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Attorney Helps Discover App Become More Accessible to Those with Disabilities


I am the primary coverage attorney for the Discover Personal Loans business, supporting acquisitions, originations, and applications. I am a native Chicagoan and attended [the] University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for undergrad (degree in Advertising) and to obtain my law degree and MBA.

Tell us about a great experience you’ve had so far here.

Some of my best experiences have come with my position as Co-Chair of the Law Department Diversity and Inclusion Committee. We hosted a forum with two African-American members of the Discover Board of Directors, and I interviewed them during the event. It was a great company-wide event to showcase our focus on diversity. We also hosted another company-wide event where I interviewed Lori Lightfoot, former Chair of the Police Accountability Task Force. We discussed race relations and community issues around policing. The event was very well received. I have also given several talks about my job working at the White House prior to Discover and about disability issues, in general. These experiences which are outside of my normal day-to-day job have been very rewarding.

How do you feel you have contributed to the “Make a Real Difference” message at Discover?

One way I have contributed is by assisting the App Development team in ensuring that our app is fully accessible for people who are blind who use assistive technology on their smart phones as I do. I sat down with the App Development team and demonstrated for them the importance of why our app needed to be coded and developed properly to ensure it was fully accessible. I explained and showed them the issues that could arise if it were not accessible, such as the inability to make payments, view account information, etc. The experience was rewarding for everyone.

How does this experience compare to other jobs you’ve had in the past?

Discover is different because it’s an extremely friendly, collegial place to work. People want to see you succeed and work toward those goals.

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