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Helping our employees safeguard the health, wealth and balance of their family

While we’re out “one-upping” the competition in areas like customer-satisfaction and topping list after list of “Best Employers,” we also stay busy identifying ways we can “one-up” ourselves in the realm of benefits options*. In 2018, we’ve made incredible strides to provide our employees perks like tuition reimbursement on DAY ONE of employment, education assistance through The Discover College Commitment, increases to starting wages for our customer service agents, and much more.

We do this because Discover is committed to giving back to our employees for their dedication to our company’s success. We believe in helping employees safeguard the health, wealth and balance of their family, and it all starts with offering a variety of family-friendly benefits options. From on and offsite wellness programs to offering special interest rates through the Employee Discover Card program, our employees truly benefit from working here.

In 2018, we made one additional enhancement that just might top our own list of “Best Benefits.” We doubled the time off primary caregivers receive as part of our Paid Parental Leave policy. We didn’t just increase the amount of fully paid time off, we DOUBLED it, from 8 weeks to 16. Talk about well-received! This announcement came with resounding applause from employees at our Q2 Town Hall Meeting.

Check out our amazing employee benefits at mydiscoverbenefits.com.

*Benefits availability and eligibility varies based upon employee classifications. To see what you qualify for visit mydiscoverbenefits.com