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Team Coach: Manifesting Opportunity

Name: Angel G.
Job Title: Team Coach, Digital Messaging

Passion for coaching

I’ve been with Discover for over 15 years and have worked across nearly all areas of Customer Service: sales, billing assistance, silent attrition, etc. I’ve done it all. I’m currently a Team Coach on the Digital Messaging team. My past experience in so many different roles enables me to coach my agents from a deeply personal place. I know exactly how their work impacts our customers and our company. Sharing my personal knowledge motivates my agents to drive great service, creates an unforgettable banking experience and impacts Discover customers everywhere.

Driving positivity

I find that staying positive about a challenge allows me to dig further into the problem and ultimately drive better solutions. Above all else— I never give up. I give 300% each and every day and encourage my teammates to do the same. I love to execute in everything I do, and do it well.

Staying true to my values

One of my core values is rooted in staying true to myself. Early on in my career, I noticed a lot of noise from different people’s opinions on how to move forward. As I gained more experience, I realized the importance of falling back on my values and staying true to my own voice. No matter what, I’m committed to always letting my personality shine.

As a Team Coach, I bring that lesson back to my team. I believe in meeting my agents where they’re at. Only from this place of authenticity can we all play to win, succeed together and get better every day.

Manifesting opportunity

At Discover, we create and develop new things constantly. Once you’re here, new opportunities continually manifest over time. There’s so much to be a part of that you might have never expected.

During my time here, I’ve volunteered with mentoring programs, grown from the Aspiring Professionals Development Program, and joined employee resource groups like ​Young Professionals Organization at Discover (YPOD) and Helping Organize Latino Achievement (HOLA).

Ultimately, Discover is the right place for me because I feel that no matter what happens, we will always do what’s right. If you’re ready to grow, and are committed to working hard, then we’re ready to get you started.