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Show up authentically: A Fearless, unwavering helper

Name: Diane R.
Job Title: Card Operations, Department Manager

Efficient, Effective, and Engaging is the difference

I am currently a Department Manager in Credit Operation. My passion is helping people become the best version of themselves. I am able to provide leadership and inspiration for my team leaders, team coaches, analyst and mentees. It takes great pains to assess and learn from every success and setback, but recognizing each as an opportunity to develop, cultivate, and strengthen relationships within the work place is critical. This can create an environment where employees feel they can effectively challenge change and grow. What is most salient to me is being able to use research and data to drive decision-making. This is reflected in the successes of my department. My team leaders are knowledgeable; they know their analyst; and together we are efficient, effective, and engaging. I absolutely love what I do. Each day is an opportunity to learn more and give more back.

I landed and made an impact

I joined Discover Customer Service and Engagement in 2012 as an evening team leader. I was also an active committee member with the Aspiring Professionals Program, a development program focused on creating a more diverse, high-performance management team.  My enthusiasm and focus on results leadership contributes to the overall success of this program.

A quality education can open up doors.

I am fearless and unwavering in the certainty that every student is capable and deserving of the opportunities that college success affords. The highlights of my career since joining the organization, was not the countless hours of work, but helping analyst, Team Leaders and Team Coaches alike sign up for the Discover College Commitment. Each person has a unique story to share which inspires someone else to take the commitment. Greatest experience ever!!

“Be Your True Self”

As an African-American, Lesbian woman it takes courage, commitment, and bravery to be able to show up authentically and bring all of who I am to work. I am humbled to work for an organization that embraces both recognition and appreciation. Recognition is positive feedback based on performance. Appreciation is about recognizing the value of people. When we do both of these things and we separate them out, people feel valued, appreciated, and seen which allows for greater trust, connection and performance.  This among many other reasons is why Discover was awarded one of the best places to work for LGBTQ community.

  We Treat You Like You’d Treat You. It’s more than just a commercial. It’s our culture, every single employee has a stake in the company’s success.  Discover understands its employees are the most valuable players and we operate in a way that puts our collective goals ahead of individual glory. This almost sounds too good to be true. I felt the same way initially, too, until I realized how Discover provides eligible employees and their families with outstanding benefits: health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, 401(k) match, 16-weeks paid parental leave, plus many, many other benefits.  I work for an organization where every level of management takes pride in building stronger relationships through every interaction. Our management staff are approachable, employees have access to the CEO, CFO, SVPs, VPs, etc. Our leaders are not sequestered away from the employees of the organization, but share suites with the employees. Even remote workers have access to every level of our leadership team. At Discover, I discovered that I am more than a number, I am an integral and valued piece of the puzzle.

Make a “real” difference and join our team, discover.com/careers[i].

[i] Equal opportunity employer/disability/vet