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Her Passion for Her Work is Axiomatic, Even in an Email


Name: Rebecca
Job Title: Associate Copywriter

I know most people don’t consider finance to be a creative industry—I thought it would be fun to challenge that.

How has Discover helped you in regards to Professional Development?

My friends outside of Discover are actually jealous of the training opportunities I get here. I’ve been to some really inspiring writing and design seminars, where I connect with other creative people who share similar experiences. It’s also been tremendously helpful to work with and learn from the other writers and designers in my department.

How does this experience compare to other jobs you’ve had in the past?

Before I came to Discover, I worked at an office with eight people. It was quite a big transition for me. From the first day here, I noticed people were passionate about their work. They had meaningful meetings with thoughtful questions and interesting ideas. It felt like more than a job, more than moving paperwork around. It really seemed like a unit striving toward a better self.

One of my favorite aspects of this job is finding my own writing voice within the Discover brand voice. It’s a very cool challenge to see how my creative expression can complement the brand we’ve established.

What are some of the benefits of working here?

Discover makes it really easy to work and have a family. There’s generous parental leave, mothers’ rooms, a working-moms group, and flexibility with work-from-home days. I honestly don’t know how I would juggle everything if I weren’t working at Discover.

How is your work and the work of your department meaningful?

Our work is meaningful in two big ways. The first way is for Discover; we help create a cohesive, compelling brand that distinguishes us. And the second is for our customers. We work to clearly and authentically communicate to consumers so they can understand what’s going on with their account and can feel proud when using Discover.

Funny story, my mom once opened an email from Discover and shouted, “Ooh, next month I get a 5% discount if I use my Discover card at Amazon!” Well Mom, guess who wrote that email?

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