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“Discover has helped me continually develop my skills and move my career forward”


Name: Treesha
Job Title: Director, Discover Management System (DMS) / Lean

I joined Discover in 2004, it was my 2nd job after graduating college.  Wow, I can’t believe it’s been nearly 15 years. I graduated from UIC with a degree in Information Systems. Right after graduation I worked for a pharmaceutical consulting company in Evanston. 2004 was a memorable year for me as I started working at Discover, got married in the fall and bought our first house. I have 2 beautiful daughters that keep me very busy.  And I am grateful for working at a company that supports work life balance, family is a priority for me.

How has Discover helped you in regards to professional development?

I have spent 15 years of my life at Discover and not once have I felt complacent or felt too comfortable in my role. I have pushed myself to take on challenging work assignments and roles. Most importantly, I’ve been fortunate to have managers who support my development and have confidence in my abilities. In 2012, I applied for a role in digital customer service, despite not having any experience in operations, customer experience or digital. Obtaining this role was a pivotal moment in my career. It exposed me to learn and develop a new set of skills. Most importantly, I am grateful that Discover advocates for internal mobility and gives employees the chance to try new roles within the organization.

How is your work and the work of your department meaningful?

The DMS organization has some of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with at Discover. The department’s main focus is to teach and coach 16,000 employees to work differently and organize their work around customer value. DMS employees help deploy and improve the management system that organizes processes, people and technology to deliver business results. Our job is to coach teams and leaders so they can build their capabilities to enable the flow of value and continuously improve. The work of the DMS department is meaningful because we help the business achieve breakthrough results.

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