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Bringing Perspective and Honesty to Training Infrastructure

Name: Nicholas J.
Job Title: Associate Training Specialist, Training Infrastructure

Training newbies

In my role as an Associate Training Specialist, I train several of the new hire classes in our Consumer Lending Banking Operations departments. I show new employees what Discover has to offer and introduce them to our culture. I enjoy being able to work on multiple projects as it always keeps things exciting and fresh. It’s a very challenging and rewarding position.

Finding my niche

When I first joined Discover, I applied my skills in presenting and facilitating to lead calibrations and huddles. I eventually found my way to Training and Development where I now get the chance to impact new hires every day.

Speaking my truth

The biggest reason I’ve been able to succeed over the years at Discover has been the open-ness that my peers and leadership have had with me. When I’m able to have an open dialogue and express my mind without it being “filtered,” I ultimately get to speak my truth. In my experience, other employers didn’t put much focus on their culture, which in turn led to a lack of transparency and feeling like I couldn’t speak honestly.

Asking for change

I knew I made the right decision in coming to Discover when I was encouraged, and outright asked, to help create change. Having my opinions be heard and acknowledged made the world of difference. I now keep that lesson in mind and tell my new hires to do the same.

Growing into leadership

I really never get tired of learning here. Over the last six years, Discover has molded me into becoming a better leader through the various self-development classes. The classes make it easy to take in information and apply it on the spot. Being able to apply those teaching in real-world situations has made all the difference. I’m really proud of the growth that I’ve achieved here. I look forward to many years of self-discovery while expanding my knowledge in different departments.

Bringing my unique-ness

Discover is a great place to work because of all the different types of individuals that work here. By being uniquely myself, I bring my own perspective and challenge the status quo. This drives change and makes Discover an even better place to work.

Friends for life

My business acumen has increased over the years and I have a lot of my peers and leaders to thank for that. I really look forward to interacting with all the wonderful people that work here. I’ve met some of my best friends at Discover— it’s an added bonus that I get to work with them every day.