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Lead Marketing Programs: Empower, Amplify, Be Bold

Name: Taylor S.
Job Title: Lead Marketing Programs, Customer Experience Marketing

Cross-functional initiatives

I work in Global Marketing on the Customer Experience Marketing team. I aid in building stronger cross-functional department initiatives and help drive innovation through intentional team programming. I’m excited about configuring ways to actively contribute to the success of employees, customers and community.

Power of your voice

Bring your voice to Discover. In these times, it’s important for employees to feel empowered and inspired to use their voice to impact change, innovation and success. It is equally important for Discover to amplify our voices and provide us the tools and resources to grow. These past few weeks, I’ve seen how the power of my voice, paired with the willingness of our leadership, has ignited change in our company. My work at Discover is worth it when I show up to work boldly and help lead initiatives that push my culture forward. I look forward to launching our new campaign that was created to bring advocacy and awareness to the equity, equality and advancement of all Discover employees.

Driving equity and equality

I’m most proud of my role as the BOLD (Black Organizational Leadership at Discover) programming chairperson. I create initiatives that help drive equity and equality for me and my peers. Black employees have the opportunity to be honest and vulnerable about their experiences here.

Investing in my potential

Every achievement and new opportunity I’ve received here at Discover was due to management and leadership investing in my potential and recognizing my value. I think employers often miss the mark when it comes to seeing employees as individuals and not just team deliverables. When you get to know a person’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, you are more aligned with their journey to success.

Sparking the light in others

Discover empowered me to go beyond my role and work cross-functionally on initiatives I believe in. In a sense, Discover has given me the opportunity to shine my light so bright that it’s allowed me to spark the light in others.

Be bold

It’s an exciting time to join Discover because we all have the opportunity to impact change. Doesn’t matter what level or department, every employee here can create meaningful work. Everyone should believe in the opportunity to add value and new perspective to the company. Be willing to challenge the norms, innovate the process and push the company forward. Be bold!