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At the Intersection of Career and Family: Lessons from My Dad and My Newborn Son

Jose Rojo Morales
Lead Financial Analyst
Riverwoods, IL
Pronouns: He/Him

A focus on helping others

Since I was a little kid I’ve always wanted to be a firefighter. Even though this career path didn’t end up materializing, I’ve kept the same passion for helping and assisting others. I consider myself a caring, humble, hardworking individual who is always looking to learn new things, live new experiences, and spend time with family and friends.

I’ve also always enjoyed working with numbers. When deciding on a career path, I felt a career in finance would be a good fit for me. Financial planning is an area where both math and service can be combined. I get to work with numbers while assisting my business partners on a daily basis.

Family first

I recently was very blessed and became a first time father, welcoming my baby boy into the world. My son Mateo has been my daily source of passion, inspiration and joy, making me want to be a better person and give my best every day. Without a doubt, he’s been the biggest accomplishment of my life.

Lessons from my dad

When I was in high school, my dad told me that all the hard work I put in today will automatically pay out dividends in the future. At the time I didn’t truly understand what he was trying to tell me. Throughout the rest of my years of my education and career, I came to realize what my dad was trying to teach me at the time. I apply his advice every day, both in my professional and personal life.

Hiking the Serrania de Cuenca

Growing up in Spain, one of the biggest components of our culture is family and friends. My family and I share a big passion for nature and the outdoors. Every year we always have a reunion in the Serrania de Cuenca mountains, located two hours east of Madrid. We always have a great time hiking trails, swimming in the lakes and enjoying big meals. We’ve continued this tradition to this day and it’s one of my favorites.


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