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Teaming Up with Others to Reach a Higher Quality Product


Name: Molly
Job Title: Technical Product Owner, Business Technology

My main responsibility is to help shape our product around the customer’s needs while understanding technology’s capabilities. My technical background allows our product team to be more efficient in activities such as backlog grooming, roadmap planning, and system mapping. Since I’m able to provide a technical perspective in product conversations, our developers are more focused on their daily work.

Outside of work, my husband and I love to hike, go camping, and enjoy the outdoors. I’m a National Park enthusiast. Our latest adventure was going on a sunrise hike in Mount Rainier National Park.

How does your team manage change?

If you’ve ever worked in technology on a long-term project, you know it’s almost impossible to predict all of the changes that might happen—requirements change, priorities change, people change, even technology can change. Agile, specifically Scaled Agile, helps all team members to be more comfortable with change. We’re continually improving how to break our work into smaller pieces that can be more easily worked on and completed. We’re able to adjust more quickly instead of waiting until the end. We’re able to learn and receive business value more quickly, which ultimately is Agile’s biggest advantage.

How does the company’s overall culture impact the engineering team?

Discover has always been extremely collaborative, but our customer-focused culture is driving different behaviors. Years ago, we may have received a fully detailed list of project requirements from our business partners up front. What we’re seeing now is the barrier between business and technology break down. We’re seeing business owners more engaged with the technology teams. We’re seeing technology leaders help shape the vision of our products. We know that in order to act quickly, our business processes and technology systems need to be capable of responding quickly. The company as a whole is working together in a new way that is less department-based and more customer-journey focused. It takes a lot of communication, but we’ve found that working together makes us a much more powerful team, and that results in a higher quality product.

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