experience of creating several container-based solutions. My work contributes to Discover because one of these container-based solutions is being used by over 10 business modelers for an initiative around Discover’s financial reporting.

How has Discover made a difference in your life?

Discover has given me the opportunity to try something new. I relocated from Atlanta to Chicago, which was a scary move for me. But I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I get to live in the heart of downtown Chicago, which is one of the best cities in the Midwest.

What are the benefits of working at Discover?

• Tuition reimbursement for my part-time Master’s degree
• Professional development support in going to tech conferences
• Working from home and work-life balance
• Casual attire

I’d also add that it is great to have a senior leadership team that is also very supportive and accessible!

What would you say to someone who wants to work here?

I feel like I work at a start-up rather than a big corporation. The solutions I’m helping design, are actually being used by Discover employees and it’s very rewarding to see the result of your hard work in action.

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Embracing the diversity of thought

Employee: Steve

Job Title: Manager – Payment Services, Enablement Marketing & Communications

I graduated from Roosevelt Universitywith a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I also have a Master’s Degree in Information Systems from DePaul University. Being the first in my family to graduate from college and obtain a master’s degree, I’m proud to say I’ve been in the financial services industry for over 13 years, most of that with Discover.

One reason I like working for Discover and have stayed with the company for over a decade is because of its commitment to diversity and inclusion. Discover has a variety of Employee Resource Groups to participate in, and I personally am part of a group called HOLA!, which stands for Helping Organize Latino Efforts.

HOLA!’s mission is to be at the center of the Latino community to be able to share insights and information that will help Discover harness the full potential of its employees, partners and customers. I’ve served as a co-chair of my location’s chapter for 3 year, helping provide a community atmosphere to currently Latino employees as well as awareness to employees and business units regarding the importance of diversity in both hiring and marketing.

How have you seen the Diversity & Inclusion evolve during your 11 years here at Discover?

Over the years I’ve seen Discover not only embrace the openness of culture, community, and lifestyle, but also a diversity of thought. With such a diverse workforce, it’s great to see the company embrace groups and communities into the Discover Values; from participating in Pride parades across the nation, to serving military veterans and working to empower people living with disabilities. I think having a diverse employee base provides a diverse set of thoughts and experiences, and it’s through these experiences that we are able to make business decisions that are inclusive of individuals of all different backgrounds.

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Helping to change hearts and minds

Helping to change hearts and minds

Employee: Kristin

Job Title: Manager – Payment Services, Product Development

I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. I also have an MBA in Economic Crime and Fraud Management from Utica College. I’ve worked in financial services for 16 years, focused primarily on operations and risk management.

 Your first day at Discover, what were your thoughts?

“I am surrounded by smart, funny people who love what they do. This was a good move.” After 8 years with the company, I am happy to say I feel the same exact way.

Diving a little deeper, how is Discover following our values of “Doing The Right Thing”?

I’ve been fortunate to be on teams of smart, passionate people. We work hard, we have fun, and we get stuff done. Sometimes you befriend your colleagues and sometimes they are just teammates who come and go. I’m proud of the work I’ve done in product and fraud risk management, but perhaps my proudest and most humbling achievements have been with the PRIDE Employee Resource Group at Discover’s headquarters.

Over the years I’ve managed PRIDE’s education initiatives before becoming co-chair for our chapter. Of my time with the group, two particular instances stand out. We’ve had a speaker from PFLAG present on campus multiple times, once on how to be an Ally to the LGBT community and once on trans inclusion. After the ally training, we had a new member come to the next membership meeting and share that she had been moved to tears by the training. She freely admitted she hadn’t been the most accepting person in the past, but the speaker had altered her perspective and she wanted to change. Needless to say, we welcomed her with open arms!

Another memory that stands out was after a trans ally training. We received an email from an attendee whose neighbor’s child had recently come out as trans. The neighbor was supportive, but wasn’t sure what to do next. This employee leapt into action – they gave the neighbor their copy of PFLAG’s guide to being a trans ally, directed them to the PFLAG website, and shared a few quick tips they remembered from the training. The neighbor was grateful, and asked for additional copies of the guide for the grandparents. Both of these were powerful moments of validation for me that we are definitely Doing the Right Thing – not only arming people with information, but helping to change hearts and minds.

Through these experiences, I’ve been able to clearly see the impact of the work I do reflected in the results we’ve achieved – and that has been immensely rewarding.


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I am proof that diverse backgrounds make for good employees

kim holmes director-business-technology

I am proof that diverse backgrounds make for good employees

In October, I’ll be celebrating my 19th anniversary with Discover. I’ve had amazing opportunities that have helped my career as well as the business. I have supported the launch of various products and services including the Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Card, Discover Personal Loans and the Discover Home Loans business. I’ve led project management and application delivery teams that support key customer touchpoints such as fraud, payments and customer communications. I also supported our Deposits business for a number of years. Before I joined Discover I worked for a large property-casualty insurance company in a variety of business and IT roles. I am proof that diverse backgrounds make for good employees – my undergraduate degree is in Humanities from Shimer College and my graduate degree is in Nonprofit Administration from North Park University.

How do you as a leader help move the diversity and inclusion needle forward at Discover?

One of the ways in which I support our diversity strategy is by being an active employee resource group (ERG) member. I am proud to be one of the founding co-chairs of Professional Women Impacting Results (PWIR) and a past chair of Black Organizational Leadership at Discover (BOLD). Another way is my work with Diversity Recruiting, Talent Acquisition and now the Business Technology Diversity and Inclusion committee to attract and recruit diverse talent. I mentor new employees that join our company through those efforts. Additionally, I work with Community Affairs and leverage Discover’s philanthropic efforts to support our diversity goals. The Discover Corporate Scholars program through the UNCF is an example of that work .

How have you seen the Diversity & Inclusion evolve during your 19 years here at Discover? 

The largest change is that we are now intentional in speaking about the need to address diverse representation as well as work to create a more inclusive culture.

Why do you think having a diverse employee base is beneficial to the company?

Companies with a diverse employee base perform better financially. Our customers – consumer and merchants – expect products and services that meet their needs and the most innovative solutions come from teams of diverse thinkers. A diverse employee base provides unique perspectives that highlight opportunities that might otherwise be missed. Diverse employees help the company better understand the voice of the customer. When we provide the best customer service possible everything else falls into place – a successful business, a reputable brand, and loyal customers.

Learn more about our Employee Resource groups here.

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How Discover Helped Shape Me to Be the Leader I Am Today

jenna leary

How Discover Helped Shape Me to Be the Leader I Am Today

Name: Jenna

Job Title: Department Manager, Cardmember Assistance

I am married with a two year old daughter. I have my undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology and my Masters in Business Administration. In my spare time, I love to spend time with my family and friends, shop, cook and travel.

Someone once asked me what I would say to a friend or neighbor applying for a job at Discover, and without missing a beat my response was, “Are you ready to make the best career decision ever?!”

I started working at Discover over the summer of my junior year in high school and am still here 13 years later. Throughout that time, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to make my mark in several roles throughout the business. Most recently I stepped into a new role as Department Manager for our Card Operations department in Phoenix, and without Discover’s support along the way I would have never come this far.

One way Discover has encouraged my growth is through the tuition reimbursement program. The company helped me reach my educational goals (and then some) by supporting me financially to finish my education. I now have an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology and a Masters in Business Administration. I believe it was this support that has led to many of the advancements I’ve made to get me to the role I’m in now. My experience with Discover’s tuition reimbursement program was so positive, I developed a passion for education and help advocate for other employees to further their education.

I’ve become a local subject matter expert on Discover’s education programs and assisted countless employees in selecting their major, picking the right classes and submitting their courses for reimbursement. Over the years I have also led our Leadership Education Advancement Program (LEAP) initiative in Phoenix. I once even had the opportunity to work with a local community college to bring an Organizational Leadership Certification program to Discover’s campus – a designation employees were able to complete while at work AND with no out-of-pocket expense.

To me, Discover is not just a job or career. The diverse experience and educational development Discover has provided me over the years has truly helped to shape me to be the leader that I am today.

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Discover Has Been My Life, I Grew Up Here


Discover Has Been My Life, I Grew Up Here

Name: Shannon

Job Title: Team Leader – Cardmember Assistance

I started as an outbound phone collector and collected for 4 years, then was promoted to coach. I was asked to cover two teams early in my coaching career and that earned me a promotion to Team Leader. Throughout the years I have served in a variety of leadership roles at Discover. Locally, I am the Phoenix PRIDE Employee Resource Group (ERG) Chair, and serve as a member of several other ERGs.

Discover is dedicated to helping employees with career growth. Those who show success in results and leadership can really stake out a career here. I myself have been afforded an opportunity to showcase my greatest skills in communication and helping keep employees engaged every day.

For several years I served as a Hiring Manager in Cardmember assistance. During that time,  I was one of the first faces a potential job candidate saw when they came for an interview. When looking to hire someone I always told them all of the things I liked about them and why I think they will find success here. Highlighting for them the strengths that work best with Discover’s culture and support of our values helps them hit the ground running and to be successful from day one. Many of my managers have been mentors to me and have made me feel valued. I strive to give back to the organization in the same way by carrying that forward.

I have had many employees tell me in the hallways that this dialogue is why they chose Discover over a competitor or even another job closer to home. It was my favorite part of hiring.

I love creating an open atmosphere and encourage all employees to reach their potential, and do so by living authentic lives in the work place. The culture here is unparalleled and I truly appreciate Discover for that.

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