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Reaching personal and professional goals

Name: Torre

Job Title: Associate, Field Hiring & Talent

What motivates you at work?

I love the energy at the Discover offices. Helping our external customers build a brighter financial future is a rewarding feeling, and it’s even more rewarding that I get to influence my team to build the skills to accomplish this goal.

What makes Discover different?

I think our understanding in treating employees like people and demonstrating flexibility with work life issues differentiates Discover. We also have a management team that is approachable and promotes an open door policy. As leaders, we show we care and support our employees. Discover employees aren’t just trained, our focus is on ongoing development. We spend a great deal of time showing our employees all the different roads of success they can travel with advancement and promotion opportunities.

Who at work makes you look forward to Mondays?

My account managers motivate me to come into work every day, especially after the weekend. I have the opportunity to help employees learn how Discover can help them reach their personal and professional goals. Whether they are going to school or looking to buy a new car, it’s very exciting to hear that working for such an amazing company is helping them achieve their dreams. Because we educate our employees about finances, they are able to apply what they learn to make better financial decisions in their own lives. It’s a really great thing to see.

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