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Day in the Life: Senior Software Engineer

Name: Sara B.
Job Title: Senior Software Engineer

Building internal tools

As a Senior Software Engineer, I build internal tools to support analytics and data science. This support includes an informational portal for cloud analytics technologies and AIR9, a data science workbench that provides resources for model training in the cloud. I’ve primarily worked on developing the front-end of these applications, using HTML, CSS and TypeScript.

Curiosity for cloud technology

Curiosity and a passion for learning have helped shape my time at Discover since day one. We are always innovating, exploring and trying new methods and technologies. Having the curiosity to learn new things has helped build my confidence as a developer and not stay siloed in my work. I recently worked on a proof of concept project using a new cloud technology tool, though I’ve never worked with it before. At first I was nervous to begin the project and push out of my comfort zone. However, with the help from my teammates who have an in-depth knowledge of cloud technologies, and my enthusiasm for learning something new, I was able to understand the requirements quickly and get the project up and running!

Iterating as we go

Discover is leading by giving us the tools and resources necessary to innovate, continuously iterate and improve the way we work. Our culture of collaboration and openness provides opportunities to think through solutions together and see the technology from different perspectives.

Comfortable being myself

I feel most at home at Discover when grabbing lunch with my co-workers, talking about our different projects and our interests outside of work. I look forward to spending time with them every day and getting to know them both professionally and personally. Everyone is super friendly and open, and I feel comfortable being myself.

The moment I knew

I knew I wanted to start my career with Discover after I interned on an Application Development team. My team was always willing to help me learn the ropes of software development. During my last year of college, I wanted to explore data and analytics and got the opportunity to learn more about analytics platform roles at Discover. I subsequently transitioned to one of those roles when I started full-time after graduation. This made me feel supported and gave me an opportunity to follow my passion and grow my potential.

Painting murals 

Discover cares. About employees, about customers, about the community. The event I look forward to the most is Volunteer Day. Once a year, the Business Technology department volunteers together, usually at an elementary or middle school in the area. I really enjoy painting murals on the schools’ walls that convey educational messages and school spirit! I also like meeting new people in Business Technology and hearing about the work they do, all while giving back to the community.

Smart people doing good things

If I had to describe Discover, I would say: smart people doing good things. The thing that really impressed me about Discover, and continues to impress me to this day, is how much the company thinks about, and cares about, our customers. I’m continually impressed by the depth and breadth of knowledge around me each day. I’ve learned so much from my co-workers, such as new AWS tools and new ways to improve data analysis.