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Every day presents a unique challenge

Name: Camille
Job Title: Senior Associate, Cybersecurity Services

I’ve been with Discover for four years. My hobbies include playing “The Sims,” and more recently reading self-improvement books, which I’ve become obsessed with! To remain motivated and engaged at work, I apply the concepts that I learn in my reading and make a conscious effort to start each day with fresh optimism. As an east coast transplant, I’ve also made a hobby of exploring Chicago in my free time.

In your experience, what’s the work culture like at Discover?

Discover has made a difference in my life by providing a culture that allows me to remain true to my self-identity while navigating my work life. This has been very important in my professional development because the values of this organization align so closely with my personal values.

What’s a typical day in Cybersecurity?

Some days in Cybersecurity can be very quiet – almost eerily quiet. And then there are days that totally eclipse the quiet days and your skills and ingenuity are put to the test. Every day presents a unique challenge. Sometimes in the form of troubleshooting AWS security group access or implementing a new solution or strategy that will push the Discover ahead of the competition. As a Cybersecurity Engineer and Scrum Master, I get to work on projects that secure Discover’s consumption of AWS services and facilitate the Scrum framework for a delivery team. My work helps sustain and enhance Discover’s network security engineering strategies. In layman’s terms, I get to work on some super cool projects in the Cloud and coach my peers through the adoption of Agile/Scrum!

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