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Marathoner. Plane Jumper. Principal Organizational Development Consultant.

Name: Michelle P.
Job Title: Principal Organizational Development Consultant, Business Technology

Family history

Both my mother and brother work at Discover! My mom made it a goal to work with her adult children and raved about the amazing culture and benefits. It took very little convincing for me to jump on the opportunity to join Discover (and my family).

Expanding role

My team supports the entire Business Technology organization with communication, enablement and engagement. This includes onboarding, town halls, newsletters, volunteer activities and more. I like to push myself outside of my comfort zone and continue to grow my skillset. I’ve been at Discover for just over a year and have quickly expanded my role. Though I started with onboarding and hiring, I now also lead technical training events and publish communication blogs and articles across the Business Technology organization.

Fresh perspective

I was hired to design and oversee a new onboarding program for the Business Technology group. Coming in as an external hire provided me with a fresh perspective. I was able to draw on my onboarding journey, from both the Business Technology team and from past work experience. Since I started a year ago, I’ve onboarded over 800 employees! I make it a priority to virtually meet each and every new hire during their first week to provide a warm welcome and share valuable resources.

Painting the way

During my first month at Discover, I participated in our organization’s volunteer day and witnessed hundreds of employees coming together. We devoted our time volunteering at a local middle school by adding artwork, repainting and more.

Culture of authenticity

Discover is all about the people and providing an inclusive environment. I have the most supportive team and feel empowered to be my authentic-self at work. I was extremely impressed by how quickly we were able to move to remote working once the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global pandemic. From day one, our leadership committed to keeping everyone informed about the company’s response to the pandemic. Our Chairman & CEO, Roger Hochschild, provides regular updates and makes sure that employees understand that their health and wellbeing are first priority.

Staying around

Discover provides a generous paid time off policy and summer hours! We are expected to work extremely hard and also get rewarded for it. In my personal life, I’ve traveled to more countries than states in the U.S. I’ve run over 25 races, including a half marathon. I’ve even jumped out of a plane (it was the scariest thing I’ve ever done)! I’m able to do these great things in part because of my role here. How do you compete with 25 days off per year?

No regrets

You won’t regret joining Discover— do it now! It will not compare to any other company you’ve previously worked for.