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Top CV Tips For UK University Students


Top 6 CV Tips to Land your Dream Internship

Get noticed, impress your hiring managers, land your dream role, and Shine Bright.

Download a Template

The easiest way to start? Download a template. Ask a friend, check your university’s career centre, or search the internet for a template you can build from. Look for a template that includes the below sections.

  • Main Heading: Includes your name, contact information, location, and a link to your online portfolio (if you have one).
  • Personal Statement: A short statement that provides recruiters and hiring managers with a brief overview of your skills and relevant experience for the role you’re applying to.
  • Education: Follows the personal statement and outlines your graduation date, relevant coursework and your predicted or received grades.
  • Work Experience: Includes bullet points that demonstrate the relevant skills you’ve acquired in each of your prior roles (more on this later).
  • Additional Skills: Technology stacks, platforms, languages and projects.
  • Hobbies and Interests: Don’t be afraid to include this section to briefly highlight skills outside of your desired role. These interests can be a key conversation driver during an interview.
  • Extra Curriculum: Activities such as awards, volunteering and university societies will round off the CV.

You don’t need to include every section we listed, but this should be a good starting point to think about what you can include.

Format Clearly

Pick a simple, easy-to-read font such as Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman. Use only one font and pick a font size no smaller than 11 pt. Margins should be at least 0.5 to avoid cramming too much text on the page.

Write Strong Bullet Points

When writing bullet points, begin each line with an active verb (Created, Built, Developed, Generated, Drove, Organized, etc.). Do not include pronouns like “I,” “they,” “we,” “you,” etc. Quantify accomplishments to show concrete value. An easy way to ensure you’re maximizing your bullet points is to use the by + to method. State what you did, how you did it, and the result. For example: Developed new deployment methods (what you did) by partnering with cross-functional stakeholders (how you did it) to increase efficiency by 30% (quantified result).


Include the company name and job title in your personal statement. Use the company’s job description as a guide for writing your CV.  If you have experience with what they’ve listed in their job description, make your own bullet point about that skill in your CV. This can be particularly useful when writing your additional skills section or work experience section.

Use Keywords

Recruiters screen their databases for keywords, so incorporating them naturally into your CV will help you stand out. If the job description mentions a skill or technology platform multiple times, there’s a good chance that’s a key word. Key words could be things like: AWS, Cloud, Agile, Java, Full Stack, etc.

Polish and Send

Submit your CV as a PDF (unless otherwise specified). Save it with a normal title and not, “PICK THIS ONE” or “Super Ultimate Final With Best Summary” (though it might make us laugh). Recruiters can usually see the file name so a simple name such as “First Name Last Name, Company Name Application” will suffice. Before you submit, always double check you’ve submitted the correct version of your CV, with the correct company name wherever you referenced it.


Every company, and even every individual recruiter, will vary on their exact preferences. Follow these tips to build your initial version, and know that it will get better over time. The most important thing is that you apply.



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Resume Tips From Discover

Resume Tips From Discover

Updated 07/24/2020

Having an exceptional resume is critical to landing your next job. If you want to be in the best possible position to get in front of a hiring manager for a role, crafting a thoughtful and well-written resume to showcase your skills is the first important step.

Follow these resume tips to create a resume that highlights your unique talents and the accomplishments you’ve achieved in your career so far.

  1. Follow a Template – The easiest way to begin writing your resume is to use a template that allows for the right customization based on your background, skills and expertise. The internet has countless templates for you to choose from. When you’re searching, we recommend looking for the appropriate template for your employment situation so as to help you maximize your strengths and your accomplishments.
  2. Choose a Format & Font – You may choose to use a format that’s targeted, chronological, functional, or a combination of the three. Our preferred format at Discover is chronological as it allows a recruiter to easily scroll through your career history. When you begin to build out your work experience, bold your job titles and be sure to prioritize the content under each role you’ve held with the most important and relevant experiences listed first. Pick a simple font that is easy to read, such as Arial or Calibri. Having a consistent font and size (preferably no smaller than 11pt) will be easier on the reader and make your resume look organized.
  3. Accomplishments Demonstrate Value – Listing your experience is necessary, but make sure you’re embedding your accomplishments within the content to show how you’ve used your skills to achieve great things. Quantify accomplishments, where you can, to show the value you will bring to your potential employer.
  4. Include a Summary, Keywords & Contact Info – Resume summaries are your opportunity to summarize your background and expertise with quick hits while also sharing your future ambitions. Adding keywords that are relevant to your desired role or industry can increase the chances of you being selected for an interview. Recruiters screen for these so make sure they’re prominent and you will stand out. Don’t forget to provide your phone and email contact information clearly at the top of your resume!
  5. Leave White Space – Make Sure the Margins are at Least 0.5 to avoid cramming too much text onto a page. Allowing for enough white space is easier on the eye and won’t make it difficult for a recruiter or manager to digest the information.
  6. Properly Save & Send Your Resume – Save your resume as a word document on your computer and then convert to PDF for polish before you use it in any applications.

These tips will give you the expertise you need to write a successful resume. Good luck in your job search!

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Analyze This, Analyze That


Name: Raghu
Job Title: Director, Behavior Modeling

I received my master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and my PhD in Applied Economics, both from Texas Tech University. My doctoral dissertation was on the use of spatial econometrics for cotton production in West Texas (yes, cotton). I live in the northern suburbs with my wife and two boys. Some of my interests are cricket, the NFL and Game of Thrones.

How is your work and the work of your department meaningful?

I am passionate about my work. It connects me to what I learned in school and gives me an opportunity to keep up to date with the ever-evolving world of analytics. From DFS’s perspective, next-gen Analytics/Modeling is the differentiator between us and our competition. This also jives with our senior leaders’ vision for the next 3 years.

Walk me through a day in the life of working on your team.

I manage Card Marketing, Acquisition and Portfolio models. So, my daily work routine can involve working on targeting new populations to ensuring the right acquisition risk factors are considered to managing our existing customers’ behavior from a portfolio perspective. Apart from that, my favorite part of the day is when I interact with the analytical talent pool in our team and hear their views on how we can solve analytical problems.

Interested in working in Analytics?

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Interviewing at Discover

Interviewing at Discover

At Discover, you’ll become part of something bigger than a job. We understand that prepping for an interview can be equally exciting and stressful. But keep in mind, interviewing is a two-way street. While the company evaluates your skillset to find the best fit for the open role, you should be evaluating the position, potential manager and the organization.

Taking the time to properly prepare will help alleviate the stress involved in job interviews and position you for a positive interviewing experience.

If you follow these tips, you’ll nail your next interview

Do your homework: We don’t expect you to know every detail of our business. But do enough research on our company and the position you’re interviewing for to show us that you’ve prepared. You can learn more about us from LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, the company’s website and our annual report.

Don’t feature your skills in a vacuum. Explain how your skills can help Discover: Prior to the interview, we’ll have looked at your resume so you don’t have to sell us on your past experience or qualifications. They speak for themselves. Instead, use your interview time to connect your past experience with business challenges that we are trying to solve. For instance, if you’ve done analytic modeling in the past, how would you apply that to our business? If you’ve worked for non-for-profits before, what skills are transferable to the role you are applying to?

Bring your whole self to the interview: There’s no one type at Discover, so don’t feel like you have to conform to a certain mold. We want your own personality and thought process to be apparent in the interview. How you express yourself and how you’d fit with our teams is just as important as the work you’ll do.

Be honest about mistakes: No one has had a perfect career. We’ve all taken risks that didn’t pay off or made mistakes at work. It’s ok to mention these in the interview. Your interviewer is interested in how you recovered. What did you do next? How were you able to turn things around? What did you learn from your experience?

We hope these tips help you find your dream job at Discover or somewhere else.

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Every day presents a unique challenge

Name: Camille
Job Title: Senior Associate, Cybersecurity Services

I’ve been with Discover for four years. My hobbies include playing “The Sims,” and more recently reading self-improvement books, which I’ve become obsessed with! To remain motivated and engaged at work, I apply the concepts that I learn in my reading and make a conscious effort to start each day with fresh optimism. As an east coast transplant, I’ve also made a hobby of exploring Chicago in my free time.

In your experience, what’s the work culture like at Discover?

Discover has made a difference in my life by providing a culture that allows me to remain true to my self-identity while navigating my work life. This has been very important in my professional development because the values of this organization align so closely with my personal values.

What’s a typical day in Cybersecurity?

Some days in Cybersecurity can be very quiet – almost eerily quiet. And then there are days that totally eclipse the quiet days and your skills and ingenuity are put to the test. Every day presents a unique challenge. Sometimes in the form of troubleshooting AWS security group access or implementing a new solution or strategy that will push the Discover ahead of the competition. As a Cybersecurity Engineer and Scrum Master, I get to work on projects that secure Discover’s consumption of AWS services and facilitate the Scrum framework for a delivery team. My work helps sustain and enhance Discover’s network security engineering strategies. In layman’s terms, I get to work on some super cool projects in the Cloud and coach my peers through the adoption of Agile/Scrum!

Interested in working in Cybersecurity Services?

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Grow Your Career with an Internship at Discover

Employees and interns working together at Discover's downtown 606 office.

Grow your career with an internship at Discover

Discover’s internship programs just scored amongst the highest in Vault’s 2018 Best Financial Internships. We help students accelerate their career after graduation with real-world, corporate experiences and the added perks of working for a top financial services firm; such as, frequent opportunities to network with senior leaders and the chance to receive pre-graduation career advice from their managers and other industry experts. Discover interns also get to build a professional network of their peers by spending time with other bright students from across the country through a variety of intern events and outings.

This summer, Discover hosted more than 140 interns across our company. Their contributions help bring two of Discover’s core values to life – Innovation and Collaboration. We want our undergraduate and graduate interns to walk away from Discover feeling rewarded in their experience. That’s why we ensure they dive head first into a set of unique and challenging projects designed specifically to bring true value to our business and our customers.

Students – What more do you need to consider starting your career with Discover? We’ll be recruiting at the following campuses this fall, so don’t forget to stop by and drop off your resume!

Where We’ll Be Recruiting This Fall!

Date School Event
9/4 Indiana University Kelley BAP Accounting/Finance Career Fair
9/5 Notre Dame University 2018 Fall Career Expo
9/6 Indiana University SICE (School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering) Fall Career Fair
9/7 Indiana University Kelley Consulting, IS, Supply Chain Career Fair
9/10 Purdue University Computer Science Career Fair
9/11 Indiana University American Marketing Association Networking Roundtable
9/11 Illinois State University InstaCareer
9/12 Indiana University Kelley Marketing, Management Career Fair
9/12 Northeastern Illinois University Computer Science & College of Business Management Job Fair
9/12 DePaul University Meet the Firms 2018
9/13 Purdue University Computer & Information Technology (CIT) Career Fair
9/13 University of Wisconsin-Madison ECS Engineering Career Connection
9/14 Illinois State University Accounting Career Fair
9/18 University of Illinois – Chicago Engineering & Computer Science Career Fair
9/19 Illinois State University Information Technology Internship Fair
9/20 University of Wisconsin-Madison Fall Career & Internship Fair
9/21 Atlanta University Consortium Fall Internship & Career Fair
9/26 University of Maryland, Baltimore County Fall Career & Internship Fair
9/27 Michigan State University Fall Career Fair Days
9/27 Arizona State University Math and Statistics Career Fair
10/2 Illinois State University Fall Career & Internship Fair
10/3 DePaul University Fall Job & Internship Fair
10/17 Northern Illinois University College of Engineering and Engineering Technology Job & Internship Fair
10/25 University of Maryland, Baltimore County Diversity Recruitment Event
11/7 DePaul University Technology Job and Internship Fair