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Bringing Joy to Information Security

Name: Margarita Z.
Job Title: Information Security Associate

Expert problem solver

My current role under Third Party Information Security means I get to be a superhero. My team and I handle a variety of programs on the governance side for Discover, such as the Corporate Data Release program. However, my personal role is a bit more on the project management side. I get to work with our Discover Management System coaches to help implement solutions and enhancements to our workflow by hosting problem-solving sessions.

Holding a personal promise

When I was interviewing with my manager, he asked me what I had to offer to the team. I responded by saying “My bubbly personality!” I followed up by explaining that I take pride and joy in everything I do. I would never apply for a position where I didn’t feel that I could be myself. Prior to Discover, I worked at an art gallery for two years and I hated every minute of it. I remember sitting in my car every day and feeling my heart beating out of my chest because I didn’t want to go into work. I promised myself that I would never take a role like that again. I vowed that my next job would be something where I felt genuine excitement and joy about both the work and my coworkers. I am proud to say that Discover not only allows me to embrace myself and all my “bubbliness,” but also encourages it in every shape. I’m proud to work at Discover.

Commitment to learning

From the first day I joined, everyone encouraged me to have a conversation with my manger about professional development. Not only did they offer to help me get my certifications, but my manager at the time personally reached out to the education program here at Discover to help me get started on completing my college degree. I never could have expected this much dedication.

Transparency during the difficult times

Throughout COVID-19, our leadership has been vocal and transparent with employees about the company’s standing and its response to the virus. As someone who deals with anxiety around COVID-19, I found this to be extremely comforting and thoughtful.

Proud accomplishment

After working at Discover for five months, I realized that one issue that kept coming up involved extremely long email chains going back-and-forth about the same topic from various individuals. When I pointed this out to my manager, I suggested that we set up a planning board.  I began formatting information, combing through all our emails and files on the subject and set everything up accordingly. My goals was to make the planning board a one-stop service center for any and all questions and updates related to this project. Before we knew it, the long email chains stopped and everyone got a ton of time back on their calendars.

Thinking of joining?

Do it! Discover is an amazing company to work for, whether you’re a recent college graduate or a working parent. Discover offers a ton of flexibility, learning opportunities and overall a very nurturing environment for anyone willing to learn and grow.