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Artist. Runner. Enterprise Payments Platform Intern.

Name: Meghana B.
Job Title: Intern, Enterprise Payments Platform


I’m an intern on the Enterprise Payments Platform team. We’re responsible for helping create a dashboard that tracks the progress of releases. I came to Discover because I was looking to be a part of a people-oriented company. I now work on a team of like-minded people who all have the same end goal. This sounds minor, but it’s a huge benefit to efficiently getting things done.

Lead with learning

I contribute to my team’s business goals by being open-minded and thinking outside the box. I consistently ask questions to learn and explore more areas of our technology. As an intern I’ve also produced business-focused code.

Insight into more

I grew professionally at Discover when I was able to get insight into different business technology roles here. Learning more about the larger department allowed me to explore potential interests and hone in on future opportunities that I might be interested in pursuing.

Inclusive looks like…

The culture here is what sets Discover apart. It’s friendly, welcoming and inclusive. We have all the support and training we need to do our best. Outside of work, I love drawing, running and badminton. I feel comfortable expressing my whole self here. It’s a really positive place to work.