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Ron: Principal Software Developer

Name: Ron R.
Job Title: Principal Software Developer

All roads lead to Discover

I joined Discover back when it was still part of Sears. I left Sears to join a consulting company and got placed back at Discover. After working as a consultant on the Discover account for a few years, I converted to become an official employee (again).

Deciding the future of the network

I’m on the network authorizations release train. The release train provides the development, reporting, alerting, support and administration of the authorizations gateway. I’m on an architecture team responsible for determining the technical needs of the network. Our team decides where the network needs to go in the future.

Finding a tech focus

I started on the mainframe on the authorizations team, then became a founding member of the gateways team doing distributed development. I’ve developed multiple versions of our core Discover authorizations gateway. Much of my career has been focused on ensuring our gateways are functioning correctly and that our support teams and business partners are notified when we detect issues.

The “Ron-itor”

In recent years, I’ve built real-time monitoring and alerting for those same authorization gateways. My focus on analytics includes developing a machine learning app that detects anomalies in our environment. Because of my long history with our gateways, the monitor app is sometimes referred to as the “Ron-itor.”

Coming out at Discover

I became a founding member of the PRIDE employee resource group. At our first event, I performed in front of my coworkers in the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus. After the concert, I told my coworkers the story of my coming out process. I’ll never forget making such a significant life transition during my career at Discover. I felt so supported by my company and coworkers in such a public way.

What’s it’s like to work at Discover

I’ve said it to countless people throughout the years— Discover is a great place to work. The people I work with are friendly, my work is interesting and challenging, I have a good balance with my personal life, and I’ve had so many opportunities to learn and grow.

My authentic self

I sing in a chorus, I’ve been to 42 states and I have a degree in meteorology.