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Day in the Life: Business Technology Intern in the United Kingdom

Name: Andreas V.
Job Title: Intern, Business Technology

Unbelievable opportunity

I first learned about Discover from a consumer perspective when I was looking into different credit cards. Two months after my research, I started applying for summer internships. Discover ended up being one of the places I applied. I was really excited when I first heard that I got accepted as a Business Technology Intern— I couldn’t believe it. I’m now done with my internship and the experience has been amazing. As a company, we operate based on the “Discover behaviors,” which are guiding behaviors that direct how we get things done. I was surprised to see everyone following Discover’s behaviors (actually) and I immediately felt welcomed by every single person I met.

New dashboard

My team is responsible for an online metrics dashboard that will help Discover employees keep track of their projects and their current releases. We can hopefully reduce extra work that is currently done manually.

I’ve been working closely with my team on every step of the project throughout my internship, trying to bring value to our project for our fellow colleagues. Personally, I’m working on the back-end of our metrics dashboard. I appreciate the technology and innovation throughout the company. Discover might be a financial services company in the books, but in my mind it’s a technology company above all.

Opening doors

Working at Discover has opened so many doors for personal and professional growth. For my professional growth, I’ve been taking courses on Machine Learning, which are all provided for free by Discover to employees.

Getting comfortable to be yourself

There are a lot of benefits to working at Discover, one of them being that people around you are willing and happy to help. After the first couple of days of my internship, I felt really comfortable with everyone. That amazed me— I don’t usually get that comfortable that quickly. With everyone being so collaborative and open, I felt part of the team immediately. Every single person I met was really happy to meet me and answer any questions I had. The work environment at Discover really pushes you to be true to yourself.

Come develop your skills

I would encourage anyone who’s interested to apply for a job at Discover as soon as possible. Working here has really helped me develop myself in all aspects and I believe anyone who joins Discover with the same mindset will experience the same.