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Map Lover. History Buff. International Payments Strategy Director.

Name: Andrew R.
Job Title: International Payments Strategy Director, Global Products & Pricing

Fresh challenge

I came to Discover in search of a fresh challenge. I was looking for an opportunity to shape a new role, but stay within my general career scope. I’ve worked at a number of top credit card and banking companies and spent time in the consulting, mobile financial services and fintech industries. It’s been a bit of a journey to get here!

Discover behaviours

I believe Discover stands apart from anywhere else I’ve worked in the past because of the ethics and family-like culture. Internally we refer to this as the “Discover Behaviours.” They’re the guiding principles that align employees to our mission by setting ambitious goals and succeeding together.

Doing the work I love

My team is responsible for regional product support to our Discover partners. Our team also supports core product and cardholder services product management and development. We focus on solutions that matter to our partners and drive incremental value for both them and us. Discover allows me to do the work I love and invest in my team’s development.

Fresh perspective

I’m only a year and a half into my role, but I’d like to think that I’ve brought a different perspective. I try to make things happen for the benefit of the Discover partner as well as the business. As a team, we constantly challenge ourselves to be more proactive and generate real value.

Chicago love

I love to travel and see new places. One of the major benefits of working at Discover for me personally was the opportunity to travel. Coincidentally I have family in Chicago, which is where Discover’s headquarters are located. When I’m traveling to Chicago on business, I also get the opportunity to see my extended family more often.

Connecting globally

Our leadership recognises the importance of connecting people in a highly collaborative manner. So, each year we invest in bringing our colleagues from around the world together for a week of inspirational presentations and networking opportunities. The meetup is a significant investment, but it pays huge dividends by encouraging effective project participation across the physical miles. Ultimately through this annual event, we bring superior solutions to our partners.