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From “Just a Job” to a Career and a Home

Name: Stephanie W.
Job Title: Field Liaison, Workforce Management

So much more than “just a job”

I originally started at Discover as a part time employee, only two days a week. I wanted to make a little extra money for when I had my daughter. Originally, it was just about the paycheck. 21 years later, I’ve had unbelievable opportunities and have grown an incredible amount. I’ve moved up through several organizations, got my bachelor’s degree, and now my two daughters work here. All because I took that first part time role.

Rapid growth

It didn’t take long as a part time employee before I realized that I wanted to go through full Customer Service training. As a Customer Service Agent, I honestly really enjoyed talking to customers. From there, I was quickly promoted to mentor, then coach, and after three attempts, to Team Leader. Once I became a Team Leader, I had wonderful mentors who pushed me to get “uncomfortable” and really challenge myself. I eventually moved to the workforce management team and haven’t stopped learning since. I’ve taken pieces from every position I’ve had and carried them into my next role. I’m still looking forward to leveraging my utility belt of knowledge on future opportunities.

Paid tuition

I give 100% in everything I do. While on this team, I’ve started and completed my Bachelor’s degree. I targeted my classes to cover workforce management topics so that I could quickly implement new skills in real time. I’m now on several projects that utilize my management, leadership and workforce management skills.

One team

I genuinely care, not only about my job, but about Discover. I care about my team, the agents and the customers. Every decision I make is in an effort to make a difference for someone else. That includes making adjustments to schedules that will allow for better customer experiences, working with management to ensure agents are able to take Paid Time Off (PTO), and identifying ways I can jump in to help others on my team. I have a strong belief that we are one team working towards the same goal. We may have different responsibilities, but we’re all here to get a job done.

Lifelong friendships

Unsurprisingly, I’ve created some amazing lifelong friendships here. I look forward to seeing the people I work with and truly consider many of them family. Many people love working from home, and I’m really grateful for it considering current world conditions. But… man, I miss my work family. I look forward to seeing everyone again face-to-face. Six feet apart, of course.

It’s personal

There have been so many things that make me proud to be at Discover, but I’m particularly proud of how our business handled COVID-19. We were able to quickly transition our agents to working from home. And for me, this was personal. In the middle of transitioning to remote work, our Utah employees experienced an earthquake. My youngest daughter works at Discover and was working in the building at the time. Her safety (and the other onsite employees’) safety was the number one priority.

My older daughter’s job at another company was impacted by COVID-19. She was hired on at Discover for seasonal help. With three us working at Discover, we’ve joked about putting a Discover sign on our house. I feel so lucky that I know my girls are working for a company that genuinely cares about them. I’m confident in the decisions the company has made in the last several months, and I’m so very proud of my Discover family.

Never missing out

As you can tell, my family is my number one. I’ve stayed here over the years, in part, because Discover has always allowed me to make them a priority. We’re really into baseball. My son and husband both play in competitive leagues (and I’m their biggest fan). Although I don’t have an athletic bone in my body, my daughters and I love to watch them play. I use my PTO to spend time with them and ensure that I don’t miss out on important events (like the next big game).

I also really enjoy camping and being outdoors. I love the sound of nature and the disconnect it bring from technology. I absolutely love our PTO policy for giving me and my family the chance to live out our passions. I also have a strong work ethic and can sometimes get engulfed on projects. My managers consistently remind me that the work will be there tomorrow.

Taking the stress out of seeking help

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a resource I’ve used more than I ever thought I would. One part of the program allows you to target specific counselors, depending on what you’re experiencing. I’ve used it for myself and for two of my children. It’s been great not to worry about the financial aspect of mental health. I firmly believe that there shouldn’t be any reason why someone couldn’t seek help if they needed to.

A place for every life stage

There is so much opportunity for growth and promotion here. Discover offers a position for wherever you are in life.