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Globe Trotter. Energizer. Partner Implementation Lead.

Name: Hilda L.
Job Title: Partner Implementation Lead

Implementing new network alliances

I’m a Partner Implementation Lead on our Global Alliance Support team. We work on the implementation of our new network alliances, specifically in the Americas Region. These network alliances increase our global acceptance and bring volume to our Discover global network through the issuance of Global Network Cards by their banking members.

Global launches

During my 13 years at Discover Payment Services, I’ve had the opportunity to work across so many different teams and initiatives. With Discover being a global company, I support our global clients in order to grow our international volume. I get to regularly talk to clients in other countries and have supported project launches across the US, Paraguay, Argentina and Portugal.

Bring the energy

At Discover, you always need to be ready to bring energy. Bringing positive energy helps uncover the best solution for the client, enhance a current process and collaborate across teams!

Time to grow

I’ve been fortunate to work in teams where we’re encouraged (and given the time) to learn the systems and processes prior to starting client work. Having that space to grow has made a huge difference in my development. Overall, my managers provide sound advice and are always open to helping me develop myself.

Chatting with a Vice President

I knew I’d picked the right place to work after I met one of our Vice Presidents in the hallway. We only talked briefly, but she was an inspiration to me. It matters to me that our leaders are friendly and open to talking casually with their employees. I know that I can always ask a question and that my opinion counts.