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From Temp to Full Time

Name: Jarel A.
Job Title: Team Leader

I am a Team Leader of the Private Consolidation Loan team in Lake Park, UT.  I have a double major in Business Management and Marketing. And I love sports and family.

I started with Discover as a temp agent, just looking for part time work while I maneuvered through school. I ended up really liking what I did and decided to stay until I could finish school. I didn’t have to change the way I walked, talked, and dressed. I was able to remain the same person without being judged on how I presented myself. So far my experiences at Discover are very good.  I’ve had the opportunity to move up very fast in the company. I’ve learned a lot about banking and how things operate in the workplace. Discover doesn’t really seem to have a cap on the level of growth opportunities available here.

Focus on Development

Discover helps my professional development by allowing me the opportunity to utilize my knowledge and expertise on a daily basis. I return that to my team by focusing on their development at work and their goals in life.  A lot of my agents are close to my age and it helps them to have an example right in front of them, successfully doing what they aspire to do.

We are here to serve the customer

The most apparent difference with Discover is the outstanding amount of positivity in the workplace.  My departments helps students by providing financial assistance so that they can follow their dreams.  I remember working with a customer that wasn’t really able to make much ground with an issue. They were…  I worked with this customer on a daily bases to escalate their case by … .  The result was a 180, they were able to…

Take the opportunity

If you want to do something greater you have the opportunity to do it here at Discover.

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Authenticity allows for great leadership…

Name: Brittnee F.
Job Title: Card Operations Team Leader

My aunt worked at Discover when they started up. She relocated to Utah as Contact Strategy Consultant and tried to get me to apply for years but I was intimidated because I didn’t have a college degree. But after working 10 years in the food industry, I was ready for a change! I decided to apply.

I’ve had so many great experiences here! I have met amazing people who I now call family. My husband and I were able to take our first REAL vacation to celebrate our 5 year anniversary in Maui. This was a trip I won at Discover through our Winter Winnings program, a rewards program for the top 50 performers who win extremely large gifts

I have worked at Discover for almost 6 years. I’m a Team Leader in Card Member Assistance (CMA), who enjoys attending horror conventions, reading, spending time with my husband, pets and my godson.

Creating an environment where all feel safe and can be their true self…

I have made a real difference at Discover by really making sure that I remain authentic. I have always enjoyed expressing myself through physical appearance. I have a lot of tattoos, piercings, crazy colored hair, and a Rocker Chic style. I’ve been told I would never be successful with how I present myself but at Discover, they allow me to be me every day when I am at work and I don’t have to hide it. Due to the environment, the people I work with and Discover acceptance in diversity, I was finally able to be comfortable with coming out to many family members, friends and colleagues as bisexual. I work very hard in the New Albany PRIDE group as one of the 2019/20 Chairs because it is important that LGBT employees feel like they are recognized, appreciated, feel safe and have a voice. Discover is different! It is a company that allows you to be your most authentic self. I believe when you are able to be your authentic self, you are more motivated to do your job every day and you feel comfortable.

Discover is more than just a job

Discover has helped me so much in professional development. Before Discover, I had been in other leadership positions but it was only a job. Here, I’ve been able to develop into a true leader and showcase my passions. Before Discover, I was in college to get my teaching degree so helping others learn is my passion and now I use my abilities to develop my agents. I’ve had opportunities to learn about networking, to help with my public speaking, and to learn how to have an effective conversation.

There are so many opportunities within the company. There is always something new to learn. The fact that Discover offers up to 90% tuition reimbursement on education assistance is amazing to me, I was also pretty shocked to work for a company that started out with 4 weeks vacation time.

The work I do is meaningful

My team is the base of all of CMA, we are the first step in correcting delinquency. As high-risk accounts come to us, we provide excellent customer service versus high focus on collections. It is important that we have a great conversation with the customer so that we can assist them in keeping their account in good standing.

I once had a customer call and talk to me with some of the most horrid things I had ever heard. Although it was difficult, I made sure to remind myself, “He is stressed and upset because of his situation, not at me personally. And all people handle things differently.” I looked at all possibilities we had to help him, covered these options then allowed him to make the choice on what he thought would be most beneficial. By the end of the conversation, the man was crying with gratitude. He felt so bad for the things he had said, I told him I understood that we all need help sometimes. A lot of people would remember that as a terrible experience but for me it was very eye-opening on what patience and genuine empathy can do for a person.

Walk me through a day in the life of working on your team

I actually am in charge of 2 teams. I have a Pre-Delinquency team and the Discover Business Card Process team. I come in, make sure I go through emails, look at the schedule to see what agents are here, look at my calendar to see what I have scheduled for the day, work around that to make sure that agents are coached from call listening. I always like to coach regardless of whether it was an amazing call or a call with many opportunities. I am also responsible for handling their timekeeping, compliance and making sure they understand how to remain compliant. I also give my team daily updates on their performance.

Come work with me…
I would say that Discover is a great company to work for. The benefits are amazing, the opportunities are amazing. They have more to offer than any other company I have ever worked for. I even have family that has been in the same job role for 20+ years, with another company, and don’t have the benefits employees receive here on their first day.

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PRIDE ERG Chair. Concert Lover. Card Operations Team Leader.

Name: Shannon H.
Job Title: Card Operations Team Leader

The road to Discover

When I was working at a video store in the 90s, one of the guys I worked with came in one day and said he applied here. I had no idea Discover was in Phoenix and it sounded interesting so I also applied—now I’m celebrating my 29th year at Discover!

Stepping Forward Together

One of the things that has kept me at Discover is the fact that we care about the LGBTQ community. Employee Resource Group (ERG) work is a huge passion of mine and to see that our efforts have now introduced a Discover it® Card featuring the pride colors to our customers was mind blowing to me – and a tremendous step in the right direction. I am very proud of the company’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging.

Leading & Living by Example

As a member of the LGBTQ community, my first 4 years were spent in the closet. I was outed by a local newspaper and sort of forced out of the closet and the way my colleagues treated me set the stage for my life – no judgement.

Part of the work we do in PRIDE has been community outreach. The Phoenix PRIDE Employee Resource Group (“ERG”) partners with Mulligan’s Manor, an LGBTQ specific foster home for kids aged 12 – 18. We visit regularly and invite them to march with us in the PRIDE parade. I believe we have made a very positive impact on their lives—every email I sent to the PRIDE ERG ends with “Live your authentic lives!” because we all should.

A Degree in Discover Card

Getting to manage coaches is a dream job—I get to work with the ambitious individuals, create safe learning spaces and connect with our floor agents. I’ve grown tremendously as a leader at Discover. – I have taken countless Professional Development classes and have been mentored by some of the strongest minds on the planet in my 29 years here. I was also given the opportunity to do hiring and also helped manage the Card Member Assistance (CMA) Delivery Team (now called Credit Decision Management team, introducing me to two totally different and diverse areas in the company.

Even Coaches Need Coaching

I also get to manage projects much bigger than a team. I manage many facets of coaching, which includes reviewing our employees’ performance and providing immediate feedback.  I also help run a coach internship initiative which allows employees to gain practice and insight on the role of a team coach.  Above that, I keep the coaches as happy as I can. I have to balance this with the needs of the floor, which means a lot of “drive-by” visits with leadership for feedback to coaching and strategy. It is the hardest job I have ever had and can be the most rewarding also.

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The Ohio State University Alumna. Chicago-land Native. Associate Project Manager.

Name: Katie P.
Job Title: Associate Project Manager – Card Operations and Decision Management

The road to Discover

At OSU, I graduated with my degree in Finance from Fisher College of Business. During my senior year I accepted a position in the Operations Leadership Program (OLP) here at Discover. The OLP is a 2 year rotational program and my first year was in Customer Service as a Team Leader before rotating to Customer Protection Services. Currently, I am doing project work and will be completing the program this summer and just celebrated my 2 year anniversary this past May.

Embracing Change

I had the incredible opportunity to work in collaboration with our Talent Acquisitions team in recruiting our most recent OLP cohort. Like many of my fondest experiences at Discover, it was one that pushed me out of my comfort zone. Representing the other members of the program and the supporting Senior Management was a new leadership experience for me. We really dug into the current process to understand improvement opportunities for both the business and candidate experience. Co-leading these improvements with the recruiter (who had phone screened me just 2 years prior) was a blast, and I was fortunate to gain a much better understanding of their side of business. This particular experience was a milestone in defining goals for the early stages of my career.

I learned quickly when I started that I wasn’t great with change, and I’ve since focused a lot of my personal growth on embracing it. Change is constant at Discover; and while it only seeks to be positive, it often can do the opposite on people’s emotions, thus impacting their outlook on their work. Understanding the “why” behind a new direction has not only helped me, but has allowed me to be effective in helping others manage change.

Develop Yourself through Developing Others

Since starting at Discover I’ve always really enjoyed learning about and discussing people’s career aspirations; so meeting and interviewing the candidates was extremely rewarding. My unchallenged top priority as a leader is to make those on my team, as well as outside of it, happy at work. I work towards that goal by remaining open myself. I encourage openness and positivity with the customer-facing staff I lead; which only stands to foster the most genuinely positive experience for our customers.

There are countless opportunities and benefits open to everyone at the company to further their growth and development. The leadership around me has always taken high interest in my goals and aspirations, and aligned me with opportunities I never imagined I’d have at this point in my career. In short, I feel incredibly fortunate for the way I’ve continuously been challenged in both my work and personal growth.

Advice for Discover and Beyond

At Discover or not, my advice is to build your career at a company where you truly believe in their mission. My first credit card was a Discover card well before I began working here. Whenever I needed to call Discover Customer Service, I always loved the way that I was treated – and fast forward I am sitting on the other side with the opportunity to lead those same wonderful individuals talking to customers just like me. With your job and career being such a large portion of your life, I think it’s necessary to work somewhere that you fundamentally believe in what you’re doing. At Discover, that’s been seamless for me.

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A Cosmetologist, Photographer, and Proud Discover Employee

Name: Larry M.
Job Title: Lead Account Specialists – Card Operations

I’m originally from Central Michigan, born and raised. I’ve lived in Arizona since Halloween 2017 and I love it. I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for over 5 years now and do hair on the side for fun, as well as photography for friends and family.

When you have good friends

My childhood best friend of 19 years works for Discover on the banking side of the business, and she knew I’d love it here. She got me to move out to Phoenix, AZ, where the call center is located and apply. I’ve always been really good with people and customer service, so I took her word. And I’ve loved it since day one!

The experience I’ve had so far with Discover has been quite the ride. I came in wanting to know about how to make it big into the company, how to win all the awards and recognition, and how to get my name known by a lot of people. I’ve done just that by just doing my job and being a people person. One of the best experiences I’ve had was winning Customer Service and Engagement (CSE) Achievement award, where I was recognized for being in the top percentage of employees for great phone stats and customer service amongst my peers. It was such a good feeling to know that I make a difference just by doing the work that I do.

A place that will let you grow

I’ve never held a job position where the company has so much opportunity for personal and professional development. The lessons and coaching I’ve received have helped me learn that I want to be a leader one day within in a professional setting, which I never dreamed would actually happen. Discover sees potential in its employees and really pushes us to grow into ourselves both professionally and personally.

I am myself fully at Discover

I’ve never fully been able to be 100% Larry at my past jobs. There was always something that I had to hold back, whether that be my fun, optimistic attitude, or just my general positivity. Coming to Discover, I’ve been able to shine and show people my positivity and optimism on a daily basis and that’s welcomed with open arms. It’s infectious when you bring that light into a workplace and you see it spreading around like a wildfire.

Being able to see how I’ve helped my agents by coming into work with a positive and optimistic attitude, was a game changer for me. It was amazing to watch the agents really thrive from my positivity.

The difference with Discover

This experience is unlike any other job I’ve held, honestly. I don’t have to worry about coming into work and just keeping quiet and getting my work done. I can come into work and show who I am as a person and still get the work done. Before I never looked forward to coming into work. But Discover is different in every aspect because I look forward to helping our customers and my peers. Also, Discover makes sure their employees are taken care of and can be their selves in their work environment, and that’s what really stands out to me.

Benefits that gives a piece of mind

The biggest benefit that I’ve come to find that also surprised me is the amount of recognition that employees can get. I’ve learned in the past that I’m the type of worker that needs to know that my efforts and my work are paying off. Being recognized as much as I have been is what really drives me to push forward. The other big benefit of working with Discover for me is the health benefits. I’m an asthmatic and having those benefits from day one helped put my mind at ease.

A different look at handling back-to-back calls…

My work and the work of my department is meaningful to the company because we handle a lot of back-up for the other departments. This means we answer calls that are waiting in the call channels. This could make work super busy, but our team answers those calls in a timely manner so that our customers get the help they need.

Work to make an impact and leave the best impression…

I try to make an impact daily with multiple customers, but the ones that really stand out to me are the ones where I help our customers with questions about a change to their credit score. They usually come in worried and concerned – as I would be too- but I’m able to give them the information needed to help them figure out what’s going on. To literally hear the worry lift off their shoulders is the most rewarding part of my job. It’s such a good, heartwarming feeling when a customer thanks you for what you’ve done.

I’d say go for it!

If you love helping people and also love having a positive, upbeat, and welcoming work environment, this is the place for you. I can honestly say that Discover has changed my life and I plan on making this job into a career, and the same thing can happen for you too. All you have to do is be yourself and give it a try.

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Newlywed. Mathematician. Card Operations Analyst.

Name: Ralph T.
Job Title: Analyst, Credit Operations & Decision Management

From intern to teammate

I started my career at Discover as a college intern. The Discover application on my college’s job board stood out as I had just recently received my Discover it® Student credit card in the mail! The experience was amazing—I learned a lot from my fellow teammates and manager and enjoyed my experience so much it was an easy choice to join full-time.

Support every step of the way

The culture of support and mentorship from all the people I have worked with over the past two years has been priceless. It was much easier to jump straight into my first job out of college with a network like this, along with the Analytics and leadership skills I learned from so many of my peers. Being my first role outside of college, it was incredibly rewarding to have their guidance and support.

 Prepared for today and beyond

Discover offers tons of opportunities to enhance your growth and professional development. The culture values developing the professional skill set of their employees and you can see that day in and day out. I know the people I work with not only care about the advancement of their own career but also take an interest in benefiting the careers of those they work with. I have had the opportunity to sit down and learn from so many people across so many departments, which has led me to become a well-rounded, informed team member who can contribute to the success of the business.

Improving our customer experience

My team works with text data from our chat and messaging customer interactions, along with unstructured data sources to improve operational efficiency across all of Card Operations. We also leverage conversational intelligence to analyze each type of interaction that our customers have with Discover to measure and improve customer experience. I find the work we do very rewarding, every day we focus on improving the way our business operates as well as leveraging Analytics to enhance our already award-winning customer experience.

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The Journey to Transformation


Name: Kevin C.
Job Title: VP, Operations, Data Analytics and Collections

I was born and raised in Trinidad and came to the United States for college. Outside of work, I enjoy running, traveling, and being a foodie but my true passion is playing the piano. In 2014, I released an album of some of my original arrangements. I also love to learn and often want to get into the details of how work is executed. Anyone who works with me knows I like to “observe the work” in action because work for me is also a learning-journey.

From learning to giving back

Prior to Discover, I worked at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG ) a global management consulting firm. A BCG colleague working at Discover encouraged me to apply when I was looking for new opportunities and the rest is history!

Overall, my Discover journey has been very entrepreneurial. From creating and re-inventing talent management programs to building Lean and Risk capabilities to transforming operations, technology, digital journeys, and data – I am always challenged to create and constantly learning.

Discover has great training programs, most recently, I have been extensively trained on our management approach (i.e. Discover Management System or DMS) that combines the best of Lean with leadership behaviors – I consider this not just an investment in the company’s future but also my own professional development.

I’m my true self

As an immigrant, minority and LGBTQ representative I have always been an advocate of diversity out of necessity.  At Discover, we combine the diversity of our experiences with an obsessive focus on the customer to create sustainably winning experiences.

Our difference is…

Prior to Discover, I worked in investment banking and consulting.  Discover is definitely the most collaborative culture I have ever experienced and the focus is always about getting to the end-state “together” and leveraging the best of the team.

The change

I manage a team that leads operations, technology, digital journeys and data transformation for Discover Bank supporting 4 businesses: Deposits, Student Loans, Personal Loans, and Home Equity Loans. I am also responsible for collections and recovery strategies for Personal Loan and Student Loan portfolios with over $17BN in outstanding receivables. Finally, I am leading an operational excellence initiative that is improving how we do agile development, incident management and more!  I know my team makes a meaningful impact and that makes it exciting work. There is no typical day and that’s what makes it so fun. Come experience it for yourself!

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From Intern to Full Time

Name: Spencer Y
Job Title: Associate Software Developer, Business Technology

I went “orange” in more ways than one

I graduated from Northern Illinois University (NIU) in December 2018 with a degree in Computer Science. When I am not at work, I like to spend my time outside doing just about anything, like watching the Chicago Fire soccer team, scuba diving and bike riding.

During my last semester attending NIU, a new initiative called code_orange was launched. This program provides tech-savvy students with opportunities on the university’s campus to help research and develop new technologies for Discover. I was among the first group of students that was given the opportunity to work in this lab.

Working in the code_orange program was one of the best experiences in my college career. When our team received our first project, we only given a description and milestones for the app we were to build. It was up to us to decide how it should look and work. This led to learning new technologies like React Native and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Not only did we increase our technology skills, we became better collaborators by improving how we worked within a team environment.

All semester Discover brought in different presenters from Amazon, Pivotal, and Solstice to talk about enterprise ideas like agile methods, paired programming and using AWS tools. After joining Discover full time, I have continued to attend company Lunch-n-Learns about next generation technology topics.

A Place I can be myself.

Working at Discover gives me freedom and flexibility to be myself. The way teams are structured, everyone is open to new ideas and listens to what other people say. I have had two different experiences at Discover, working in the code_orange lab, as an intern, and working full time; both were different than attending classes at NIU. At school, most homework is completed on your own, but at Discover, everyone is willing to answer questions when you’re stuck or provide feedback on your project.

I’m surprised a FinTech company can be so flexible

One benefit that surprised me is the flexibility of where you can work. The code_orange program had an open seating layout where we could sit where we wanted with our team and we were allowed to work around our class schedule. As a full-time employee, I enjoy the flexibility of being able to work at headquarters in the suburbs, our 606 location (downtown Chicago office) or working from home depending on the situation

How is your work and the work of your department meaningful?

When working at code_orange, I was on an agile team that included students as well as a project owner and a technical mentor who were both full-time employees. The tech mentors and full-time employees were there to help guide the team and answer questions. My team worked on creating a mobile app that would allow users to find and collaborate with other users using Bluetooth technology. It was satisfying to know we were helping others to be more productive.

Currently I am working on the Discover Android and iOS mobile app team. We support and create new features to provide Discover customers a great user experience while on their mobile devices. Typically the day starts out with our team stand-up to check in, plan new features and raise potential issues. Then the rest of the day normally consists of development and testing of new features with a lot of collaboration throughout the day.

Every day, the Discover Mobile app is improving with the focus of providing our customers the best mobile experience to manage their Discover accounts.

A message to you

If you are thinking about working for Discover. Go for it! Discover has good people and is a great place to work.

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Show up authentically: A Fearless, unwavering helper

Name: Diane R.
Job Title: Card Operations, Department Manager

Efficient, Effective, and Engaging is the difference

I am currently a Department Manager in Credit Operation. My passion is helping people become the best version of themselves. I am able to provide leadership and inspiration for my team leaders, team coaches, analyst and mentees. It takes great pains to assess and learn from every success and setback, but recognizing each as an opportunity to develop, cultivate, and strengthen relationships within the work place is critical. This can create an environment where employees feel they can effectively challenge change and grow. What is most salient to me is being able to use research and data to drive decision-making. This is reflected in the successes of my department. My team leaders are knowledgeable; they know their analyst; and together we are efficient, effective, and engaging. I absolutely love what I do. Each day is an opportunity to learn more and give more back.

I landed and made an impact

I joined Discover Customer Service and Engagement in 2012 as an evening team leader. I was also an active committee member with the Aspiring Professionals Program, a development program focused on creating a more diverse, high-performance management team.  My enthusiasm and focus on results leadership contributes to the overall success of this program.

A quality education can open up doors.

I am fearless and unwavering in the certainty that every student is capable and deserving of the opportunities that college success affords. The highlights of my career since joining the organization, was not the countless hours of work, but helping analyst, Team Leaders and Team Coaches alike sign up for the Discover College Commitment. Each person has a unique story to share which inspires someone else to take the commitment. Greatest experience ever!!

“Be Your True Self”

As an African-American, Lesbian woman it takes courage, commitment, and bravery to be able to show up authentically and bring all of who I am to work. I am humbled to work for an organization that embraces both recognition and appreciation. Recognition is positive feedback based on performance. Appreciation is about recognizing the value of people. When we do both of these things and we separate them out, people feel valued, appreciated, and seen which allows for greater trust, connection and performance.  This among many other reasons is why Discover was awarded one of the best places to work for LGBTQ community.

  We Treat You Like You’d Treat You. It’s more than just a commercial. It’s our culture, every single employee has a stake in the company’s success.  Discover understands its employees are the most valuable players and we operate in a way that puts our collective goals ahead of individual glory. This almost sounds too good to be true. I felt the same way initially, too, until I realized how Discover provides eligible employees and their families with outstanding benefits: health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, 401(k) match, 16-weeks paid parental leave, plus many, many other benefits.  I work for an organization where every level of management takes pride in building stronger relationships through every interaction. Our management staff are approachable, employees have access to the CEO, CFO, SVPs, VPs, etc. Our leaders are not sequestered away from the employees of the organization, but share suites with the employees. Even remote workers have access to every level of our leadership team. At Discover, I discovered that I am more than a number, I am an integral and valued piece of the puzzle.

Make a “real” difference and join our team, discover.com/careers[i].

[i] Equal opportunity employer/disability/vet


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Oakland Raiders Fan and Pinterest Fanatic

Naomi Miller

Name: Naomi M.
Job Title: Card Operations Team Leader

The road to Discover.

In 2004, we were relocating from Texas and while driving into Phoenix, I saw the Discover logo on the side of the building. I knew that is where I wanted to work and did not bother applying with any other companies. I am thankful after 15 years to still be here—I definitely made the right choice in picking Discover.

A rewarding customer experience.

I love my job! I work in PayPro, our process service to our customers who have the Payment Protection benefit. What is unique about our process is we are able to help our customers that may have a life-changing event and then activate the benefits. It is rewarding to hear relief in a customer’s voice when they realize they qualify to have their payments placed on hold during a challenging time.

Finding myself through team leading and development.

Without the professional development classes and programs that I have had the opportunity to attend, I could not have had the experience I have had over the years.  I am grateful to the department managers that challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and to take advantage of my development. By taking that leap, I successfully became a team leader.

When I became a team leader, my passion for helping develop people brought out my true self. I enjoy investing my time in helping my agents with their career path—I work with some pretty amazing people on my team and our department overall. When I come in to start the day I make sure every day that I say hello to each and every one of them. I feel that I make a difference internally by being passionate in developing employees. Seeing other people become successful in reaching their goals truly makes my job worth it. When I see how far they go, I feel like I had a small part in their journey. I have been able to serve on the PALS (Peer Advisors Leading Success) Committee and the Excellence Committee, mentor team coaches and, currently, I am a chair for our Asian Professional At Discover APAD Employee Resource Group (“ERG”)—to me, this is where I find that I can make a difference with my employees.

Striving for excellence.

What is great about working for Discover is that there are so many opportunities for recognition. My goal was one day to win Pinnacle of Excellence, one of the most distinguished award a Discover employee can receive for displaying outstanding leadership. This was not an easy task as I learned along the way. I stayed focus, worked hard and most importantly, accepted feedback as a gift. Taking those gifts and making changes made me a better person and employee. I was chosen for Pinnacle of Excellence in 2015; this was a truly amazing experience!