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Senior Fraud Operations Manager: Relocating for Success

Name: Juatise G.
Job Title: Senior Manager, Fraud Operations

Turning a “just a job” into a career

I joined Discover while I was studying to become a teacher. When I first started, the role was just a part time job for me. I didn’t know that I would fall in love with the culture of the organization almost instantly. So, after just a few months of working part time, I decided to commit to a full time role.

Over the next four years I joined multiple businesses across the card operations organization and gained many transferable skills. After those four years, I was ready to make a big leap and move from our Phoenix, Arizona office to New Albany, Ohio. I took a role there leading and restructuring the local card fraud teams. After that, I took another leap and moved to yet another Discover office in Lake Park, Utah. I now have the pleasure of managing the Operational Readiness team for card fraud in Utah. It’s my team’s responsibility to ensure that we capture the voices of our customers, employees and shareholders as we roll out new initiatives.

Defining “good”

I partner with leaders in card fraud to set ambitious goals for the organization. Goal setting and determining what “good” actually looks like, is one of my favorite things about my role. Over my five years in fraud, we’ve been able to significantly reduce fraud losses while enhancing the customer and employee experience.

Uplifting others

Out of anything, I’m most passionate about developing our workforce. When I think about our company’s goals over the next five years, I know it’s critical that we continue to invest in and develop talent. Investing in our talent is how we’ll tackle new things and deliver a unique perspective.

Going BOLD

One of my favorite things about Discover is our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). I have the pleasure of being the sponsor of the Black Organizational Leadership at Discover (BOLD) employee resource group for the Lake Park region. Being able to help foster diversity energizes me when I come to the office each day.

Full authentic self

Outside of the office, I love hanging out with my younger brother. He’s eight years old and plays club basketball. Our time together is normally spent in the gym. I also enjoy traveling to new places— my last trip was to Sydney, Australia!