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Inspired Adapter. Disability Co-Chair. Cybersecurity Lead.

Name: Chaitanya M.
Job Title: Cybersecurity Lead, Data Security Management Program

Choosing Discover

I first interviewed and toured the Riverwoods, Illinois campus at Discover nearly 15 years ago. From seeing the organizational culture and growth opportunities, to meeting the people— I realized that Discover was where I would excel in my career. Now that I’ve worked here for over a decade, I know we do a great job with advancing technology and maintaining a competitive advantage. From cybersecurity to data analytics to adopting lean practices, we’re one of the best places to work.

Staying ahead of the competition

I’m currently a Cybersecurity lead in our Data Security Management program. Our team focuses on data loss prevention of data-at-rest and data-in-motion assets. Cybersecurity is a dynamically evolving field and presents plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. With cutting-edge technology tools at our disposal, we deliver innovative, customer-friendly products and services that help us stay ahead of the competition.

Challenging the status quo

Working at Discover motivates me to do well, be a better person and embrace change. When I’m unable to challenge the status quo or bring in a fresh perspective, I find myself working in a vacuum and it can get frustrating. Our tech teams lead by example and empower us to change and adapt. Often in meetings I now challenge the status quo. I’ve learned that it’s important to speak up and advocate for yourself, while being respectful of others’ perspectives. Adapting to change takes patience and resilience.

Going the extra mile

I feel at home at Discover because of how caring, compassionate and respectful everyone is. Several years ago, I had a family medical emergency, and I needed to step away from work. I was concerned about how I would complete all my responsibilities. My colleagues and leaders stepped in to help during this difficult times and provided all the support I needed. We have great people here who are willing to go the extra mile to help.

Creating a space for advocacy

I’m the co-founder and co-chair of the disability employee resource group at Discover, and I’m also an accessibility advocate. I identify as an individual with a hearing disability and have faced unique first-hand challenges throughout my life. These life experiences have taught me how to persevere in the face of obstacles, both personally and professionally. Starting a disability-focused employee resource group was about advocating for myself and about creating a space for advocacy at Discover.

Prioritizing closed captioning

My reason for proposing and creating a disability employee resource group was to increase representation and awareness of employees with disabilities. As an individual with hearing loss, having effective and equal access is critical to my career development and progression. The most important mission has been to bring disability inclusion and accessibility to the forefront of our business, especially closed captioning. Closed captioning is a universal design solution that benefits not just people with hearing loss, but also those with invisible disabilities and language challenges.

Adapting for more inclusivity

Founding the employee resource group has been one of my proudest achievements here. It’s taught me how to be a leader in my own right, approach things differently, respect diverse ideas and embrace change with confidence. When initially forming the group, we had to broaden the scope to include not only individuals with disabilities, but parents, family members and siblings of people with disabilities. Through this group, we drive change to continuously make Discover an inclusive workplace for people with disabilities.

Inspired to do better

I’m proud to have founded our disability employee resource group because it was a journey of advocating for myself, getting my voice heard and making the group a reality. Holistically, I’m incredibly inspired by our employee resource group leaders. All of us have such powerful stories around our roads to success, diversity and inclusion, etc. Being a part of this community of leaders inspires me to want to do better.