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“Doing the Right Thing” is the Heart of Discover

If you work for Discover, you know you can expect to hear the echo of one of our core values, “Doing the Right Thing,” day in and day out. Of all the guiding principles and values that drive our culture, “Doing the Right Thing” is the most prevalent.  As a company, it’s our golden rule.

Providing great customer service is at the core of everything we do.  We know that by doing the right thing for our customers we are able to have a positive impact on their lives. From an everyday phone call that impacts just one customer, to a new product feature or launch that can impact many more, we keep what’s right top of mind.

Throughout the year we ask employees to share stories of how they’ve helped a customer in need. This helps us reflect on the ways we’ve been able to make a difference and touch the lives of so many in the communities we live. Today, we’d like to share how our customer service agents are able to help customers by living our truest value of “Doing the Right Thing by:”

• Treating our customers with compassion when they’re experiencing a personal hardship or having difficulty managing their finances
• Demonstrating patience with new and existing customers who need help finding the banking or credit card product that serves their financial situation best
• Helping a customer understand their statement, make a simple payment over the phone, or showing them how to maximize their rewards
• Reducing panic in a customer who has lost their card and demonstrating how they can freeze payments instantly the next time it’s been misplaced
• Helping a customer manage their payments and minimize their interest through the upcoming holiday season, one of the busiest times of the year

Want to work for a company with customer-service like ours and people that strive to do the right thing every day? Check out our openings today.