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Top CV Tips For UK University Students

­­ Top 6 CV Tips to Land your Dream Internship Get noticed, impress your hiring managers, land your dream role, and Shine Bright. Download a Template The easiest way to start? Download a template. Ask a friend, check your university’s career centre, or search the internet for a template you can build from. Look for […]

Team Coach: Manifesting Opportunity

Name: Angel G. Job Title: Team Coach, Digital Messaging Passion for coaching I’ve been with Discover for over 15 years and have worked across nearly all areas of Customer Service: sales, billing assistance, silent attrition, etc. I’ve done it all. I’m currently a Team Coach on the Digital Messaging team. My past experience in so […]

From “Just a Job” to a Career and a Home

Name: Stephanie West Job Title: Field Liaison, Workforce Management So much more than “just a job” I originally started at Discover as a part time employee, only two days a week. I wanted to make a little extra money for when I had my daughter. Originally, it was just about the paycheck. 21 years later, […]

Hiker. Fitness Dancer. Director of Behavior Modeling.

Name: Xing F. Job Title: Director of Behavior Modeling, Card Operations Decision Management Trusting a friend I joined Discover because of my friends. A few of them worked here and always spoke highly of the company culture. They referred me to an analyst role, which I interviewed for and ended up getting! Prior to joining […]

Globe Trotter. Energizer. Partner Implementation Lead.

Name: Hilda L. Job Title: Partner Implementation Lead Implementing new network alliances I’m a Partner Implementation Lead on our Global Alliance Support team. We work on the implementation of our new network alliances, specifically in the Americas Region. These network alliances increase our global acceptance and bring volume to our Discover global network through the […]

Inspired Adapter. Disability Co-Chair. Cybersecurity Lead.

Name: Chaitanya M. Job Title: Cybersecurity Lead, Data Security Management Program Choosing Discover I first interviewed and toured the Riverwoods, Illinois campus at Discover nearly 15 years ago. From seeing the organizational culture and growth opportunities, to meeting the people— I realized that Discover was where I would excel in my career. Now that I’ve […]

Certified Money Mover. Senior Manager of Operations.

Name: Angela A. Job Title: Senior Manager Operations, Business Enterprise Solutions Making exceptions I work on the Business Enterprise Solutions team. One of my main areas of responsibility is customer exception processing. For example, let’s say a customer made a payment over a week ago, but they can’t see their payment posted to their account. […]

Psych Major. Philosopher. Senior Change Agent.

Name: Jason S. Job Title: Senior Discover Management System Improvement Coach Relentless improvement I’m a Senior Discover Management System Improvement Coach. What that title really means is that I’m an internal business consultant. I coach executives and their teams on business agility and problem solving so we relentlessly improve and deliver value that exceeds our […]

Learning to Manage: Day in the Life of a Team Leader

Name: David S. Job Title: Team Leader, Personal Loans Different every day I’m a Team Leader within Personal Loans. Every day looks slightly different, but ultimately I develop and support a team of agents that help customers achieve a brighter financial future, through personal loans. This job has been more fulfilling than any past experience. […]

Bringing Perspective and Honesty to Training Infrastructure

Name: Nicholas J. Job Title: Associate Training Specialist, Training Infrastructure Training newbies In my role as an Associate Training Specialist, I train several of the new hire classes in our Consumer Lending Banking Operations departments. I show new employees what Discover has to offer and introduce them to our culture. I enjoy being able to […]