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PRIDE ERG Chair. Concert Lover. Card Operations Team Leader.

Name: Shannon H.
Job Title: Card Operations Team Leader

The road to Discover

When I was working at a video store in the 90s, one of the guys I worked with came in one day and said he applied here. I had no idea Discover was in Phoenix. It sounded interesting so I also applied—now I’m celebrating my 29th year at Discover!

Stepping Forward Together

One of the things that has kept me at Discover is the fact that we care about the LGBTQ community. Employee Resource Group (ERG) work is a huge passion of mine.  I enjoy seeing that our efforts have now introduced a Discover it® Card featuring the pride colors to our customers was mind blowing to me – and a tremendous step in the right direction. I am very proud of the company’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging.

Leading & Living by Example

As a member of the LGBTQ community, my first 4 years were spent in the closet. I was outed by a local newspaper and sort of forced out of the closet and the way my colleagues treated me set the stage for my life – no judgement.

Part of the work we do in PRIDE has been community outreach. The Phoenix PRIDE Employee Resource Group (“ERG”) partners with Mulligan’s Manor, an LGBTQ specific foster home for kids aged 12 – 18. We visit regularly and invite them to march with us in the PRIDE parade. I believe we have made a very positive impact on their lives.  Every email I sent to the PRIDE ERG ends with “Live your authentic lives!” because we all should.

A Degree in Discover Card

Getting to manage coaches is a dream job—I get to work with the ambitious individuals, create safe learning spaces and connect with our floor agents. I’ve grown tremendously as a leader at Discover. – I have taken countless Professional Development classes and have been mentored by some of the strongest minds on the planet in my 29 years here. I was also given the opportunity to do hiring and also helped manage the Card Member Assistance (CMA) Delivery Team (now called Credit Decision Management team, introducing me to two totally different and diverse areas in the company.

Even Coaches Need Coaching

I get to manage projects much bigger than a team. The ability to manage many facets of coaching, which includes reviewing our employees’ performance and providing immediate feedback.  I also help run a coach internship initiative which allows employees to gain practice and insight on the role of a team coach.  Above that, I keep the coaches as happy as I can. I have to balance this with the needs of the floor, which means a lot of “drive-by” visits with leadership for feedback to coaching and strategy. It is the hardest job I have ever had and can be the most rewarding also.