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“Being a veteran is part of who I am and Discover embraces that.”


Name: Alexis
Job Title: Senior Manager, Legal Risk & Operations in the Legal Department

After I graduated high school, I joined the Marine Corps. My primary jobs were motor vehicle operator (driving 7-ton trucks) and career planner (helping military personnel with career choices). During my time in the Corps, I also attended Penn State University, where I graduated summa cum laude. When my husband and I moved to Chicago, I transferred to the Navy Reserve and became a Legalman (akin to a paralegal). I was assigned to a unit in Great Lakes, Illinois. My Commanding Officer, worked for Discover and invited me to apply for a role on the Litigation team (in the Law Department). Six and a half years later, my role within Discover has changed, and I still work for that same leader.

What I love about Discover is, no one here is above helping you. When I was in Litigation I would often have to call different departments/different facilities and ask questions in order to better understand a process, document, business product, etc. Everyone made time for me. Everyone offered to have follow-up calls or put me in contact with someone else who could help. That level of teamwork is a rare and beautiful thing.

How have you been able to “Be Your True Self” at Discover?

Discover and diversity and inclusion go hand in hand. So much of how I operate, plan, speak, lead, etc., was formed by my military experience, and Discover welcomes that. I am always encouraged to draw upon my military background and talk about my past experiences. Being a veteran is part of who I am and Discover embraces that. For example, Law’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee recently hosted a veteran’s panel, highlighting the importance of hiring veterans and the value they bring to the company. Events like this encourage me to be my true self.

How does this experience compare to other jobs you’ve had in the past?

I loved being in the Marine Corps and Navy, just like I love working for Discover. One of the biggest similarities between the military and Discover that makes both groups extremely special to me is the culture. Both cultures support diversity and inclusion, doing the right thing at all times, and holding yourself to the highest standard.

How would you explain your departments work?

The Law Department is unique in that the work we do touches every area within the company. Any initiative, goal or objective, has some touch point with our department and that makes what we do so special and so important. We partner with the business to enable Discover to achieve its business objectives as well as manage legal and regulatory risk. We support and help protect the company – I can’t think of anything more meaningful than that.

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