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“Why would I say no?”

Name: Gunwantha Job Title: Senior Cybersecurity Analyst While in college, I became interested in cybersecurity and ethical hacking as a career so I was talking to anyone and everyone that was hiring. I had a job offer lined up when on a whim I talked to a Discover recruiter in the computer science building about […]

Her Passion for Her Work is Axiomatic, Even in an Email

Name: Rebecca Job Title: Associate Copywriter I know most people don’t consider finance to be a creative industry—I thought it would be fun to challenge that. How has Discover helped you in regards to Professional Development? My friends outside of Discover are actually jealous of the training opportunities I get here. I’ve been to some […]

Attorney Helps Discover App Become More Accessible to Those with Disabilities

I am the primary coverage attorney for the Discover Personal Loans business, supporting acquisitions, originations, and applications. I am a native Chicagoan and attended [the] University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for undergrad (degree in Advertising) and to obtain my law degree and MBA. Tell us about a great experience you’ve had so far here. Some […]

“Being a veteran is part of who I am and Discover embraces that.”

  Name: Alexis Job Title: Senior Manager, Legal Risk & Operations in the Legal Department After I graduated high school, I joined the Marine Corps. My primary jobs were motor vehicle operator (driving 7-ton trucks) and career planner (helping military personnel with career choices). During my time in the Corps, I also attended Penn State […]

We are able to truly impact a customer’s experience with Discover

Name: Sheila Lodhia Job Title: VP, Application Development I landed my first position at Discover as a financial internal auditor through Northern Illinois University’s career fair back in 1990. The company, at that time, was Sears Consumer Financial and Discover was one of the subsidiaries. During my years in internal audit, I was exposed to […]

“Interesting and novel work. Great colleagues and clients. And copious amounts of coffee”

Name: Jennifer Rubin Job Title: Director & Senior Counsel Direct Banking Products, Legal I have been at Discover for 4 years (time flies) as an attorney in the Law Department. I am also the chair of the Professional Women Impacting Results (PWIR), an employee resource group at Discover. Also, I’ve been fortunate to be a […]

Analyze This, Analyze That

Name: Raghu Job Title: Director, Behavior Modeling I received my master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and my PhD in Applied Economics, both from Texas Tech University. My doctoral dissertation was on the use of spatial econometrics for cotton production in West Texas (yes, cotton). I live in the northern suburbs with my wife and two […]

Teaming Up with Others to Reach a Higher Quality Product

Name: Molly Job Title: Technical Product Owner, Business Technology My main responsibility is to help shape our product around the customer’s needs while understanding technology’s capabilities. My technical background allows our product team to be more efficient in activities such as backlog grooming, roadmap planning, and system mapping. Since I’m able to provide a technical […]

“Discover has helped me continually develop my skills and move my career forward”

Name: Treesha Job Title: Director, Discover Management System (DMS) / Lean I joined Discover in 2004, it was my 2nd job after graduating college.  Wow, I can’t believe it’s been nearly 15 years. I graduated from UIC with a degree in Information Systems. Right after graduation I worked for a pharmaceutical consulting company in Evanston. […]