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Analyze This, Analyze That

Name: Raghu Job Title: Director, Behavior Modeling I received my master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and my PhD in Applied Economics, both from Texas Tech University. My doctoral dissertation was on the use of spatial econometrics for cotton production in West Texas (yes, cotton). I live in the northern suburbs with my wife and two […]

Teaming Up with Others to Reach a Higher Quality Product

Name: Molly Job Title: Technical Product Owner, Business Technology My main responsibility is to help shape our product around the customer’s needs while understanding technology’s capabilities. My technical background allows our product team to be more efficient in activities such as backlog grooming, roadmap planning, and system mapping. Since I’m able to provide a technical […]

Discover Provides Help for Government Workers

As the U.S. government shutdown entered its 21st day on Friday, January 11, hundreds of thousands of government workers did not receive their expected paycheck. For some, that means bills are piling up and they aren’t able to make their payments. To help alleviate some of the stress that comes along with a missed or […]

“Enabling the digital payment space”

Name: Scott Job Title: Director, Application Development I joined Discover from the consulting industry with my last client being in the Financial Services space. I was hungry to be “on the other side of the table” contributing to the mission and vision of a company. After the first interview, I knew Discover was a great […]

“Being part of something bigger than yourself”

Name: Jessica Job Title: Lead Auditor, Internal Audit As an auditor, I serve as the 3rd line of defense to make sure that Discover has controls in place to mitigate risk for both our customers and the organization. Internal Audit is the voice of reason for the organization. We are passionate about the success of […]

“Doing the Right Thing” is the Heart of Discover

If you work for Discover, you know you can expect to hear the echo of one of our core values, “Doing the Right Thing,” day in and day out. For of all the guiding principles and values that drive our culture, “Doing the Right Thing” is the most prevalent in all that we do. As […]

The people make Discover different

Name: Dana Job Title: Lead Technical Training Program Manager in Business Technology I have always enjoyed meeting new people and helping others and it’s been very rewarding to use those skills in my current role. I started my career as a part-time employee while continuing my education through Discover’s tuition reimbursement program. I feel incredibly […]

Reaching personal and professional goals

Name: Torre Job Title: Associate, Field Hiring & Talent What motivates you at work? I love the energy at the Discover offices. Helping our external customers build a brighter financial future is a rewarding feeling, and it’s even more rewarding that I get to influence my team to build the skills to accomplish this goal. […]