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Twin, Music Lover, Customer Service Coach and EVO Team Leader

Name: James C.
Job Title: Evolution (EVO) Team Leader, US Cards – Marketing & CSE

A supportive atmosphere.

I was hired as an external Team Leader. When I came into interview, I visited the Phoenix office and saw firsthand that the employees found value in what they did.  In addition to watching employee work with purpose,  I noticed all levels of leadership walking the floors and engaging with their teams.  This stood out to me compared to the company I previously worked for! Knowing that the environment was about support, inclusion, celebrating diversity, and continuous improvement meant that this is the place I would be proud to work at.

Building a reputation.

My team is a consolidated team of Coaches.  The coaches are assigned to a group of agents in our Customer Service area based on performance metrics. I have led several projects that saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs while focusing on improving employee and customer experience. My focus on the development of our coaches helps me gain the reputation of someone that can produce eager, professional and effective future talent at Discover.

 Amazing growth.

I have been able to complete my LEAN Green Belt certification and the LEAP program, where I received a business certification in organizational leadership. I also have had opportunities to participate in company-wide initiatives such as the design sessions of the new Discover Behaviors, which describes a common way for all of us to work, regardless of role or level.  Currently, I am also pursuing a BA in Organizational Management through the Discover College Commitment program. I continue to expect amazing professional growth throughout the rest of my career here at Discover!

Getting recognized.

I have won the Excellence Award for my contributions both to the culture and the business the last three years consecutively.  I have also been a recipient of the Pinnacle of Excellence Award in 2018. But, the most important thing to me is when an employee that I have managed realizes their full potential and become a peer of mine through their hard work, determination, and guidance. It is indeed the best part of my job as a leader to hear from people that are thankful for having worked with me in the past.

Leading in multiple ways.

The culture at Discover is the reason why we are different from other employers. We view our people as the competitive advantage.  It is no wonder Discover is an industry leader from an employee engagement perspective and products and services one as well.