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Principal Quality Engineer: Restoring Order from Chaos

Name: Samantha D.
Job Title: Principal Quality Engineer, Business Technology

Serendipitous meeting

Serendipity brought me here! I worked for a tech company for many years and just as I was approached about a role with Discover, the tech company closed. I took the role at Discover because I was inspired by the team working on greenfield (built from the beginning, without constraints) projects with cutting edge technologies.

Order from chaos

My team is responsible for measuring and improving the quality of all phases throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). We ensure our software standards and processes are being followed. I strive to improve efficiencies, find and resolve bottlenecks, automate and simplify processes. I restore order from chaos.

I’m the driver for a simplified defect process and management of cross agile release train (ART) defects. I’ve planned and overseen the execution of testing improvements that reduce defect seepage to enable faster delivery. I’m also one of the President Award winners this year! The Discover President Award recognize employees who have achieved great business results while living the Discover values.

Value the learning curve

I’m able to be my true self at Discover because of our commitment to vulnerability. At Discover it’s okay to hold your hand up if you don’t know something. There are plenty of people and resources to help with every learning curve. I’ve been with Discover for only two years, but I’ve learnt so many new technologies and all about how the finance industry works. I was amazed to learn how much happens on the network when you tap a card! Values like this —growth, learning, vulnerability— build everything we do and steer our progress.

Balancing work and life with great people

Discover has a great culture and work ethic, and most of all, fantastic people. The people here are truly unmatched. Work is such a big part of our lives, so being able to work with so many amazing and intelligent people is a real privilege.

Whilst it’s important to be the best we can in our work, it’s also important to be the best we can in our family lives. I have two children and we all like running (although I can’t keep up with them anymore). I also love camping and being by the sea. Loving these different aspects of my life are all possible because of my career here and the ability to balance priorities.

Thinking about a role?

Joining Discover would be the best career decision you could make. There are so many opportunities for creativity and growth, especially if you’re interested in the latest tech stacks.