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University of Arizona Alum and Senior Cybersecurity Data Analyst.

Name: Paulina A.
Job Title: Senior Cybersecurity Data Analyst

Encouragement since day one

My first experience with Discover was as an intern in the summer of 2017 for the cybersecurity metrics team within Business Technology. Discover welcomed me from day one, encouraging me to explore different departments and understand how all of the departments work together through courses such as “Business Technology Training Overview”. Ultimately, this helped me understand my role within Business Technology.

My internship experience was great because I worked on real cybersecurity projects such as understanding and visualizing cybersecurity data. These projects offered several opportunities to network, learn, and make an impact during those three months. Then, I accepted a full time offer with Discover where I was able to return to the same team in cybersecurity, which was extremely comforting to be able to pick up right where I had left off. Now, I’ve been with Discover for a little over two years!

Benefits that keep growing

I enjoy the work life balance that Discover offers as well as the educational benefits. I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Data Science with the help of Discover and have the ability to work remotely or work downtown as needed. I was surprised with the education benefits that were available as soon as you started full time as well as the PTO quantity. I feel like the longer I work here, the more benefits Discover keeps adding. I thought it was really thoughtful when Discover offered paid parental leave benefits to their employees as well as offered several employee assistance programs for financial and mental wellness.

Making a personal and professional difference

I analyze new cybersecurity data and generate visualizations that are used to communicate and manage cyber security risk. These reports are made available to remediation teams, vice presidents, executives, second line security oversight, audit, and regulatory agencies.

I feel that I have been able to make a difference personally at Discover by mentoring interns and assisting in recruitment for direct hires. Also, I’ve taken part in the many opportunities for volunteering at Discover like Business Technology Volunteer Day, Donation Drives and Women in Technology events.