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Hiker. Fitness Dancer. Director of Behavior Modeling.

Name: Xing F.
Job Title: Director of Behavior Modeling, Card Operations Decision Management

Trusting a friend

I joined Discover because of my friends. A few of them worked here and always spoke highly of the company culture. They referred me to an analyst role, which I interviewed for and ended up getting! Prior to joining my current team in decision management, I held various roles across multiple business functions. I worked in fraud prevention strategy and analytics, authorization strategy and recovery strategy.

Implementing data-driven solutions

In my current role as the Director of Behavior Modeling, my team partners with the collection value stream to identify business opportunities and provide machine learning solutions. We engage business technology teams to implement data-driven recommendations. The models we deliver are used to enhance the collection strategy and reduce charge-off loss.

Ambitious goals

Our Decision Management team provides a great platform built on transparency, efficiency and collaboration. We set ambitious goals, take responsibility and always look for new opportunities.

Why I stay

I’ve been at Discover for close to 13 years now. In part, I’ve stayed because of the culture of inclusion and the great talent around me. My team and my peers inspire me to get better every day. Outside of the office, I love traveling, hiking and my weekly dance fitness classes! Because of our generous paid time off policy, I’m actually able to enjoy my passions. There’s also an on-site gym that helps me achieve my health goals. If you’re thinking of applying, I say, go for it!