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Celebrating with PRIDE during Covid-19

COVID-19 has presented us with unique challenges, changing how we’re able to connect with our community and honor traditions. We asked members of our PRIDE Employee Resource Group (ERG) their favorite memories of past celebrations and ways they are keeping PRIDE alive this year.

Hopefully, this finds you in good spirits and you can celebrate with us.  Check out the simple yet authentic and important ways we are making sure Pride Month continues.

Words from Chris

“Celebrating who I am has never and will never stop during this unprecedented time. I still continue to support the LGBTQIA+ by donating and purchasing from local LGBT businesses as well as giving back to my community. I believe every little bit helps to ensure that businesses who could be struggling are still able to produce their products for those who are interested.

Though we cannot celebrate in-person due to COVID-19, one of my favorite moments, a few years ago, at the Pride parade was when a massive rainstorm threatened to stop the celebration. Though it rained hard, the parade was still on and that symbolized much more than just fun and floats. It meant that through even questionable times the need to show solidarity and support for the community will always be needed. The turnout for the parade was still impactful, people with or without umbrellas waving and cheering. Walking in that parade with a company that supports people like me, for who we are and not hiding that, let me know that I have made the right choice in an employer. Being a part of the PRIDE ERG allowed me to be a part of something that has shaped my belief in the company and the city. The ERG was able to bring together employees who may never normally interact and showcase their solidarity for a common goal… equality.”

Words from Kelsi

“For Pride this year, my friends and I are celebrating with a socially distanced barbecue, and volunteering with a local company who brings Pride flags to people’s houses to increase visibility and the sense of community to your neighbors who may otherwise feel without an ally.

One of my favorite memories from Pride was the first time my husband and I took my step kids to the parade and festival. My daughter is bisexual, and has always felt a bit out of place at school, where it doesn’t seem like there are a lot of people who support her or can identify with what she is going through. Since we were walking with Discover, her first real view of how widespread and powerful the support can be was on the parade route, and you could see her face light up as we walked the half mile that was packed with people celebrating her and people just like her. It made me proud to work for a company that shared in this moment with her as her ally and friend. “

Words from Brian

“While we are saddened that many in person pride events are cancelled, including a pride parade in Philadelphia, we understand the necessity to help flatten the curve. PRIDE-Delaware just finished a LGBTQ+ virtual scavenger hunt to raise awareness of important and influential LGBTQ+ people, places, milestones, and events to kick off Pride month. We were able to have our leadership on site to raise the Pride flag on June 1, 2020. We will be sharing pictures from previous Pride parades and events for the 2020 virtual pride parade in Philadelphia.

Personally, my favorite moment when celebrating Pride is when we make the first turn into the crowded streets on our float in Philadelphia. As a multiple year leader of PRIDE-Delaware for Discover, seeing all of the people in the crowd being so excited to see us makes me ecstatic. Seeing the employees throwing out giveaways, dancing to the music, and popping confetti cannons makes it truly feel like a celebration. While we can’t do that this year, I’m still celebrating Pride at home and have put up the Pride flag proudly in my front yard, and am committing myself to watch at least one LGBTQ+ documentary or series per week. “

Discover has choosen to celebrate and we hope you can celebrate with us.

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